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Spring Gardening at the Marina del Rey Garden Center

Spring officially begins this Friday but the gorgeous weather we’ve had so far in 2015 has sure put vibrant bursts of color everywhere your turn! (Below) Kangaroo Paws, Azaleas, and Daisies highlight just some of the plants in bloom at the garden center.


At the Garden Center, we’ve been busy getting everything ready for spring, bringing in large quantities of supplies and increasing our plant inventory so we have everything you need. In addition to all the usual plants you’d expect to find at a nursery, we have a large selection of plants for hedges, plants on trellises, climbing roses, tree roses, citrus, fruit trees, avocado trees, succulents, cacti, tropical plants such as bromeliads, vegetables and herbs, tomatoes, blueberries, kumquats, strawberries and a great selection of drought-tolerant plants.


(Above) Australian Tea Trees add lovely color to the garden year after year. Ask one of our garden design experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for help.

(Below) Jerusalem Sage makes a colorful mark.



Load Up on Organic Bumper Crop Soil Builder

Our “Buy 4 Bags, Get the 5th Free” happens only once a year so you can load up on this all-natural soil builder. Stop in today and put this “strong” soil on your team!



 Gardeners of Every Age…


We love seeing young gardeners discover their passion for plants. (Above) This young lad found a tomato plant he just had to have.


(Above) We have a large selection of citrus in stock now. Looking for limes, lemons, grapefruit, oranges? We have all of that and more, including fig trees, apple trees, avocado trees, pomegranate trees, cherry trees and aprium trees.

Gorgeous Landscape Trees


(Above) Wisteria offers cascading blooms that form a canopy of color! We also have Wisteria in white.

(Below) Redbud Tree


Thanks for attending our annual Japanese Maple Festival this past weekend. The event was a huge hit, and we’re proud to feature the elegant Japanese Maple Tree(Below) This Japanese Maple has a cascading growing habit. Stop in and ask Miguel, Steve or CJ, our garden design professionals, to help you find the right Japanese Maple for your growing conditions. Japanese Maples can be grown in ground or in containers on a patio, deck, balcony, or placed on a pathway.



Everything’s Coming Up Roses


The garden center is ablaze with color, and now is a great time to select roses for your garden. Wander our rows of bush, tree, crawling and climbing roses to see them in all their glory. Our roses are very budded up and ready to add glorious color to your garden.



(Below) Jacob’s Coat is a stunning climbing rose.


(Below) We also have a selection of crawling roses.



(Below) Peace Rose


(Below) The Julia Childs Rose


When roses are in bloom is the perfect time to select those you’d like to grace your garden. Seeing how their flower looks in person helps you decide which rose varieties you’d most like to have.


Get Your Privacy On!


(Above and below) The depth of our plant material enables you, our loyal customer, to find what you want in the quantities you need. Privacy is always a concern for neighbors so create a privacy hedge by planting a grouping of trees or shrubs in the ground or in containers (when suitable). Ask Miguel, CJ or Steve what can be planted in containers, what size containers to use, what soil to use for in ground or in pots, and everything you need to know to get your privacy hedge growing!


We also carry a variety of trees, shrubs and vines grown on small and large trellises to provide instant privacy.

(Below) Succulents and cacti can be used for privacy, too. We stock them in sizes large enough to make a great focal point or to provide privacy.


Your Succulent and Cacti Headquarters

We stock succulents in every size you can imagine, from two-inch to four-inch containers to jumbo sizes and everything in between. Stop in to see our amazing selection and learn how you can have a gorgeous succulent garden.


Your Source for Vegetables and Herbs

Visit often to discover our constantly changing vegetable and herb selection. If you haven’t gotten your edible garden going yet, ask us for assistance. Your garden can be as small as one plant or as large as a raised bed or an entire landscape. Ask us for help when selecting containers for growing your edible garden and for the best soils to use when planting in containers or in the ground.




We thank you for your patronage and want to let you know what a pleasure it is to serve all of you! Our Operations Team members can load your vehicle so you can take your new plants and soils home with you. We also offer a delivery service.