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Edible Gardens: Get Your Vegetables, Herbs, Fruit, Citrus Now!

An edible garden is like all gardens–it can be as small as one plant and as large as you’d like to make it! Here at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, we take great pride in offering a selection of vegetables and herbs that changes daily as we receive new deliveries from our growers.


(Below) Our redwood raised wooden beds are such a huge hit with gardeners, we can hardly keep them in stock! These are top quality yet our customers confirm that pricing on them is very reasonable!

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(Above) Our raised vegetable beds come in four sizes: 2’feet by 4-feet with a choice of 12-inch or 18-inch depths, and 4-feet by 4-feet with a choice of 12-inch or 18-inch depths. The ones shown above are 4-feet by 4-feet.

(Below) How about some spearmint in a cold beverage this summer! Mints add wonderful flavor to drinks and sauces so why not grow your own?! Some of us even grow mint just for its wonderful fragrance! Lightly rub a leaf and voila!


Our herb selection is vast and if you don’t see what you’re looking for, be sure to ask one of our Garden Design experts for assistance.

(Below) White Sage


Our edible selection includes Blueberry bushes (below), Raspberry bushes and fruit trees. In the last few years, Southern California gardeners have discovered they can grow blueberries here, even in our coastal climate and inland!

(Below) Rich in antioxidants, Blueberries can be grown in the ground or containers, making them a versatile healthy choice!


(Below) Loaded with Vitamin C, Citrus also packs a powerful healthy punch! We have a good selection of Oranges, Lemons, Limes, Grapefruit, and more! Citrus is another plant that can be grown in containers. Lots of our customers plant them in containers for use on a patio, balcony or deck. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel and CJ for assistance with selecting the proper soil. They can also show you our lightweight containers!


(Below) Artichokes



(Below) Grow a lettuce wall! Consult our Garden Design Experts on the many ways you can have a garden and grow something fresh and healthy to eat!


(Below) When you see one of these plant towers, feel free to select plants from it! We get so many vegetables and herbs, we don’t always have room for them in our display areas.


(Below) Make your own fresh salads with lettuce from your own garden! We have all sorts of lettuces and tomatoes, so get planting and enjoy the bounty and taste of homegrown!




(Below) Tomatillos add nice flavor to a recipe or salsa!


(Far right, below) When you need a support for your tomato plants, snag some from our colorful selection of durable, long-lasting metal tomato cages. Ask us for any assistance you need.


(Below) A customer has loaded up their cart with a few favorite things: a lightweight container (these are great for areas where weight is a concern), herbs and veggies, Dr. Earth, and Worm Gold Plus. Happy Planting!


(Below) Juice your life up with fresh citrus from your own garden! 


(Below) Stop in and have fun browsing our herb and vegetable selection. You’re sure to find inspiration!


(Below) Basil is a flavorful herb you can easily grow in your garden. Tomatoes and basil make a great combination and taste absolutely scrumptious when combined with Mozzarella and a drizzle of olive oil!


(Below) Fennel


(Below) A closer look at one of our popular lightweight containers that looks like it’s made of a gorgeous stone. These lightweight containers come in several styles and looks but hurry in for the best selection. They sell quickly!


(Below) Lavender


(Below) “Lemon Fizz” Scented Geramiums


(Below) Lemon Basil


(Below) There’s no “thyme” like the present for planting some of these aromatic herbs! We have a large selection of Thyme, many of which are well-suited for use as ground covers in a drought-tolerant yard!


Be sure to stop in to see all of the many incredible plants available now! Our 2+ acres gives us all the room we need to be fully stocked for spring and summer!