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Color For Your Garden This Spring and Summer! Plant For Privacy Now, Too!

Spring and summer turn our landscapes, gardens and yards into a hue of colors. And though you might associate color with heat, shady spots can have their own unique array of color.

(Below) Hibiscus in a sizzling orange.


(Below) Copper Canyon Daisy is a drought-tolerant plant with a strong fragrance that comes from its foliage. Known as the Mexican Marigold, its orange-yellow flowers put on quite a show.


(Below) Lion’s Tail is another drought-tolerant evergreen shrub. Its fuzzy orange curved tubular flowers give it its name, but it’s also known as Lion’s Ear, Lion’s Claw, Minaret Flower, and Wild Dagga.




Cordyline and Flax


(Above and below) Cordyline and Flax have become garden workhorses. Look around and you will find them planted in medians and household gardens! There are many varieties available, each with its own unique foliage (below).



(Above) The Cordyline “Torbay Dazzler” is a showy focal plant. It is a palm-like, sub-tropical tree that grows erect until, with some age, it will fork to produce more heads. The green strap leaves have a strong cream variegation along the leaf margin. Interestingly enough, this plant came from Torbay Palm Farm from near Cornwall, England and was a Royal Horticultural Society Award of Garden Merit winner in 2004.

(Above) The Electric Pink Dracaena Palm is an outrageously bright pink colored plant with an upright habit of many narrow dark maroon leaves that are edged with bright pink, making it truly electric! This plant was part of the Bodger Botanicals product line sold exclusively by Henry F. Michell Company.

(Above) Pink Panther New Zealand Flax has a slightly arching form and grows to 3 to 4 feet tall with leaves that have candy pink centers with darker reddish bronze margins. Plant in full sun to light shade.

Ask one of our Garden Design Experts, Miguel, Steve or CJ for assistance, anytime!

Gardening Fun!


Bring your friends to the garden center and have some fun! You can’t go wrong with a walk through our 2+-acre paradise.

(Below) You’re sure to hear (and see, if you’re lucky) all of the hummingbirds that live at the garden center! Do you see the hummingbird below, getting nectar from a Sunset Collection Ember’s Wish Salvia? The hummingbirds LOVE this red salvia!


(Below) Sunset Western Garden Collection’s Ember’s Wish and Love and Wishes are two gorgeous salvias!

Love and Wishes with its deep purple flowers is a long-blooming, waterwise, easy-care plant that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.

Ember’s Wish is also drought-tolerant and features glowing coral flowers that birds and butterflies love. Both Salvias require no deadheading or pruning.


More Food for Hummingbirds


(Above and below) Bottle Brush is another red flowering plant hummingbirds love! Bottle Brush comes in a dwarf size frequently used for short, decorative hedges. The larger specimens can be grown as a shrub or tree.


Climbing Roses


(Above and below) Climbing Roses make a great addition to the garden. Ours come staked or on a trellis. When cascading on an arbor, wall, fence, or some type of support, their flowers add glorious color to the garden!


Planting for Privacy


(Above) Giant Bird of Paradise and Red Banana can create privacy and the look and feel of a hip, cool shady area!

(Below) Craft a wall for privacy. We can help you with ideas! Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance. They can show you where you’ll find trellises, wood or metal materials, and the plants you’ll need for your living wall.


(Below) Other plants that make great hedges when grouped together include Pacific Wax Myrtle, Purple Hopseed, and Privet.


(Below) Vines and other plants on trellises are also great for privacy. You can count on us to always have a good selection of privacy plants.


(Below) A hedge of Podocarpus keeps this outdoor pool area attractive and private.


Lightweight Containers for Decks, Balconies and Areas Where Weight Is A Concern

(Below) These lightweight containers are just the ticket when you are concerned about putting too much weight on a balcony, deck or even a patio. Made of durable and time-tested materials, they give the look of stone or concrete but have practically no weight at all!


Get Planting!

(Below) A plant with variegated foliage and a Bougainvillea are going home with a happy customer and will be planted soon! Stop in to see all of the countless ways you can add color and intrigue to your garden! New plants arrive daily.16662582733_29b4d2ce9c_k

(Below) Pink Breath of Heaven, Baby’s Breath, and Purple Statice are among the many plants we carry.


(Below) Geraniums are on of the best plants for year-round color! Plant them in ground or in hanging baskets. We have several that are available in hanging baskets if you’d prefer not to plant them.


All of us at the Marina del Rey Garden Center want to thank you for visiting us, and giving us the opportunity to meet your gardening needs! We’ve been serving Westside, South Bay, Los Angeles, and Valley gardeners since 1977 and appreciate your business and visits. We are gardening experts and are pleased to offer a delivery service if you are unable to get your plants and materials home with you. Ask any of our staff members for assistance. They can point you in the right direction.

Edible Gardens: Get Your Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit, Citrus Now!

An edible garden is like all gardens–it can be as small as one plant and as large as you’d like to make it! Here at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, we take great pride in offering a selection of vegetables and herbs that changes daily as we receive new deliveries from our growers.


(Below) Our redwood raised wooden beds are such a huge hit with gardeners, we can hardly keep them in stock! These are top quality yet our customers confirm that pricing on them is very reasonable!

mdrgc6-22-14oldercam 027

(Above) Our raised vegetable beds come in four sizes: 2’feet by 4-feet with a choice of 12-inch or 18-inch depths, and 4-feet by 4-feet with a choice of 12-inch or 18-inch depths. The ones shown above are 4-feet by 4-feet.

(Below) How about some spearmint in a cold beverage this summer! Mints add wonderful flavor to drinks and sauces so why not grow your own?! Some of us even grow mint just for its wonderful fragrance! Lightly rub a leaf and voila!


Our herb selection is vast and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to ask one of our Garden Design experts for assistance.

(Below) White Sage


Our edible selection includes Blueberry bushes (below), Raspberry bushes and fruit trees. In the last few years, Southern California gardeners have discovered they can grow blueberries here, even in our coastal climate and inland!

(Below) Rich in antioxidants, Blueberries can be grown in the ground or containers, making them a versatile healthy choice!


(Below) Loaded with Vitamin C, Citrus also packs a powerful healthy punch! We have a good selection of Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit, and more! Citrus is another plant that can be grown in containers. Lots of our customers plant them in containers for use on a patio, balcony or deck. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel and CJ for assistance with selecting the proper soil. They can also show you our lightweight containers!


(Below) Artichokes



(Below) Grow a lettuce wall! Consult our Garden Design Experts on the many ways you can have a garden and grow something fresh and healthy to eat!


(Below) When you see one of these plant towers, feel free to select plants from it! We get so many vegetables and herbs, we don’t always have room for them in our display areas.


(Below) Make your own fresh salads with lettuce from your own garden! We have all sorts of lettuces and tomatoes, so get planting and enjoy the bounty and taste of homegrown!




(Below) Tomatillos add nice flavor to a recipe or salsa!


(Far right, below) When you need a support for your tomato plants, snag some from our colorful selection of durable, long-lasting metal tomato cages. Ask us for any assistance you need.


(Below) A customer has loaded up their cart with a few favorite things: a lightweight container (these are great for areas where weight is a concern), herbs and veggies, Dr. Earth, and Worm Gold Plus. Happy Planting!


(Below) Juice your life up with fresh citrus from your own garden! 


(Below) Stop in and have fun browsing our herb and vegetable selection. You’re sure to find inspiration!


(Below) Basil is a flavorful herb you can easily grow in your garden. Tomatoes and basil make a great combination and taste absolutely scrumptious when combined with Mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil!


(Below) Fennel


(Below) A closer look at one of our popular lightweight containers that looks like it’s made of a gorgeous stone. These lightweight containers come in several styles and looks but hurry in for the best selection. They sell quickly!


(Below) Lavender


(Below) “Lemon Fizz” Scented Geramiums


(Below) Lemon Basil


(Below) There’s no “thyme” like the present for planting some of these aromatic herbs! We have a large selection of Thyme, many of which are well-suited for use as ground covers in a drought-tolerant yard!


Be sure to stop in to see all of the many incredible plants available now! Our 2+ acres gives us all the room we need to be fully stocked for spring and summer!

Spring Gardening: California Natives, Salvias, Perennials, Icee Blue Podocarpus, Bougainvillea, Night Blooming Jasmine, Arabian Lilac, and More!

This time of year, when the garden center is flush with all sorts of new plants (shrubs, vines, hedge plants, California Natives, perennials, salvias, roses, trees, shade plants, succulents, cacti, bromeliads, tillandsias, Australian Natives, herbs, vegetables, blueberries, raspberries, tomatoes, South African Natives, lettuces, artichokes, citrus, lemons, limes, kumquats, apple trees, and much more) be sure to take in all of what we have by walking through our plant, fountain, and container sections.

(Below) A gorgeous Bougainvillea on a trellis. Perfect for a patio, pool area or privacy.


Yes, we’re on 2+ acres and we’re sure to have what you’re in search of–that special groundcover, jasmine on a trellis, the in-demand and hard-to-find Icee Blue Podocarpus, a Safari Sunset Leucadendron, Sea Sprite Grevillea, Australian Mint, Pride of Madeira, Cistus (aka Rock Rose), Indian Hawthorne, Purple Hopseed, Boxwoods, Milkweed and more.


(Above) There are many varieties of Leucadendron that will add just the right visual appeal to your garden or landscape. In this photo, you’re seeing Safari Sunset Conebush, Rising Sun Leucadendron, Little Bit Leucadendron, Summer Red Leucadendron, Chief Leucadendron, Ceres 2 Leucadendron, Silvan Red Leucadendron, Ebony Conebush, Red Gem Leucadendron, Yellow Conebush, Winter Red Leucadendron, and Sunshine Conebush.


Native to South Africa, which has a climate like ours (making these plants easy to grow here with other drought-tolerant plants), Leucadendron tend to be shrubs, although some grow with a creeping habit. Leaves tend to be needle-like, spirally arranged, and simple, and change hue depending on the season, keeping your garden alive with different colors and textures year-round.

The plant’s seed heads are woody cone-like structures, hence their common name, conebush. If Leucadendron look like Protea, that’s because the two are related.


Leucadenrons are considered a bold, exotic, biggest-bang-for-your-buck drought-loving shrub. Ask one of our garden design experts, Miguel, Steve and CJ for assistance in selecting the best Leucadendrons for your garden conditions.

Icee Blue Yellow-Wood (Podocarpus)


At the back of our garden center is where you’ll find plants suitable for use as trees and hedges. When you want privacy on your balcony, along your property border, a fence or wall, or on a deck or patio, we have a wealth of plant material.

In high demand and limited supply, Icee Blue Podocarpus is one tree/shrub whose beauty is beyond compare. It is the first Podocarpus with distinctive blue foliage. New growth is lime-gray-blue maturing to a cool gray-blue-green.



Stop and Smell the Roses


 (Above and below) Aromatherapy Rose has a beautiful scent. You’ll want to plant this winner (It’s great as a cut flower, too!) somewhere in your garden.


(Below) Going to Disneyland anytime soon?! This stunning rose captures the Disney spirit so you can enjoy it at home!


(Below) Come on in and stop and smell our roses! We have hybrids, floribundas, grandi floras, climbers, creepers, and groundcovers. And we can place special orders.


Garden Benches

Placed thoughtfully throughout a garden, benches give all a chance to sit and admire nature’s handiwork. We’re just received a shipment of durable, sturdy benches with inlaid tile motif patterns. These charming benches are attractively priced too; You’ll be surprised and pleased with their low price tag!



We can help you load these in your vehicle and we offer a great delivery service.




How about one of these benches poolside?



Blueberries Anyone?!


(Above) It’s time to get your blueberry bushes! Ours are loading up with fruit so hurry in for the best selection. Blueberry bushes can be grown in the ground or in containers. Ask one of our garden design experts for help selecting the proper soil.

(Below) Our Garden Design Expert Steve assists a customer.


(Below) We’re sure to have the plants you want. Ask for assistance if you don’t see what you’re after. Plants, such as the popular Milkweed, can be found in different sections of the garden center.


 (Below) Indian Hawthorn is a great hedge plant that’s in bloom now! You’ve probably seen it in your neighborhood or at shopping centers.



(Below) Yellow African Iris


(Below) You’ll have year-round color with the gorgeous Arabian Lilac. Olive green above and dusky purple below, it’s leaf is a visual delight! Arabian Lilac can be grown in full or partial sun, and can be a focal point in the garden, used in the background in a flowering border, or planted as a hedge.


(Above) Arabian Lilac is native to parts of Australia, Asia and the Pacific Islands where summers are warm. It also makes an excellent potted plant.



(Above) A small selection of our containers.


(Above) Asian ceramic containers make a stylish statement. Ask us to help you select plants with similar watering requirements so that your container of mixed plants can thrive.

17127824731_7b55882cc5_k(Below) We have a huge selection of pre-planted succulent arrangements. Stroll the entire garden center and you’ll also find many more plants suitable for containers, including Lavenders and Salvias.



(Above) Delphiniums are in! This gardener is walking through our shade plant area with a Podocarpus on a trellis to his right and hanging fuchsia and Mandevilla flower baskets to his left extending from the supports of our shade cloth area. Some of the shade plants to his left are Begonias (flowering pink) as well as examples of the unusual foliage shade plants can bring to the garden.


(Above) Our Operations and Delivery Expert Victor wheels eight Camellias toward the sold section so he can load our Delivery Truck. Behind him is our stunning new Living Plant Wall. Stop in to see and feel it, and ask us how you have one that large or smaller.

(Below) Our Zen Frog is quite content in his drought-tolerant garden. Seen with him are Lantana and Cat Mint. If you haven’t taken any Cat Mint home for your feline, we highly recommend it. Cats love Cat Mint (at least my cat did).


(Below) Scaevola is another distinctive looking ground cover type plant with a low mounding growth habit. It is waterwise. A customer in Hollywood Riviera recently planted quite a bit of Scaevola in the new drought-tolerant front yard garden she created to replace the grass lawn she previously had.


(Below) We have Ornamental Grasses in small containers and larger ones, too.


(Below) Blue-Eyed Grass


(Below) We stock a diverse selection of groundcovers.


(Below) This plant will flower throughout the summer; just deadhead the blooms when they’re through.


(Below) Coreopsis is another long-lasting bloomer that handles heat and is drought-tolerant.


(Below) A Gazania flower.


(Below) A one-gallon Lily of the Nile in bloom.


(Below) We make a point to stock a selection of bedding plants that are waterwise.


(Below) Did you know Nasturtium flowers (in orange and yellow here) can be eaten? Serve them on top of a salad and impress your guests!


(Below) An up-close look at more bedding plants.




Whenever you’re ready to begin a new garden project, plant an herb or vegetable garden, grow some fruit (citrus, blueberries, strawberries, apples), plant a hedge or insert some new plants into your garden, we’re here and ready to serve you.

Our knowledgeable garden design experts are happy to provide any guidance you need. And, remember, we deliver in case you don’t have room for your new plants, benches, garden statuary, or fountains in your vehicle.

See you soon at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, where everything’s sunny and coming up roses! 

Gardening With Water-Conserving California Natives and Plants With Similar Requirements

The key to success in any garden is selecting plants that will do well when planted near one another. You can have a gorgeous, water-wise garden year-round by planting with California Native Plants, South African Natives, Australian Natives and other perennials that have similar water and soil requirements.

(Below) Cistus, aka Rock Rose, with its stunning flowers, is a durable, hardy plant from the Mediterranean that does well in low-water gardens.


Perhaps you’ve been hiking recently (locally in the Santa Monica Mountains and on the Palos Verdes Peninsula) and seen the many visual delights you find on nature trails, among them the countless California Native Plants and Wildflowers whose blossoms blend with scrub brush foliage in a pleasing palette of colors.

You can bring the beauty of California to your garden with California Native Plants and our garden design experts, Miguel, Steve, and CJ are ready to help. We have the best California Natives in stock now.

(Below) A garden of California Natives


Long appreciated for their stunning colors and low water use, California Native Plants play an integral part in the cycle of life. They attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and beneficial insects that actually, according to research, prefer native plants. And native insects and birds will help keep your landscape free of mosquitoes and plant-eating bugs.

(Below) A hummingbird dips into Manzanita, a California Native, for a bit to eat.


(Below) Manzanita, which features a gorgeous bark and white or pink flowers, provides food and a place for nesting for many birds, including hummingbirds. It is an attractive tree/shrub with visual appeal year-round.






Another California Native stalwart is Ceanothus, commonly known as the California Lilac. There are several varieties, each with its own growth habit and dazzling flowers.

(Below) Yankee Point Ceanothus is a low-growing mounding type of California Native Plant.



Yankee Point Ceanothus is fast-growing and durable and reaches 2 to 3 feet tall, spreading 8 to 12 or more feet wide. Its long, glossy, dark green leaves and bright blue flower clusters provide brilliant color. It is especially effective as a large-scale groundcover where salt-laden ocean spray is a factor yet despite its coastal origins, Yankee Point will grow inland with no watering once established when sited in partial shade.


(Below) Margarita Bop Penstemon is another much-loved California Native. It’s electric flower stands out anywhere it is planted and it does well in bedding gardens, borders, and similar spaces.




(Above) As you can see, crafting a landscape that uses less water than lawns and many other plants do, can be a work of art. California Native Plants can be used exclusively or partnered with native plants from other regions as well as plants that have similar water requirements.

(Below) Artemisia is another prized California Native. Its foliage is unique and helps create contrast in the garden.



(Below) Cleveland Sage is another great California Native! It is a perennial shrub that grows 4 ft. tall and wide, offering fragrant gray foliage and blue flowers between May and August. It needs full sun, making it great for use in water-wise gardens, and a prime candidate for use in a front yard landscape that replaces a lawn.


(Below) Other California Natives gardeners (and wildlife) love include Salvia Apiana, known as White Sage or Bee Sage. This salvia is an evergreen that is native to Southern California and commonly found in coastal sage scrub and chaparral. The soft, gray-white leaves clothe the herbaceous stems, which are erect from the wooden base. A standout feature is its white flowers that fade to pale pink flowers in the spring and summer. White Sage contains aromatic oils and resins, popular for use as incense, and Native Americans and others use the dried or fresh leaves for ceremonial purposes, teas and shampoos.



We have many California Native Plants in stock now, so stop in to consult one of our garden design experts. They can help you plant your sustainable water-wise California Native garden.

And, be sure to ask what other “Native Plants” you can use in your landscape. South African and Australian Native Plants partner well with California Natives.

margaritabopnativefront yard

Our garden design experts can make sure you’re using plants with similar water requirements so your garden flourishes.

Grow Outdoor Design After Image with Succulents and Rock Wall Dry Garden, Gardenista

(Below) The California Native Plant Fremontodendron


California Native Plant Week begins Saturday, April 11 and lasts through Sunday, April 19 so celebrate by adding some natives to your garden!