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Happy New Year! Renew, Refresh Your Home and Garden With Succulents, Colorful Containers, Fountains, Bedding Plants and More!

As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to take this opportunity to thank you for making us your “go to” garden center. As you know, we’re a year-round full-service nursery on 2+ acres with the best plants, products and knowledge to help you with all your gardening design needs.

New Beginnings

Get ready for a beautiful, bountiful year now. As one year ends, a new one brings us all a refreshing newness. Get your hands dirty this week by planting a small container with bedding plants. Treat yourself to that fountain you’ve always envisioned. Plot out a small area in your yard and plant it with succulents.


(Below) We offer a multitude of containers, from small to large to round to square. Buy some potting soil and plant a container with colorful bedding plants, succulents or Boxwoods. Ask one of our garden design experts, Steve or CJ, for guidance. They can advise you on container size and the best potting soils for your particular circumstances.


(Below) Planting in containers can create visual appeal in the landscape, entryways, pathways, and on patios, decks and balconies.




Everywhere you look these days, you see succulents. Shopping center landscapes, traffic medians, and home gardens have discovered the depth of variety these drought-tolerant plants offer.

Visit us today to see our huge selection. We always have lots of pre-planted succulent arrangements available, and can help you with your custom design. We’ll even plant your creation in the container of your choice so you can take it home with you or have us deliver it.

(Below) Did you know succulents, bromeliads and tillandsias can be planted on driftwood and other objects? Stop in to see the many examples we have, and to create your own.





(Above) Succulents add texture, color and intrigue to the garden.

(Below) We offer a large selection of air plants, aka tillandsias. These plants grow in the air, and are a great way to have greenery that requires very little water.


More Succulents


More Tillandsias


Monarch Butterflies and Milkweed

(Below) We’ve become well-known for having an ample supply of Milkweed, the plant Monarch Butterflies rely on for life. Stop in and ask us how you can help support the Monarch Butterfly with these colorful plants. Nature enthusiasts of all ages will enjoy this colorful plant and watching Monarchs.


Bedding Plants


Bring a spot of color to the garden with bedding plants. We always have a great selection and can help you determine what to plant where. Our team is ready to help you add eye-catching color to sunny or shady areas.


As 2014 comes to a close, we’d like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!