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Gardening With Water-Conserving California Natives and Plants With Similar Requirements

The key to success in any garden is selecting plants that will do well when planted near one another. You can have a gorgeous, water-wise garden year-round by planting with California Native Plants, South African Natives, Australian Natives and other perennials that have similar water and soil requirements.

(Below) Cistus, aka Rock Rose, with its stunning flowers, is a durable, hardy plant from the Mediterranean that does well in low-water gardens.


Perhaps you’ve been hiking recently (locally in the Santa Monica Mountains and on the Palos Verdes Peninsula) and seen the many visual delights you find on nature trails, among them the countless California Native Plants and Wildflowers whose blossoms blend with scrub brush foliage in a pleasing palette of colors.

You can bring the beauty of California to your garden with California Native Plants and our garden design experts, Miguel, Steve, and CJ are ready to help. We have the best California Natives in stock now.

(Below) A garden of California Natives


Long appreciated for their stunning colors and low water use, California Native Plants play an integral part in the cycle of life. They attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and beneficial insects that actually, according to research, prefer native plants. And native insects and birds will help keep your landscape free of mosquitoes and plant-eating bugs.

(Below) A hummingbird dips into Manzanita, a California Native, for a bit to eat.


(Below) Manzanita, which features a gorgeous bark and white or pink flowers, provides food and a place for nesting for many birds, including hummingbirds. It is an attractive tree/shrub with visual appeal year-round.






Another California Native stalwart is Ceanothus, commonly known as the California Lilac. There are several varieties, each with its own growth habit and dazzling flowers.

(Below) Yankee Point Ceanothus is a low-growing mounding type of California Native Plant.



Yankee Point Ceanothus is fast-growing and durable and reaches 2 to 3 feet tall, spreading 8 to 12 or more feet wide. Its long, glossy, dark green leaves and bright blue flower clusters provide brilliant color. It is especially effective as a large-scale groundcover where salt-laden ocean spray is a factor yet despite its coastal origins, Yankee Point will grow inland with no watering once established when sited in partial shade.


(Below) Margarita Bop Penstemon is another much-loved California Native. It’s electric flower stands out anywhere it is planted and it does well in bedding gardens, borders, and similar spaces.




(Above) As you can see, crafting a landscape that uses less water than lawns and many other plants do, can be a work of art. California Native Plants can be used exclusively or partnered with native plants from other regions as well as plants that have similar water requirements.

(Below) Artemisia is another prized California Native. Its foliage is unique and helps create contrast in the garden.



(Below) Cleveland Sage is another great California Native! It is a perennial shrub that grows 4 ft. tall and wide, offering fragrant gray foliage and blue flowers between May and August. It needs full sun, making it great for use in water-wise gardens, and a prime candidate for use in a front yard landscape that replaces a lawn.


(Below) Other California Natives gardeners (and wildlife) love include Salvia Apiana, known as White Sage or Bee Sage. This salvia is an evergreen that is native to Southern California and commonly found in coastal sage scrub and chaparral. The soft, gray-white leaves clothe the herbaceous stems, which are erect from the wooden base. A standout feature is its white flowers that fade to pale pink flowers in the spring and summer. White Sage contains aromatic oils and resins, popular for use as incense, and Native Americans and others use the dried or fresh leaves for ceremonial purposes, teas and shampoos.



We have many California Native Plants in stock now, so stop in to consult one of our garden design experts. They can help you plant your sustainable water-wise California Native garden.

And, be sure to ask what other “Native Plants” you can use in your landscape. South African and Australian Native Plants partner well with California Natives.

margaritabopnativefront yard

Our garden design experts can make sure you’re using plants with similar water requirements so your garden flourishes.

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(Below) The California Native Plant Fremontodendron


California Native Plant Week begins Saturday, April 11 and lasts through Sunday, April 19 so celebrate by adding some natives to your garden!