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Spring Gardening: Roses, Japanese Maples, Australian and California Natives, Succulents and More

All sorts of plants are arriving daily now that spring is on its way… And more than 35 varieties of roses (below) await you. Whether you’re looking for succulents, drought-tolerant plants, citrus, blueberries, herbs and vegetables, hedge plants, or privacy screen plants, we are sure to have what you’re looking for on our 2+ acres.


(Below) It’s easy to see why Sugar Moon Rose was named Portland’s Best Rose by the Portland Rose Society (America’s first Rose Society) in 2013. Known for an intensely sweet fragrance, Sugar Rose’s pointed large buds open to a spiral of pure white elegance. Sugar Rose has long cutting stems that make it perfect as a cut flower.


Other roses to select from now (more will arrive) include Ebb Tide (below) and The Generous Gardener, a dazzler of a climbing rose (below).




Japanese Maples

(Below) Japanese Maples are a beauty to behold year-round. Right now, our stock is leafing out in a variety of glorious greens, golds, and bronzes. Though known for their foliage, Japanese Maples also offer unusual trunk and branch shapes, and interesting bark colors. The ones shown below demonstrate some of the variation found in their bark. Use your imagination to craft a garden area that inspires you. We have driftwood (below), Buddha, Quan Yin, and lantern statutes, garden benches and much more to help you create a restful garden space.


(Below) A Japanese Maple’s leaves begin to unfold.



Native Plants


(Above ande below) Get hoppin’ into the garden center where you’ll discover lots of new natives! Ours are from Australia, California and South Africa, where similar climates means we can plant each area’s native plants to good effect here in Southern California. Ask Miguel, Steve or CJ, our garden design professionals, how you can plant natives from each of these areas to have blooms in your garden year-round. And, these natives are drought-tolerant.


(Above and below) Grevillea is native to Australia. We have a variety of specimens ranging from dwarf (perfect for decorative small hedges) to shrubs, tall and taller. These evergreen plants attract birds. Stop in to see our selection.



Plants for Hummingbirds, Butterflies, Bees


Our garden design experts can help you select plants to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, birds and/or bees. Ask CJ, Miguel or Steve for guidance.

(Below) Ceanothus is native to California and its bloom season is beginning now. With tiny flowers produced in large, dense clusters, Ceanothus, also known as California Lilac, provides a striking burst of color.


In addition to several varieties of Ceanothus, we also have lots of California native plants in stock so be sure to ask to have them pointed out to you. Artemisia and Manzanita (below) are just two of the plants now at the nursery.



Find the Unusual at MDRGC!

We take great pride in being a full-service garden center where you’ll find the latest and greatest plants!

Heard of Kalettes?


In addition to our recently expanded succulent and cacti selection, as well as our tillandsia and bromeliad sections, you’ll find new and interesting items at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

(Below) Driftwood, Hydrangea, and bunnies set the stage for an artful new lamp that just arrived. Be on the lookout for all of our new home decor itemsthey’re arriving all the time!




We are THE place to shop for succulents and we can help you plan your landscape using succulents completely or mixing them in with other drought-tolerant plants.

We also offer a custom container planting service: Pick out the succulents you want, the container you want, and we’ll plant them for you (as seen below)! We also have pre-planted custom succulent containers ready to go!


Succulents can be used to create unusual, memorable and captivating gardens.


(Below) Customers are enjoying our new Succulent Wall! Stop in to see it and discover the endless possibilities of plants!



Fountains, Tables, Benches

Our on-site selection of fountains, bird baths, statuary, benches, and table sets is huge so stop in to find that new garden accent for your outdoor living this spring and summer!



We have a good selection of indoor and outdoor fountains.


Easy Privacy!

Need some privacy between you and your neighbor? Have a balcony, deck, or tight, small ground space? We have tons of privacy solutions so stop in to see them all.



When you do stop in, be sure to say “Hi” to Miguel, our newest team member. He is one of our garden design experts and can help you with all of your gardening needs, from plants to soils to containers and much more!


Have a great day! See you at the garden center!