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Spring Is Here: Drought-Tolerant Plants, Succulents, Spring Color, Vegetables, Herbs, and Fruit

Spring is definitely in the air (it’s officially here March 20) and the Marina del Rey Garden Center is loaded with spring color, perennials, California natives, shrubs, trees, vines, salvias, vegetables, herbs, fruit bushes and trees, succulents, bromeliads, tillandsias and all the drought-tolerant plants you can imagine!

(Below) Kangaroo Paw is native to Australia, and does well in our Southern California climate. An advantage to mixing up your Australian, South African, Mediterranean, and California native plants is that they bloom at different times so you can have year-round color in the garden. And these plants are drought-tolerant, giving gardeners choices beyond succulents.


(Below) Tis the season for Snap Dragon, Foxglove and all the stunning springtime plants you so love in the garden! Begin planting now so you will have gorgeous pastel colors all spring!


(Below) Azaleas bring striking color to the landscape. Our selection of pink, white and red flowering Azaleas are in bloom and fully budded up! Ask one of our garden design experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for assistance. They can help you determine if a plant is right for your growing conditions/environment and recommend the best soil.


(Below) Yes, you can have color in the garden using drought-tolerant plants! The Daisy family offers all sorts of options!


(Below) We pride ourselves on bringing you unusual and hard-to-find plants! Isn’t this flower captivating?!



Spring Color Is Here!


(Below) We have plants that attract hummingbirds, butterflies, the Monarch Butterfly, bees and more. Ask Miguel, Steve or CJ for help¬†finding what you’re after.


 (Below) Bottle Brush, native to Australia, makes a great privacy shield, especially when planted on a trellis as this one is. Some of our garden shoppers are admiring the blooms on the Pink Powder Puff Bottle Brush which is cascading over from its trellis.


(Below) Kangaroo Paw can be grown in ground or containers. This architectural looking plant comes in reds, greens, yellows and pinks, and we have a selection in containers from one-gallon on up.



More Plants For Your Garden!


(Above) Nasturtiums

(Below) Bleeding Heart


(Below) There are plenty of ways to have color in sunny and shady spots now.



Succulents, Cacti and Other Drought-Tolerant Plants

Check out our newly expanded succulent area. In addition to where you’re used to finding these water wise plants (in front of the store and behind the store down just a few feet), we have created a large space to showcase these specimens.








Milkweed For Monarchs


(Above) The other day, a Monarch Butterfly flitted about, landing on our Milkweed, feeding, and then taking off, only to repeat the process on another one of our Milkweed plants. Do you see the Monarch? He’s here in the photo!




(Above) Stop in to see our blueberry selection! We have several different varieties of this healthy, antioxidant fruit!


Vegetables, Herbs and More!


Get a head start on your vegetable and herb garden now! We have wonderful plants like Lemon Verbena, NON GMO Mint Mojito, Curry, Swiss Chard, and other delicious plants for your garden!





Be sure to say “Hi” when you stop in. We always enjoy talking with our customers and helping you find the plants you’re looking for! And remember, we offer a delivery service. See you at MDRGC!