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Succulents, Grevillea, Blueberry Bushes For Southern California Gardens, Japanese Maples and More

Plant enthusiasts, casual gardeners and those with an eye for interior design will want to discover succulents (below) if they haven’t already. These water-wise plants are delivering gorgeous colors, textures and blossoms throughout landscapes in Southern California.



Drought-Tolerant Grevilleas

Native to Australia, Grevillea (below) can be used as hedges (many local shopping centers use the Dwarf Grevillea to great effect as small, decorative hedges), shrubbery, to add a gracious flow, and as a purely stunning plant. The red flower on a Grevillea is unusual in its shape and comes in a diversity of structures.


Grevillea is a woody evergreen plant with interesting, intricate and beautiful flowers. They are planted for their floral and foliage display as well as their ability to attract nectar-feeding birds to the garden.


We carry all the Grevillea varieties you’d expect, Long John, Coastal Gem, Dwarf, Banksii aka Red Silky Oaks, and Scarlett Sprite. We’re also excited to have a new one, Firesprite, a large upright shrub with divided leaves and terminal spikes of bright red flowers that bloom in late spring and then in a scattered pattern year-round.




Yes, You Can Grow Blueberries in Southern California!

We stock lots of low-chill blueberries you can grow in Southern California, in the ground or in containers. Ask one of our garden design experts Steve or CJ how to select the blueberry bushes perfect for your environment. Blueberry bushes can be grouped together (their foliage can be so attractive that people like to grow them as hedges), and, of course, they yield the best fruit you can have–antioxidant rich and homegrown!


Japanese Maples: A Stunning Garden Focal Point

Though they’re deciduous and don’t have any leaves now, our newly arrived Japanese Maples will be leafing out soon, demonstrating their beauty and grace, and why they are such a beloved tree.


One of our favorite Japanese Maples is Sango-kaku, aka Coral Bark, whose bright coral-red bark provides year-round color. When Sango-kaku leafs out, it features green leaves that turn brilliant yellow in fall. Bloodgood is another favorite Japanese Maple with deeply cut, purple-red leaves that hold their color well through the summer. Then, in fall, the tree develops a striking crimson-red color.

Stop in and let us help you explore the beauty of Japanese Maples.



Indoor Plants and Design Ideas

Indoor plants can turn a room into a “Wow!”. Stop inside our home decor store to discover the kinds of items you’ll love having in your home or office.




More Design Ideas

Succulents in containers, fountains, birdbaths, statuary, benches, pedestals, gazing balls. Each can add fun and intrigue to the garden, patio, a balcony or inside your home or office. Stop in soon to see our new delivery of statuary from Campania.


January has been a warm month this year, so let us help you enjoy the great outdoors! Stop in to stroll our 2+ acres of the best plants, soils, fountains, containers, statuary, herbs and vegetables, fruit trees, citrus and much more.