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Mexican Petunias, Buddha, Plumeria, Folk Art, Lavender, Salvias, Butterflies, Drought-Tolerant Plants, Cape Honeysuckle, Lantana, Butterfly Friendly Plants, Fountains, Containers, Citrus and Much More

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Summer into fall is one of the most beautiful times of year, especially here in Southern California. While the passing of seasons may not be as pronounced, we enjoy feeling slight shifts in weather and colors in the garden.

(Below) Mexican Petunia sports a vivacious fluorescent flower on a long vivid stem. This evergreen perennial’s strong semi-woody stalks are distinctly vertical and hold attractive dark green leaves.


(Below) Garden statuary and fountains bring peace and tranquility to the home and garden. We have an impressive selection of statuary, ranging from Buddha to Kuan Yin to gnomes to turtles to Friars to the find you’re looking to discover.


(Above and below) Sweet Pea Shrubs, Australian Tea Trees, Milkweed, Salvias, and Lavenders will look wonderful well into fall. Stop in to see what’s in bloom at the garden center now!


(Below) Add a huge “Wow” and the sweet fragrance of Plumeria to your garden in a big way with our 24-inch super size jumbo specimens!

photo 3-3

(Below) A butterfly finds food from a Hot Lips Salvia. Be sure to visit our Butterfly Friendly Plants section. It’s near our Native Plant displays: South African Natives, Australian Natives, and California Natives.


(Below) We specialize in drought-tolerant plants. Stop in to see all of the dynamic ways you can combine Native Plants from a variety of countries to put color and beauty in your world year-round. Our Garden Design Experts, Steve, CJ, and Miguel are ready to help.


(Below) The gorgeous Cape Honeysuckle comes in vine and shrub forms, and is a lovely addition to any garden!


(Below) Butterflies love Lantana! Can you see why? This stunning heat-tolerant plant is a winner!


Gorgeous Fountains For Your Home & Garden!

Our in-stock fountain inventory is huge so you’re sure to find a fountain you will love in your home or garden.


photo 1-3

Instant Color!

photo 4-3

(Above) Sun-loving plants in hanging baskets will give you immediate color in your landscape.


Folk Art, Patio Furniture, and Containers!

(Below) Here’s some really fun handcrafted metal folk art! Stop in today to get some for you home, office or garden!



(Above) We have beautiful table and bench sets for outdoor entertaining and a wealth of containers so you can position plants right where you want them to create a nice entertainment area–one where you’ll want to relax, share good times, and return time and again!

(Below) Ask Miguel, Steve, or CJ, our Garden Design Experts, for help deciding which plants to plant in containers. They can tell you the plants that will do well in containers, and advise you on container size and proper soils.


(Below) More table and bench sets, a seashell-shaped metal bench, outdoor shower pre-plumbed and made from a repurposed surfboard, and containers–We have it all!


(Below) This gentleman was gathering plants for a same-day wedding on the USS Iowa in San Pedro. Looks like he was doing fine!


(Below) Foliage can turn any area into “beautiful” and “stunning.”


(Below) Variegated foliage helps brighten up those shady spots in the garden.

photo 2-3

(Below) Pink Flamingos never go out of style!



flamingodriftwood copy(Above) This Pink Flamingo is enjoying some time in our driftwood. We have a huge variety of driftwood in a multitude of shapes and sizes for sale so you can add intrigue to your outdoor area.

(Below) Now is a good time to still find beautiful Roses for your garden.


(Below) Fall calls for having this Electric Star Grass Tree in your landscape! 


(Below) Palms from Monrovia will add a great touch to any living environment and garden.


(Below) Our container selection goes well beyond the norm.


(Below) Stop in to see our wonderful world and how you can bring lots of it home with you, to your place!



Gorgeous Summer and Fall Color in the Garden

As our summer days wind down and there’s a feel of fall in the air, being outdoors and enjoying our natural bounty is a wonderful way to relax and bask in the sun, the sea, the flowers, the birds, the bees.

(Below) A Monarch butterfly finds sustenance on a Buddleia at the garden center. We have a beautiful selection of Buddleia right now. These graceful plants attract butterflies.


(Below) You’ll find a wide selection of plants at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. From waterwise Geraniums (in the hanging basket) to Succulents in bloom, we have everything you need for your landscape and home.


(Below) Our sturdy inlaid tile table and bench sets are not only beautiful to behold, they’ll last for years of enjoyment, even outside.

We’ve also recently received several shipments of new containers so stop in to find those one-of-a-kind pots you’re used to discovering at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.


(Below) Vines and shrubs already on trellises are a great way to gain an instant privacy hedge on a balcony, deck, patio, or outside a window. Isn’t this vine lovely with its cascading flowers?



(Below) Stop in to simply stroll the garden center when you need a break or inspiration. You can see the hummingbirds at play, watch butterflies, and grace yourself with natural beauty.


(Below) Salvias exude brilliant color and bring the hummingbirds, bees, and butterflies! Better still, as native plants, Salvias are drought-tolerant so plant your garden profusely in them!


(Below) Hibiscus is a stunning plant!


Salvias can be planted in ground or in containers, so stop in to turn your garden or patio into a yummy place for hummingbirds, butterflies, and bees.


 (Below) Another beautiful flower.


(Below) Now’s the time to wrap yourself and your home and garden in Plumeria! This amazingly gorgeous plant produces scintillating flowers year after year. Why wouldn’t you want it?!


(Below) If you’re looking for Roses, we have a bounteous collection. Stop in today to see, smell, and appreciate roses!


(Below) Create a wonderful shade area full of greenery and the soothing sound of flowing water from a fountain. Our Garden Design Experts can help you.



Milkweed for Monarchs!

(Below) The Garden Center is awash in Milkweed the Monarchs love, and you’ll see it and them all around the GC.


(Below) Graceful Japanese Maples frame beautiful pots and a frog fountain along with Begonias. Create something magical and mystical at your home.


(Below) Plant a Privet, Juniper, Cypress, Podocarpus, Olive Tree, Pittosporum, Purple Hopseed, or Citrus in a large container and have elegant fun! We have tons of beautiful containers to select from in addition to the healthiest and best plants around!


(Below) A customer selected this amazing indoor plant for her home and added our amazing Organic Potting Soil to her order. We are here to help you.


(Below) Aren’t these redwood boxes beautiful?! We have them for you!


(Below) It’s Leucadendron time! Learn all about this amazing South African waterwise native plant that can be planted in ground or in a container.


(Below) Another variety of Leucadendron demonstrates its beauty and versatility.


(Below) Grevillea


(Below) Pink Mellaleuca


(Below) We have a great selection of drought-tolerant California, Australian, and South African natives. Stop in today to plant your water-wise garden, and fill it up with year-round beauty and pleasure.


 We look forward to seeing you at the Marina del Rey Garden Center!

Gorgeous Drought-Tolerant Plants: Salvias, Lavender, Buddleia, Leucadendron, Plus Beautiful Pittosporums, ‘Bubble Blast’ Containers and Stylish Lightweight Containers

Bring your garden alive with color this summer and fall by planting Salvias. These stunning drought-tolerant plants offer a variety of dazzling colors and can bring year-round color to you landscape.

(Below) Hot Lips Salvia


(Below) We go to our growers as often as possible to hand select plants for our garden center. What we always find are remarkable operations that cultivate, grow and produce the best plants possible!


(Below) Ask our staff of Garden Design Experts to help you design a garden or spruce one up with added-in plants. We sell plants in one-gallon and 4-inch containers (and larger, of course!) so you can choose the sizes of plants you want in your garden.


(Above) Spanish Lavender borders Leucadendron.

(Below) The stunning foliage of a Leucadendron. These South African native plants are drought-tolerant.


(Below) Spanish Lavender


(Below) Provence Lavender



Interesting Foliage


(Above and below) You can turn your garden into a dynamic display of vibrant colors using foliage and flowers.


(Below) And we thought we carried row upon row, size after size, variety upon variety of Pittosporums! Well, we do, and our plants are the best! Plant a hedge, gain some privacy, relax in some shade. Pittosporums can be planted for all of these purposes.



Attract Butterflies To Your Garden!


(Above) Drought-tolerant Buddleias will bring butterflies to your garden.

(Below) A stunning Salvia.


(Below) Manzanita attracts hummingbirds and is known for its prized red bark.


New Containers

(Below) We’ve just received a shipment of lightweight clay fiber containers, perfect for places where weight is a concern. These stylish containers look like cast stone at a fraction of the weight.


(Above) Cylindrical containers are very popular due to their generous sizing. Plant a citrus, tree or larger plant in one of these beautiful containers and place it on your balcony, deck, or patio.


(Above and below) Plant an edible garden in a container. We have the best organic soils… and our Garden Design Experts are happy to help you select vegetables, herbs, and fruit.


(Below) These “Bubble Blast” containers are simply gorgeous! There is nothing like them out there, with their glass inlaid into terra cotta.





Stop in to discover the beauty and grace you can have in your home and garden. We’ve got everything you need. Thank you for your patronage.

Fountains, Buddha, Water Bubbles, Mallow, Bleeding Hearts, Gnomes and More!

Bring on fun for summer and let it last into fall and beyond! There are countless things you can do in the garden now to spruce it up, enjoy it, and prepare for the months ahead.

(Below) This ocean blue ceramic glazed fountain has very little splash which makes it perfect for indoor or outdoor use. Surround it with lush indoor plants or place it outside where you can enjoy it.


We have electric-powered patio lights and other fun items! Our Water Bubble fountain (on the counter) creates some magic with the lights on or off! This one comes with a remote, changes color, and has a strobe effect!


(Below) Our friendly Operations team members will happily load up your car so you can take your fun new items home! We also offer a delivery service.


(Above) We’re happy to welcome Andrew to our Operations team. He’s passionate about customer service. Next time you’re in, say “Hi” to one of our newest team members!


(Above) Introduce a statement to your home and garden with this Buddha statuary piece on a pedestal. To the right is Mallow in bloom (in profusion below).


(Above and below) Mallow is a large mounding evergreen fast-growing shrub that grows to 6-8 feet tall and 8-12 feet wide. The gray-green leaves contrast nicely with the plant’s light lavender-pink flowers which have lavender centers and lavender veins radiating from the centers. These flowers bloom year-round and the peak bloom period is early spring to late fall.

(Below) Wouldn’t you say this is exquisite?!



(Above) Our plants come fully budded up because they come from the best growers! Stop in today to experience the Marina del Rey Garden Center difference!

(Below) We love it when young gardeners find something that pleases them!


(Below) Turn an entryway, pathway, a foyer into something gracious with a fountain. Why not add some plants in containers while you’re at it?!


(Below) How about a colorful collapsible gardening bag! These are super light and handy!


(Below) Our Garden Design Experts are here to help you!


(Below) Bleeding Heart is not only stunning, it’s a great shade vine! Its variegated leaves enhance it’s scintillating red! Come see this beauty in person and find a spot for it in your yard!



(Below) Indoor fountains come in a variety of styles. Select the one you want for your indoor or outdoor living space.


(Below) Garden gnomes are always a favorite! Ours are authentic whimsical, mischievous guys!



(Below) We have the prized Steghorn Fern. These Old World tropical plants are native to Africa, northern Australia, and Southeast Asia. They look great in a hanging basket but can also be hung against a wall because all the leaves are on one side.


(Below) This Water Bubble fountain will transport you to disco days, fun times, and the here and now! Stop in to check it out!


For Your Home & Garden!


(Above and below) We have lots of fun beachy items, wall art, mirrors, lamps, signs, and much more so step inside our gift shop!


(Below) We have cymbidium orchids!



The Beautiful Olive Tree!


We have fruiting and ornamental Olive Trees so stop in today for the best selection. These revered gems grow well in containers and in the ground.



Summer Means Fun in the Garden With Plumeria, Fountains, Gazing Balls, and Beautiful Plants and Flowers

Summertime in Southern California, especially at the beach, is a time for staying cool, having fun, enjoying the sunshine, and late nights out. If we’re lucky, we get into the ocean or pool for a dip. A must is enjoying our outdoor living areas such as our gardens, decks, balconies, and patios, where we can just sit back and relax, and maybe barbecue or warm up around a fire in a chiminea.

(Below) Plumeria also are a must in summer. Nothing quite evokes the wonderful feel of the tropics like Hawaii as do Plumeria flowers, with their sweet scent and sheer unrivaled beauty.


(Above and below) Our Plumeria come from a top quality grower and are loaded with flowers and blossoms. Stop in to see all of the available sizes, from one gallon to a 24-inch boxed specimen (above).


(Above and below) Fountains are another way to bring tranquility and beauty to a home and garden. We feature a stunning selection of fountains, in all price ranges, sizes, and styles, for indoors and out.


(Below) A huge new shipment of containers from two vendors just arrived last week and are in stock now. Hurry in for the best selection, and remember to ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, or Steve for assistance. They can help you determine what size container you need for your plant and help you select plants that will fare well in containers.





New Fountain!


(Above and below) These fun new fountains come with a remote control to change the color of the lights or turn on a strobe. There are many other features, too. Stop in to see these conversation pieces firsthand.



Garden Accents, Indoor Goodies, Orchids


Our gift shop is the place to find the touches that’ll make your home and garden come alive with even more fun! From small colorful gazing balls to fun planters and our stylish gnomes, you’ll have fun finding gifts and treats for you.






Outdoor Beauty


Stop in to see all of the ways you can have beauty in your garden now. From plants to gorgeous containers to flowers in bloom, we have everything you need for a beautiful home and garden.


















We thank you for your patronage and want you to know we’re here to serve you. Ask one of our Garden design Experts Miguel, Steve or CJ anytime you need help. They’ll be glad to answer any questions you have. And, if you can’t get your new purchases home, we offer a delivery service.