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Happy New Year! Renew, Refresh Your Home and Garden With Succulents, Colorful Containers, Fountains, Bedding Plants and More!

As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for making us your “go to” garden center. As you know, we’re a year-round full-service nursery on 2+ acres with the best plants, products and knowledge to help you with all your gardening design needs.

New Beginnings

Get ready for a beautiful, bountiful year now. As one year ends, a new one brings us all a refreshing newness. Get your hands dirty this week by planting a small container with bedding plants. Treat yourself to that fountain you’ve always envisioned. Plot out a small area in your yard and plant it with succulents.


(Below) We offer a multitude of containers, from small to large to round to square. Buy some potting soil and plant a container with colorful bedding plants, succulents or Boxwoods. Ask one of our garden design experts, Steve or CJ, for guidance. They can advise you on container size and the best potting soils for your particular circumstances.


(Below) Planting in containers can create visual appeal in the landscape, entryways, pathways, and on patios, decks and balconies.




Everywhere you look these days, you see succulents. Shopping center landscapes, traffic medians, and home gardens have discovered the depth of variety these drought-tolerant plants offer.

Visit us today to see our huge selection. We always have lots of pre-planted succulent arrangements available, and can help you with your custom design. We’ll even plant your creation in the container of your choice so you can take it home with you or have us deliver it.

(Below) Did you know succulents, bromeliads and tillandsias can be planted on driftwood and other objects? Stop in to see the many examples we have, and to create your own.





(Above) Succulents add texture, color and intrigue to the garden.

(Below) We offer a large selection of air plants, aka tillandsias. These plants grow in the air, and are a great way to have greenery that requires very little water.


More Succulents


More Tillandsias


Monarch Butterflies and Milkweed

(Below) We’ve become well-known for having an ample supply of Milkweed, the plant Monarch Butterflies rely on for life. Stop in and ask us how you can help support the Monarch Butterfly with these colorful plants. Nature enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy this colorful plant and watching Monarchs.


Bedding Plants


Bring a spot of color to the garden with bedding plants. We always have a great selection and can help you determine what to plant where. Our team is ready to help you add eye-catching color to sunny or shady areas.


As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!

Last-Minute Gifts, Stocking Stuffers, Poinsettias, MDRGC Garden Center Gift Cards

If you’re looking for stocking stuffers or last-minute gifts, we can help! Our Gift Card is the perfect stocking stuffer or last-minute gift. Available in any dollar amount, the Marina del Rey Gift Card is a gift anyone will enjoy! Better yet, it never expires and there are zero extra fees associated with it, unlike some of those other gift cards out there.


You don’t have to be a gardener to enjoy our gift cards! Who wouldn’t enjoy using their gift card toward an indoor or outdoor fountain, statue, bird bath, gazing ball, unique pottery, vases, a custom-planted succulent design, and countless other fun plants, bird feeders, bird houseshouseplants, a whimsical sign, and other great finds!


We also specialize in helping folks with limited space be able to plant and grow herbs, vegetables, and other plants, and have lots of ideas, plants and products suitable for small indoor and outdoor spaces. Just ask one of garden design experts, Steve or CJ.



Remember: If the gift you or your gift card recipient selects needs to be delivered, we offer a delivery service.

We offer delivery service.
We offer delivery service.


Spectacular Gifts!

There’s nothing like a big, bold, beautiful gift! We specialize in indoor and outdoor fountains that enhance your life. Using re-circulated water, these fountains are waterwise. Simply add spme water, plug it in, and your fountain will begin to bring you the soothing sound of flowing water.

Who wouldn’t love a fountain?!

These three fountains from Campania are perfect for small spaces.
These three fountains from Campania are perfect for small spaces.

Fountain, Calla Lillies, Ferns






Last-Minute Gifts



We have Living Christmas trees small enough for tabletops!
We have Living Christmas trees small enough for tabletops!



Cactus, Bromeliads and Succulents are drought-tolerant plants that can be used in a variety of ways in the garden, containers and as home decor.
Cactus, Bromeliads and Succulents are drought-tolerant plants that can be used in a variety of ways in the garden, containers and as home decor.





Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees, Greens and Wreaths, Poinsettias, Home Decor, Gifts and Gift Cards for the Holidays

Our fresh-cut Christmas trees from Windy Acres Tree Farm in Oregon are going quickly! These Noble Firs make gorgeous Christmas trees, and come in all sizes. For your holiday needs, we also have poinsettias, fresh-cut wreaths and greens, and holiday items for home decor and gifts.


We also have Douglas Firs, living Christmas trees and lots of other trees, vines and plants you can get creative with for the holidays. (Below) Wrap a string or two of lights around a Boxwood, Juniper, Cypress or Olive Tree.




 Fresh-Cut Wreaths and Greens

Our fresh-cut wreaths and greens are always popular, and when they’re gone, they’re gone! Decorate your home with these pre-formed wreaths and greens perfect for use as garland!



Poinsettias, Home Decor, Gifts


Our poinsettias come wrapped in shiny gold foil so they’re ready to grab and go! Give them as gifts, take one for a party host, and, of course, decorate your home with the holiday spirit these colorful plants bring.


(Below) We also have very small poinsettias in cute terracotta pots. They’re perfect for small spaces.



Holiday Gift Ideas


(Above and below) Who wouldn’t love a small tabletop fountain in their home or office? These contemporary, top quality fountains use re-circulated water so they’re definitely waterwise. Simply plug them in, add a little water and enjoy the soothing sound of flowing water!





 Unique, One-of-a-Kind Birdhouses By A Local Artisan


 (Above and below) This local artist makes clever and practical use of items others might dispose of, crafting unique, one-of-a-kind birdhouses that re-purpose used objects.


Talavera Pottery






More Fun Home Decor









Christmas Trees, Wreaths and Greens (All Fresh-Cut) Plus Poinsettias, Gifts, Holiday Home Decor

If you’ve yet to get your Christmas tree and other holiday greenery, we’re your one-stop shop for trees, wreaths, greens, poinsettias and other fun holiday decor and gift items!


Our Christmas tree section has been nothing but full of holiday shoppers looking for their trees! We have Grand Firs and Noble Firs in a broad range of sizes, including some super huge trees, perfect for high-ceilinged homes.


Our tree forest is a fun experience. We are constantly bringing out fresh, new trees, and our expert staff is ready to load your tree so you can take it home right away. Or, our delivery service is available.



(Below) Our Noble Fir trees come from a valued and trusted source, Windy Acres Tree Farm in North Plains, Oregon., a 100-year-old Family Christmas Tree Farm that has supplied the Marina del Rey Garden Center for years with the best, freshest, most gorgeous Christmas trees.


Year after year, customers depend on us for great Christmas trees that are not only beautiful but also remarkably fresh and long-lasting. That’s why we count on Windy Acres Tree Farm and have for countless holiday seasons.

Fun for Kids


(Above and below) Youngsters enjoy our Winter Wonderland of fresh-cut Christmas trees, and our choo-choo train.



Poinsettias as Gifts and for the Home and Office


Our Poinsettias are perfect for gift giving or making the holiday season festive and bright! With shiny gold foil enveloping their container, you don’t have to do anything to dress them up. Take one to a holiday party host, a cookie exchange, or to make someone’s holiday season merry and bright!

(Above and below) We also have a variety of baskets, boxes and decorative containers Poinsettias can be positioned or planted in!








Fresh-Cut Wreaths and Greens


(Above and below) Our fresh-cut Wreaths and Greens will go a long way toward making your home and office officially merry and bright for the holidays.



Our Wreaths are pre-formed on circular wire so all you have to do is find the ones you want, grab and go hang!


Stay Warm Outdoors on a Brisk Southern California Winter’s Night


Chimineas are a cute and wonderful way to be able to hang outside at night.  These fireplaces are warming and come in a variety of styles. Above is our newest style. Buy one for yourself, your family, your holiday party! They’re great for year-round use so gather around one tonight.


Decorate Your Home and Garden for the Holidays

Need to spruce up your home, entertaining areas and garden for the holidays? We have lots of ideas and easy ways you can add some glamour, style and verve to your home for a festive holiday season!

Ask one of our garden design experts Steve or CJ for assistance. We have colorful containers, statuesque green trees and plants (Boxwoods, Junipers, Cypress, Olive Trees), fountains, benches, and much more.



We have Living Christmas trees small enough for tabletops!
We have Living Christmas trees small enough for tabletops!


Boxwoods, Junipers and Cypress can make great holiday focal points.
Boxwoods, Junipers and Cypress can make great holiday focal points.


Colored containers add a festive feel to gardens.
Colored containers add a festive feel to gardens.

Holiday Gift, Decor and Design Ideas