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Camellias, Blueberries, Japanese Maples, Indoor Plants, Color in the Garden, and Succulents

Filtered sun. Shade. If you have places in your garden or on a deck, patio, entryway or balcony that meet these requirements, you can plant Camellias and easily keep them happy.

Known as the queen of shade gardens, Camellias (below) feature gorgeous flowers and can be planted in the ground or in containers.


Camellia flowers come in a variety of shapes: formal double, rose form, peony form, anemone form, semi-double, tubular and single, and come in red, pink, white and various mixtures and shadings of these colors.

If you’ve visited Descanso Gardens and its famed Camellia forest, you’ve seen how beautiful and regal Camellias can be. We have Camellias (below) in shrub shapes, trees and on trellises.



Blueberries and Japanese Maples

Our Blueberry bushes (below) are the low-chill variety, the kind that will do extremely well in Southern California. Believe it or not, blueberries are a versatile plant that can be grown in single pots, arranged side by side or in groupings.  You can also grow them in the ground in a fruit and vegetable area, grow them as ornamentals or hedges, or mix them into a foundation planting.


Another wonderful landscape plant is the Japanese Maple. We’ve just received a large shipment of these deciduous trees that will soon leaf out in a blaze of color.  Ask one of our garden design experts CJ or Steve for guidance when selecting a Japanese Maple. They can help you determine where to plant it as well as recommend the appropriate planting soils.


Japanese Maples are frequently focal points in the garden. They also partner well with fountains, bird baths, statues and benches–anything that helps create a tranquil zen-like space.


Indoor Plants


Our indoor plant selection is one of the best around, with plants in all sorts of sizes and containers to fit them. There’s nothing quite like adding a vibrant new plant to your home or office environment.


Our indoor plant selection frequently includes Orchids, Hydrangeas, Pothos, Palms, Snake Plant, Dracaena, Amazon Elephant Ear, Kalanchoe, African Violet, Ferns, Bromeliads, Ming Aralia, Peace Lily, Spider Plant, Philodendrons and lots of fun accents (below) such as small fountains, benches, glass bowls and vases, ceramic mushrooms and additional design decor.



Drought-Tolerant Plants


Now, more than ever, planting a water-conserving landscape is essential, and we’re the experts who can help you.

Did you know plants native to Australia, South Africa and the Mediterranean are drought-tolerant and well-suited to our climate? That’s why we’ve been stocking water-conserving plants such as Leucadendrons (above) and Grevillea (below) for years, and continue to expand our selection of these hardy landscape plants that offer blooms and unusual foliage colors when our California natives are taking a little bit of a winter siesta.


Another great plant that adds year-round drama to your lawn, mixed border, decorative pots, poolside or even your parking strip is the evergreen perennial Phormium (below). Phormium comes in a variety of sizes and its leaves, whether solid or variegated, encompass a full spectrum of colors. Depending on the variety, Phormium can thrive in either sun or shade, is tolerant of coastal sprays and winter frosts, and is moderate in its thirst for watera.





Get into citrus with Kumquats, Oranges, Mandarins, Grapefruit, and Tangerines. Ask one of our garden professionals Steve or CJ what you’ll need to plant them in containers or in the ground.





Winter Color in the Garden


You can have vibrant color in your garden now with these winter bedding plants. Stop in today to see our selection, and get planting!


Ready To Help



(Above and below) Our expert staff is always ready to help.





You’re sure to find our succulent selection to be one of the best around!

As we continue to move into 2015, we thank all of you for your patronage, and look forward to seeing and serving you soon!