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Spring Gardening: Plant Shrubs, Roses, California Natives, Bedding Plants, Hedges, Trees Now

Spring color is here, and we have lots of ways you can brighten up your home and garden. (Below) Zinnias offer bright color and an interesting flower.


What do you want right now? Well, whether it’s bold dark luscious color such as the flowers below or the exquisite look of the Columbine (second photo below), we have everything to turn those garden beds and empty pots into fresh new looks for spring.


(Below) Columbine


Colorful plants that can take the sun and heat are in demand these days. (Below) Daisies, gazanias, and sunflowers will bring you lasting color.



You can’t help but be inspired when you step into the garden center! We have lots of bedding plants for sun and shade, as well as hanging baskets of blooming flowers and succulents so you can decorate your home, yard, balcony, deck or patio with those bursts of color that say “It’s spring!”

Love Is A Rose!


Yellow is one of spring’s most beautiful colors and we expect to see lots of this lively yet delicate color in spring and summer.  To get some gorgeous yellow into your garden, why not plant some yellow roses (above)?

And what says “Happy” any better than a rose named after the Happiest Place on Earth, Disneyland (below). Put some of the magic in your garden!


(Below) Our Lady of Guadalupe is an ornate beautiful rose in a soft blush of pink.



(Below) Ebb Tide Rose



(Below) Tree roses, climbing roses and roses on trellises add a majestic feel to any garden AND can provide privacy and dazzling color!


(Below) The climbing rose Joseph’s Coat features roses that bloom in an amazing display of color.


Sit and Smell the Roses


(Above) This patio table set has just arrived and it’s a beauty with soft wistful shades of blue complemented by gray tones all in a meticulously crafted inlaid tile (below).


Foliage Adds Texture, Color, Intrigue To Your Garden


(Above) The foliage on Mirror Plants is shiny and waxy and comes in a variety of colors.

(Below) Flame Bush is just one of the many plants we have in stock whose foliage adds intrigue to any garden. Ask one of our garden design experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for help. They’ll be glad to assist you.


(Below) Flax, Euphorbia, Leucadendron and Roses (in the background) are just part of our huge in-stock inventory.


(Below) Mirror Plants from another angle.


(Below) Kaleidoscope Abelia is an evergreen plant with bright, golden yellow variegation on green leaves and brilliant red stems, creating a striking kaleidoscope of color. It’s a great plant for patio containers or as a groundcover given its low, compact growth pattern.


(Below) Fine-Leafed Mallee aka Moon Lagoon Eucalyptus is a shrubby small Eucalyptus with small rounded spade-shaped, gray-green juvenile leaves flushed a pale purple that mature to a leaf that is green with a curved boomerang shape. If left to mature, in spring to summer reddish orange caps that open to expose white flowers. This plant can also be cut hard every few years to maintain it as a medium sized shrub to 4 feet tall (it can reach 12 feet in height)  and to promote the fine textured and aromatic juvenile growth that has become very popular in the California cut foliage market.



Containers for Plants

If you have a small outdoor space to work with, plants in containers are a great way to go. Containers come in all sorts of stylish shapes and sizes to fit most any space, from a small space on a shelf or ledge to a tabletop to a corner on the floor.


More Plants


(Above) Bicolored Wax Flower is an evergreen shrub that can grow to 5-6 feet tall by as wide or wider. It has light green needle-like foliage that densely clothes the stems. It’s an attractive plant that continually shines in the garden.

(Below) Other plants we have in stock include Artemisia and Ceanothus. Be sure to ask one of our garden design experts for help.


(Below) Breath of Heaven and Purple Statice are among our current inventory. We have so many plants in stock right now that you’re sure to find what you need for your garden.


(Below) Cistus aka Rock Rose produces a stunning flower.


(Below) We have lots of unique, hard-to-find and unusual plants.



(Below) Pride of Madeira are a hallmark of spring, with their long tall plumes of blue and purple flowers.


We’re a full-service garden center with statues, bird baths, fountains, containers, soils, loads of plants and everything you need for gardening.


Shade Plants

If you have shady areas in your landscape, you’ll want to stop in to see all of the great plants suitable for shade.

(Below) Bird of Paradise and Red Banana are two plants that will do well in shady areas.


(Below) Hurry in for our yellow and orange Clivia before they’re gone. This plant is a favorite of gardeners.


Trees & Privacy Hedges


The yellow flowers above can be found on the tree below. Get a gorgeous, wispy tree with delicious yellow flowers for your garden. This one’s a winner!


If you’ve yet to walk to the back of the garden center, then you have yet to see our privacy tree and hedge section, where we stock a good selection of plants in different heights.

(Below) Privets and Purple Hopseed are popular hedge and privacy trees.


(Below) Cypress and Junipers


(Below) Podocarpus can provide a privacy barrier between you and those nearby.


(Below) Boxwoods make great hedges and look equally grand in containers.


Be sure to visit us on our 2+ acres of gardening delights and unrivaled expertise. We specialize in helping you have the best garden possible. Just ask us for assistance. We’re happy to help. And we offer a delivery service.