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Spring Gardening: Plant Shrubs, Roses, California Natives, Bedding Plants, Hedges, Trees Now

Spring color is here, and we have lots of ways you can brighten up your home and garden. (Below) Zinnias offer bright color and an interesting flower.


What do you want right now? Well, whether it’s bold dark luscious color such as the flowers below or the exquisite look of the Columbine (second photo below), we have everything to turn those garden beds and empty pots into fresh new looks for spring.


(Below) Columbine


Colorful plants that can take the sun and heat are in demand these days. (Below) Daisies, gazanias, and sunflowers will bring you lasting color.



You can’t help but be inspired when you step into the garden center! We have lots of bedding plants for sun and shade, as well as hanging baskets of blooming flowers and succulents so you can decorate your home, yard, balcony, deck or patio with those bursts of color that say “It’s spring!”

Love Is A Rose!


Yellow is one of spring’s most beautiful colors and we expect to see lots of this lively yet delicate color in spring and summer.  To get some gorgeous yellow into your garden, why not plant some yellow roses (above)?

And what says “Happy” any better than a rose named after the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland (below). Put some of the magic in your garden!


(Below) Our Lady of Guadalupe is an ornate beautiful rose in a soft blush of pink.



(Below) Ebb Tide Rose



(Below) Tree roses, climbing roses and roses on trellises add a majestic feel to any garden AND can provide privacy and dazzling color!


(Below) The climbing rose Joseph’s Coat features roses that bloom in an amazing display of color.


Sit and Smell the Roses


(Above) This patio table set has just arrived and it’s a beauty with soft wistful shades of blue complemented by gray tones all in a meticulously crafted inlaid tile (below).


Foliage Adds Texture, Color, Intrigue To Your Garden


(Above) The foliage on Mirror Plants is shiny and waxy and comes in a variety of colors.

(Below) Flame Bush is just one of the many plants we have in stock whose foliage adds intrigue to any garden. Ask one of our garden design experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for help. They’ll be glad to assist you.


(Below) Flax, Euphorbia, Leucadendron and Roses (in the background) are just part of our huge in-stock inventory.


(Below) Mirror Plants from another angle.


(Below) Kaleidoscope Abelia is an evergreen plant with bright, golden yellow variegation on green leaves and brilliant red stems, creating a striking kaleidoscope of color. It’s a great plant for patio containers or as a groundcover given its low, compact growth pattern.


(Below) Fine-Leafed Mallee aka Moon Lagoon Eucalyptus is a shrubby small Eucalyptus with small rounded spade-shaped, gray-green juvenile leaves flushed a pale purple that mature to a leaf that is green with a curved boomerang shape. If left to mature, in spring to summer reddish orange caps that open to expose white flowers. This plant can also be cut hard every few years to maintain it as a medium sized shrub to 4 feet tall (it can reach 12 feet in height)  and to promote the fine textured and aromatic juvenile growth that has become very popular in the California cut foliage market.



Containers for Plants

If you have a small outdoor space to work with, plants in containers are a great way to go. Containers come in all sorts of stylish shapes and sizes to fit most any space, from a small space on a shelf or ledge to a tabletop to a corner on the floor.


More Plants


(Above) Bicolored Wax Flower is an evergreen shrub that can grow to 5-6 feet tall by as wide or wider. It has light green needle-like foliage that densely clothes the stems. It’s an attractive plant that continually shines in the garden.

(Below) Other plants we have in stock include Artemisia and Ceanothus. Be sure to ask one of our garden design experts for help.


(Below) Breath of Heaven and Purple Statice are among our current inventory. We have so many plants in stock right now that you’re sure to find what you need for your garden.


(Below) Cistus aka Rock Rose produces a stunning flower.


(Below) We have lots of unique, hard-to-find and unusual plants.



(Below) Pride of Madeira are a hallmark of spring, with their long tall plumes of blue and purple flowers.


We’re a full-service garden center with statues, bird baths, fountains, containers, soils, loads of plants and everything you need for gardening.


Shade Plants

If you have shady areas in your landscape, you’ll want to stop in to see all of the great plants suitable for shade.

(Below) Bird of Paradise and Red Banana are two plants that will do well in shady areas.


(Below) Hurry in for our yellow and orange Clivia before they’re gone. This plant is a favorite of gardeners.


Trees & Privacy Hedges


The yellow flowers above can be found on the tree below. Get a gorgeous, wispy tree with delicious yellow flowers for your garden. This one’s a winner!


If you’ve yet to walk to the back of the garden center, then you have yet to see our privacy tree and hedge section, where we stock a good selection of plants in different heights.

(Below) Privets and Purple Hopseed are popular hedge and privacy trees.


(Below) Cypress and Junipers


(Below) Podocarpus can provide a privacy barrier between you and those nearby.


(Below) Boxwoods make great hedges and look equally grand in containers.


Be sure to visit us on our 2+ acres of gardening delights and unrivaled expertise. We specialize in helping you have the best garden possible. Just ask us for assistance. We’re happy to help. And we offer a delivery service.


Spring Gardening: Native Plants, Succulents, Cacti, Perennials, Colorful Containers, Plants in Hanging Baskets

Now that gardeners have discovered the many pluses of succulents, we’ve expanded our Succulent and Cacti selection. Now, you’ll find row upon row of succulents in sizes that range from two-inch containers to large boxed plants and everything in between.


Ask one of our garden design experts Miguel, CJ or Steve anytime you need help. They know all the right questions to ask and can provide guidance on the conditions your plants will need. They will recommend the soil amendments your plants need to grow strong and stay healthy.


Succulents offer a world of colors, textures, and shapes. They are easy to care for and can be planted  in containers, rock gardens, along pathways and in challenging dry spots in the garden.






Planting succulents in containers can provide a sense of intrigue and style. We can help you select your container(s), plants and soil or you can select from among our pre-planted containers. We’ll also custom plant containers for you.



Pretty in Purple


Purple makes a gorgeous statement in the garden and right now is the perfect time to stroll the garden center to see all of the purple flowers. (Above) A customer purchased these Lavender plants to create a sea of purple at home.

(Below) Wisteria blooms in an exquisite purple and is a popular ornamental plant. Its luscious blooms dangle in the breeze and can frequently be seen cascading down from arbors and trellises.



(Below) A white Wisteria bloom


(Below) Hydrangeas mean spring has arrived so stop in to see all of the glorious plants spring brings with her.


(Below) The evergreen perennial African Iris, aka Fortnight Lily, produces exotic white flowers with yellow and purple-blue markings. Though blooms only last one day, this plant is a profuse bloomer.



Perennial, Drought-Tolerant Daisies

Daisies are a beautiful workhorse in the garden. Not only can they catch our eye when they’re aflame with color, they’re also drought-tolerant hardy perennials you can count on yer after year. Shasta Daisies, Blue Marguerites, Painted Daisies and Marguerites (below) are low-maintenance winners that can be planted as ground cover, shrubs or trees in the ground or in containers.




2015 Roses


(Above) Double Deiight Rose

The beauty and grace of a rose can be breathtaking. Above and below you’ll find photos of roses available at the garden center. We stock Hybrid Teas, Grandifloras, Floribundas, tree rosescrawling roses and climbing roses.

(Below) Ingrid Bergman Rose





(Below) Ketchup and Mustard Rose


Hanging Baskets of Color


Our pre-planted hanging baskets full of colorful blooms are carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. Ours provide long-lasting blooms that will enliven your front porch, pool area, balcony, or deck.



Stylish Containers


The Marina del Rey Garden Center has long been known for having a gigantic selection of in-stock containers. We have everything from Asian ceramics to contemporary and classic styles, terracotta, Talavera Pottery, wood, plastic and lightweight containers that look like concrete and stone.


(Below) Our Asian ceramic containers are designed to stand up to the elements outdoors but also make great statements when used with indoor plants.


(Below) You’re sure to find a container that meets your need in our huge in-stock inventory.


(Below) We’re pleased to carry these lightweight containers that are perfect for decks, balconies and places where weight is a concern.


(Below) How about planting a bunch of strawberries or herbs in this circular container?



Stop in to see us soon! Spring is here and we’re ready to help you have the best garden possible. P.S. We also like to help with indoor living areas, too.


Spring Gardening at the Marina del Rey Garden Center

Spring officially begins this Friday but the gorgeous weather we’ve had so far in 2015 has sure put vibrant bursts of color everywhere your turn! (Below) Kangaroo Paws, Azaleas, and Daisies highlight just some of the plants in bloom at the garden center.


At the Garden Center, we’ve been busy getting everything ready for spring, bringing in large quantities of supplies and increasing our plant inventory so we have everything you need. In addition to all the usual plants you’d expect to find at a nursery, we have a large selection of plants for hedges, plants on trellises, climbing roses, tree roses, citrus, fruit trees, avocado trees, succulents, cacti, tropical plants such as bromeliads, vegetables and herbs, tomatoes, blueberries, kumquats, strawberries and a great selection of drought-tolerant plants.


(Above) Australian Tea Trees add lovely color to the garden year after year. Ask one of our garden design experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for help.

(Below) Jerusalem Sage makes a colorful mark.



Load Up on Organic Bumper Crop Soil Builder

Our “Buy 4 Bags, Get the 5th Free” happens only once a year so you can load up on this all-natural soil builder. Stop in today and put this “strong” soil on your team!



 Gardeners of Every Age…


We love seeing young gardeners discover their passion for plants. (Above) This young lad found a tomato plant he just had to have.


(Above) We have a large selection of citrus in stock now. Looking for limes, lemons, grapefruit, oranges? We have all of that and more, including fig trees, apple trees, avocado trees, pomegranate trees, cherry trees and aprium trees.

Gorgeous Landscape Trees


(Above) Wisteria offers cascading blooms that form a canopy of color! We also have Wisteria in white.

(Below) Redbud Tree


Thanks for attending our annual Japanese Maple Festival this past weekend. The event was a huge hit, and we’re proud to feature the elegant Japanese Maple Tree(Below) This Japanese Maple has a cascading growing habit. Stop in and ask Miguel, Steve or CJ, our garden design professionals, to help you find the right Japanese Maple for your growing conditions. Japanese Maples can be grown in ground or in containers on a patio, deck, balcony, or placed on a pathway.



Everything’s Coming Up Roses


The garden center is ablaze with color, and now is a great time to select roses for your garden. Wander our rows of bush, tree, crawling and climbing roses to see them in all their glory. Our roses are very budded up and ready to add glorious color to your garden.



(Below) Jacob’s Coat is a stunning climbing rose.


(Below) We also have a selection of crawling roses.



(Below) Peace Rose


(Below) The Julia Childs Rose


When roses are in bloom is the perfect time to select those you’d like to grace your garden. Seeing how their flower looks in person helps you decide which rose varieties you’d most like to have.


Get Your Privacy On!


(Above and below) The depth of our plant material enables you, our loyal customer, to find what you want in the quantities you need. Privacy is always a concern for neighbors so create a privacy hedge by planting a grouping of trees or shrubs in the ground or in containers (when suitable). Ask Miguel, CJ or Steve what can be planted in containers, what size containers to use, what soil to use for in ground or in pots, and everything you need to know to get your privacy hedge growing!


We also carry a variety of trees, shrubs and vines grown on small and large trellises to provide instant privacy.

(Below) Succulents and cacti can be used for privacy, too. We stock them in sizes large enough to make a great focal point or to provide privacy.


Your Succulent and Cacti Headquarters

We stock succulents in every size you can imagine, from two-inch to four-inch containers to jumbo sizes and everything in between. Stop in to see our amazing selection and learn how you can have a gorgeous succulent garden.


Your Source for Vegetables and Herbs

Visit often to discover our constantly changing vegetable and herb selection. If you haven’t gotten your edible garden going yet, ask us for assistance. Your garden can be as small as one plant or as large as a raised bed or an entire landscape. Ask us for help when selecting containers for growing your edible garden and for the best soils to use when planting in containers or in the ground.




We thank you for your patronage and want to let you know what a pleasure it is to serve all of you! Our Operations Team members can load your vehicle so you can take your new plants and soils home with you. We also offer a delivery service.

Spring Is Here: Get Planting With Succulents, Shrubs; Add Intriguing Foliage and Colors to Your Garden

The weather in Southern California has been gorgeous, with sunny days speaking spring to all of us even though spring isn’t officially here until March 20. At the garden center, we’ve been busy preparing for spring since much earlier this year, placing orders, getting in plants, making sure we have a huge selection of everything a gardener, landscaper, design pro, or do-it-yourselfer could want.

(Below) The stunning Lady Bird Magnolia.


Japanese Maple Festival March 14 and 15!

It’s time for our annual Japanese Maple Festival, one of the best ways to learn more about these magnificent trees! Stop in on Saturday and Sunday, March 14 and 15 for special discounts on Japanese Maples during our normal business hours, now 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily.


Prized for their foliage (above and below), these graceful trees turn any landscape into something beautiful. Ask one of our garden design experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for guidance. They can help you determine suitable places for planting your tree (what kind of sun and how much does the spot get?), help you decide between a container or in-ground planting, and recommend the best planting soil.



(Below) Japanese Maples offer green foliage as well as the bronze, golds and brown shades we’re more accustomed to associating with this tree.16142571804_77792274f5_o

Create your own zen nirvana! Ask us for assistance. On Saturday, March 14, a representative from Monrovia Growers, the premier horticultural grower, will be on hand to answer questions about Japanese Maples during our Japanese Maple Festival.

Roxy Kim-Perez Zen Garden Photos © Nancee E. Lewis

Spring Into Color!

The garden center is ablaze with color! Clivia (below) are available in yellow and orange, we have Sweet Pea Shrubs in bloom, Grace Ward Lithodora, Azaleas in full bloom, Daisies, Hibiscus, vines, roses, Grevillea, Penstemon, Poppies, Thrift, Salvias, Calliandra, Westringia, Euphorbia, Scabiosa and much more!


And while you’re here, now is the time to take advantage of our once-a-year Bumper Crop Sale: Buy 4 Bags, Get the 5th Bag Free! This all-natural, organic soil builder gives your plants the nutrients they need to get off to the best start and continue growing strong. 



Spring Gardening: Privacy Hedges, Colorful Foliage, a Masterpiece Garden!


We are fully stocked with all sorts of plants perfect for your garden! Whether you’re looking for just one new plant, several or a whole landscape full, we can help! Now’s the time to start digging in the dirt to give your plants a head start on spring. Ask one of our garden professionals Steve, CJ or Miguel for help.


(Below) With colorful plants in the background, including Kangaroo Paws, these plant lovers take a closer look at a Sweet Pea Shrub in bloom.


New Fountains!

(Below) We’re always adding to our huge in-stock fountain inventory and here are a few of the new designs we’ve just received! Stop in to see our selection. From classic to contemporary, we’ve got you covered!



Succulents and Cacti


Stop in to see our expanded Succulent and Cacti areas that feature large, distinct specimens that will make a striking statement in the landscape.




And yes, we still have our small Succulents in one-inch and four-inch containers so you can create your own custom arrangement, as this couple (below) was doing Saturday.


(Below) Let our pre-planted succulent arrangements inspire your custom designs. We can plant containers to your specifications and will help you with the entire process, from plants to soil to container choice.


Stop in and visit us on our 2+ acres of gardening paradise!


Spring Gardening: Roses, Japanese Maples, Australian and California Natives, Succulents and More

All sorts of plants are arriving daily now that spring is on its way… And more than 35 varieties of roses (below) await you. Whether you’re looking for succulents, drought-tolerant plants, citrus, blueberries, herbs and vegetables, hedge plants, or privacy screen plants, we are sure to have what you’re looking for on our 2+ acres.


(Below) It’s easy to see why Sugar Moon Rose was named Portland’s Best Rose by the Portland Rose Society (America’s first Rose Society) in 2013. Known for an intensely sweet fragrance, Sugar Rose’s pointed large buds open to a spiral of pure white elegance. Sugar Rose has long cutting stems that make it perfect as a cut flower.


Other roses to select from now (more will arrive) include Ebb Tide (below) and The Generous Gardener, a dazzler of a climbing rose (below).




Japanese Maples

(Below) Japanese Maples are a beauty to behold year-round. Right now, our stock is leafing out in a variety of glorious greens, golds, and bronzes. Though known for their foliage, Japanese Maples also offer unusual trunk and branch shapes, and interesting bark colors. The ones shown below demonstrate some of the variation found in their bark. Use your imagination to craft a garden area that inspires you. We have driftwood (below), Buddha, Quan Yin, and lantern statutes, garden benches and much more to help you create a restful garden space.


(Below) A Japanese Maple’s leaves begin to unfold.



Native Plants


(Above ande below) Get hoppin’ into the garden center where you’ll discover lots of new natives! Ours are from Australia, California and South Africa, where similar climates means we can plant each area’s native plants to good effect here in Southern California. Ask Miguel, Steve or CJ, our garden design professionals, how you can plant natives from each of these areas to have blooms in your garden year-round. And, these natives are drought-tolerant.


(Above and below) Grevillea is native to Australia. We have a variety of specimens ranging from dwarf (perfect for decorative small hedges) to shrubs, tall and taller. These evergreen plants attract birds. Stop in to see our selection.



Plants for Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Bees


Our garden design experts can help you select plants to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, birds and/or bees. Ask CJ, Miguel or Steve for guidance.

(Below) Ceanothus is native to California and its bloom season is beginning now. With tiny flowers produced in large, dense clusters, Ceanothus, also known as California Lilac, provides a striking burst of color.


In addition to several varieties of Ceanothus, we also have lots of California native plants in stock so be sure to ask to have them pointed out to you. Artemisia and Manzanita (below) are just two of the plants now at the nursery.



Find the Unusual at MDRGC!

We take great pride in being a full-service garden center where you’ll find the latest and greatest plants!

Heard of Kalettes?


In addition to our recently expanded succulent and cacti selection, as well as our tillandsia and bromeliad sections, you’ll find new and interesting items at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

(Below) Driftwood, Hydrangea, and bunnies set the stage for an artful new lamp that just arrived. Be on the lookout for all of our new home decor itemsthey’re arriving all the time!




We are THE place to shop for succulents and we can help you plan your landscape using succulents completely or mixing them in with other drought-tolerant plants.

We also offer a custom container planting service: Pick out the succulents you want, the container you want, and we’ll plant them for you (as seen below)! We also have pre-planted custom succulent containers ready to go!


Succulents can be used to create unusual, memorable and captivating gardens.


(Below) Customers are enjoying our new Succulent Wall! Stop in to see it and discover the endless possibilities of plants!



Fountains, Tables, Benches

Our on-site selection of fountains, bird baths, statuary, benches, and table sets is huge so stop in to find that new garden accent for your outdoor living this spring and summer!



We have a good selection of indoor and outdoor fountains.


Easy Privacy!

Need some privacy between you and your neighbor? Have a balcony, deck, or tight, small ground space? We have tons of privacy solutions so stop in to see them all.



When you do stop in, be sure to say “Hi” to Miguel, our newest team member. He is one of our garden design experts and can help you with all of your gardening needs, from plants to soils to containers and much more!


Have a great day! See you at the garden center!