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Enjoy Outdoor Living Even More With A New Fountain (Fountains Are Perfect Indoors, Too!)

As August gets closer and summer is in full swing, why not add a fountain to your garden or home? Fountains can increase curb appeal, home value, reduce noise pollution (due to the sound of the water muting outside noise), and improve air quality.

We carry an expansive selection of in-stock indoor and outdoor fountains from the best manufacturers in the industry. Whether you’re looking for a small tabletop fountain to use indoors or one for use outside, we’re sure to have what you want.

(Below) The Borghese in a basin.


All of our fountains are water-efficient, meaning they recirculate the small amount of water they require. Our self-contained fountains only need an electrical outlet. Plug your fountain in, and you’re good to go!


(Above) The Anfora fountain is not only an attractive design element, it’s gracious design gently spills water into the basin below.

(Below) The Pillar fountain blends classic with contemporary, with water flowing from a lion’s head into a gorgeous bowl. 


(Below) The Austin fountain captures the essence of the beauty and inspiration a fountain can bring to a garden.



(Below) This Ball and Bowl fountain epitomizes much of the beauty of today’s modern fountains. Its sleek design and curves and lines make it an art piece unto itself.


(Below) The Ripple Vase fountain is aptly named. Its unusual design creates a unique look.


(Below) Small fountains perfectly fill small spaces. Set this Small Oblique fountain on your deck, patio or home to perk up your living space.


(Below) This contemporary design partners a planter with a fountain, in one design! The Tri Level Jug Fountain with Planter will make a great impression in your home and garden.


(Below) Classic styling makes the Beaufort fountain a keeper.


(Below) The Bjorn fountain adds a distinctive look–anywhere it is placed in the home or garden.


Different designs evoke the places and cultures we love. (Below) The Andalusia fountain perfectly captures the spirit of this region of Spain.


There are many fountain designs to choose from. The Solaris fountain (below) is a fairly compact fountain that can be positioned against a wall or as a standalone feature as seen below.


(Below) The regal Manhattan fountain.


(Below) The Rochefort fountain has a timeless style.


(Below) Contemporary styling is the hallmark of the Escala fountain.


(Below) The charm of the South comes alive with the Charleston fountain.


(Below) Bring the look and feel of autumn leaves to your garden with the Autumn Leaves fountain.



Benches bring us closer to nature. Set an inviting stage where you and your loved ones and guests will want to take a quiet repose to enjoy whatever nature brings.

(Below) Enjoy the view from the attractive Avalon bench.


(Below) Take a seat on the Vienna bench, an architectural masterpiece.


(Below) Let the good times flow with the Vaci bench.



(Above) The Canal bench provides ample seating in a riveting design.

(Below) The Geneva bench is another intriguing design.



More Benches!














Plumeria, Bougainvillea, Fruiting Olive Trees, USDA Certified Organic Vegetables, Fountains

If you’re looking for plants that speak “Summer,” loudly, you’ll want to check out our top-quality Plumeria and Bougainvillea. Both of these summer stunners are in stock and will add “wow” to your home and garden living.

(Below) Plumeria offers a vibrant flower. This highly prized plant is available in one-gallon containers on up to 24-inch boxed specimens.


(Below) Our Plumeria selection includes this large tree. Wouldn’t you love to have this in your landscape?!


(Below) We’ve also received a delivery of Bougainvillea, another summer stunner. We have Bougainvillea on trellises, tree-shaped, vines, shrubs, and creepers. Stop in and ask one of our Garden Design Experts, Miguel, Steve and CJ, to show you all of these lovely specimens. They can help you select the perfect plant!


(Below) Three Bougainvillea on trellises… Use one or group them together to create instant privacy on a balcony, deck, patio, or outside a window.


(Below) A tree-shaped Bougainvillea


(Below) The beauty of a Bougainvillea.


(Below) Yellow Plumeria


(Below) Plumeria offer an incomparable profusion of color!


(Below) Bougainvillea on trellises immediately offer a large expanse of coverage, which is wonderful, especially if you’re looking to gain some privacy.


(Below) When you’re looking for hedge material, we’re the place to shop. Year-round we have a large selection of Privets, Purple Hopseed, Pittosporum, Cypress, Junipers, Boxwoods and many other plants suitable for use as hedges.

Icee Blue Podocarpus (below) is a hard-to-find tree that adds beauty to the garden/landscape and is great as a hedge.




There’s nothing quite like the beauty and sound a fountain brings to the garden. We have a world of choices in indoor and outdoor fountains and offer a delivery service.


(Below) Add a gorgeous fountain as a focal point to your garden, entrance, patio or landscape.


(Below) We also carry a selection of garden benches. Here is one of the latest additions to our line-up.


(Below) Our fountains range from traditional to classic to modern to contemporary–all are breathtaking and bring the soothing sound of flowing water alive in the garden.




(Below) We’re proud to carry USDA certified organic edibles. Stop in to discover the wonderful world of organic gardening! Nothing tastes as delicious as homegrown.

We also have NonGMO plants, including Stevia, and a huge selection of herbs and vegetables that arrive daily!




World’s First Dwarf (Pixie) Grapes!

(Below) These little gems grow to 18- to 24-inches, making them great for small spaces. They will yield fruit their first year so stop in to get yours today!


Also, our 2016 Botanical Interests seeds are here! Stop in to select yours!

(Below) And, thanks to your requests, we have Fruiting Olive Trees in stock.



World’s First Dwarf Grapes, Summer Perennials, Drought-Tolerant Natives, Fruiting Olive Trees, NonGMO Vegetables & Herbs, Butterfly Friendly Plants, Succulents

With summer in full swing, there are many plants you’re probably noticing now as you drive around. Purple Statice (below) is one of the plants that enjoys the full sun and heat of summer. Better yet, it’s drought-tolerant and makes an excellent cut flower.


Next time you visit us, make a point to check out our new Butterfly Friendly Plants section. Summer is a great time to plant a butterfly garden as the plants that attract butterflies are typically drought-tolerant and quite often will attract birds, bees, and hummingbirds, too. Our Garden Design Experts Steve, CJ, and Miguel can help you find plants that will do well in your garden conditions.



(Below) Buddleia, commonly known as Butterfly Bush, offers dazzling color for us and food for butterflies.



World’s First Dwarf Grape Is Here!

Pixie, the world’s first dwarf grapes are here, and we have them in several delicious varieties! Now you no longer need a lot of space to have homegrown grapes!

These gems mature at 18-24 inches tall and can be grown in small spaces, in the ground or in containers.



Summer Color!

(Below) Another summertime favorite, the Dahlia makes a stunning statement with its gorgeous large flowers. Native to Mexico, this plant is related to other drought-tolerant plants–the sunflower, daisy, chrysanthemum, and zinnia. Great news: Dahlias can be grown in containers, so get some summer color going in your outdoor living areas!


(Below) Duranta is known for its profuse summer flowers and ornamental fruit. While the berries are not for humans, birds love them. Duranta makes a great border and comes in tree and shrub shapes, from small to large. Our stock includes Duranta on trellises, a great way to create an instant privacy shield.

When you visit the garden center, be sure to wander our entire plant section to see everything we have in stock. If you don’t see what you’re looking for ask one of our Garden Design Experts, Miguel, CJ, or Steve, for assistance.


(Below) There are lots of ways to get color in the garden! Stop in to see all of our new plants.


Save Water: Mulch!


Just a three-inch layer of mulch can reduce your water usage by up to 30%. Our mulches are organic and we have a variety to choose from. Black Forest is a long-time favorite and Micro Bark is decorative and offers the wonderful aroma of the fir tree. Mulch should be used in garden beds and on lawns to reduce their need for water and keep them looking good, even while using less water!

(Below) Another way to use less water in the garden is to plant drought-tolerant specimens, and we have a huge selection of these water-wise plants.


(Above) Parts of the world that have climates similar to ours are your best bet for drought-tolerant plants that will do well here, and we specialize in finding and stocking these great plants! Stop in to see our Native Plant sections, grouped by country or state of origin: Australia, California, South Africa.

(Below) Now that wine producers are keeping their wine barrels and not releasing them for use in container gardening, we have a great alternative: the 24-inch redwood box. Sturdy and attractive, these containers cost even less than wine barrels so come on in and grab a few!




(Below) We carry a large inventory of Succulents so you can get planting with these popular, water-wise plants! And if you’re looking for custom pre-planted succulent containers, we have lots of those, too!



Indoor Living


(Above) This beautiful tabletop fountain is located inside our store, where you’ll find other small fountains perfect for use indoors. With a low splash and great look, one of these designs is sure to be just right for your living space.

(Below) We also have Fountain Kits so that you can create your own fountain using the container of your choice.



Edible Gardening!


We have a large selection of NonGMO vegetables and herbs so stop in to find the one you want!


Our team of nursery professionals are always ready to provide their expertise so ask us for help when you need it. We can help you

  • plant a new water-wise garden using drought-tolerant plants
  • plant a succulent garden
  • plant a Butterfly Friendly Garden
  • use native plants for diversity and water conservation
  • learn about the benefits of mulch and its water-saving power
  • select plants to create privacy
  • select Ornamental Grasses
  • plant the world’s first dwarf grapes
  • plant in containers
  • use the best soil for your situation & needs
  • plant an edible garden
  • grow tomatoes
  • plant a NonGMO herb and vegetable garden.



Feed Nature With Milkweed, Echinacea, Flowers, and Plants for Bees, Butterflies, Birds

Statistics show we’re making substantial progress in reducing our water usage. Learn how you can be waterwise AND have a great summer garden. We have drought-tolerant plants, succulents, and plants the birds, bees, hummingbirds, and Monarch Butterflies need to keep our circle of life going.

(Below) A Monarch Butterfly feeds off a Milkweed plant.


(Below) Ladybugs are an essential part of natural bug prevention. We sell living ladybugs so you can release them in your garden to keep unwanted pests, like aphids, away!


(Below) Foliage can turn your garden into year-round gorgeousness. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts, Miguel, Steve and CJ, for assistance. They can help you plant a drought-tolerant garden with year-round color and intrigue. Visit today to learn how the South African Native Plant Leucadendron can make your garden beautiful!


(Below) The beauty of Leucadendron


(Below) A bee does its thing on Echinacea.



Summer Color in the Garden!


Stop in to see all of the brilliant color you can put in your garden this summer!


Pot up some bedding plants or add them to a garden bed for vibrant summer color! Our Garden Design Experts can help you select the right potting soil or the best soil amendments and mulch so your garden or container planting needs very little water, and yet you have summer color to enjoy!

(Above and below) We stock drought-tolerant bedding plants.





Create the look you want and have a drought-tolerant garden with perennials! Our inventory of California Native Plants, Australian Native Plants, South African Native Plants, Salvias, Ornamental Grasses, and drought-tolerant plants is extensive so stop in to discover all the options you have available!