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Pumpkin Patch, Fall Festival, Garden Delights!

Looking for the best Pumpkin Patch in Los Angeles?! Stop in daily from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (except for this Tuesday, Sept. 29 when we open at 12 noon) to have fun finding just the right pumpkins for carving those Jack O’ Lanterns, decorating, and baking.


(Below) We’ve assembled creatures creepy and crawley, ghoulish and spirited to welcome you to our Pumpkin Patch. Great news: You can take our fun assortment of Halloween and Fall themed items home to your place to create your own super scary Nightmare on Your Street or welcoming Fall Paradise.


Photo Opps in Our Pumpkin Patch!

We know you’ll capture some great spontaneous moments in our Pumpkin Patch so bring your kids and loved ones for some real Fall fun!

(Below) And because we know posing for photos is fun, too, we’ve set up several areas with bench seating and fall backgrounds so you can add some more great memories to your photo arsenal.


(Above) A small “leaf” bench is the perfect perch for photos!

(Below) Two benches meet to form another area for shooting photos.


(Below) What do you see in the bench below?! A seashell, a scallop, a wave?! Anyway you look at it, this photo area is another fantastic spot for posing for photos in our Pumpkin Patch!


Fun Fall and Halloween Touches!


We are always on the lookout so we can bring fun little discoveries to you! Stop in to check out this year’s Fall crop of specialty items!


(Below) But, of course… More Pumpkins!



(Below) Skeletons, ghouls, scary monsters, bats… You’ll find them at the Marina del Rey Garden Center where an invasion of all things Fall has taken place!


Here are some happy faces from Pumpkin Patches Past!







We know you’ll find fun in our Pumpkin Patch so c’mon in!

Pumpkin Patch, Fall Festival On Now; Plant Fall Colors, Edibles, Natives, and Much More!

Our Pumpkin Patch is ready (below)— all we need are the Pumpkins, which arrive Tuesday. Grab the kids and the kids at heart to venture in and find your awesome pumpkins.


We’ve designed our Pumpkin Patch for optimum photo opps, with benches for posing for pictures.


Our Pumpkin Patch features a variety of Pumpkins, some for carving, some for eating, some for Pumpkin Pie. And beware our ghouls and goblins!


(Below) Capture those once-in-a-lifetime moments as your kids delight in our Pumpkin Patch!





(Below) This year we have a fun maze for youngsters to make their way through. Hurry in and turn your kids loose!


(Below) Set the stage for fall at your home with plants in colorful containers. We have what you need to be creative!


Plants, Edibles, Succulents

(Below) Lion’s Tail


(Below) Our selection of fruit trees and citrus is extensive. Stop in to find the food-bearing plants you want in your landscape.


(Below) Customers check out our Succulent Living Plant Wall. We can help you have any size space of succulents or living plants you want.


(Below) We carry an extensive inventory of citrus and other edibles.


(Below) Leucadendron scream “Fall!” Stop in to find out how these gorgeous South African drought-tolerant plants can enhance your garden.


(Below) We believe in organic products and carry Dr. Earth.


(Below) Bougainvillea is not only beautiful, it makes a great immediate privy hedge on a trellis. Put one or more on a balcony, deck, patio, or wherever you need a privacy shield.


(Below) Bougainvillea up close and beautiful!



(Below) Our edible selection is extensive and changes daily! Stop in to get your edible garden going! Our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel, and Steve can help you!


We thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.



Fall Color, Citrus, Edibles, Plumeria, Vines, Succulents, Salvias, Stunning Containers, and Much More On Our 2+ Acres!

Fall is definitely on its way, as we begin to see plants awash in oranges, browns, and yellows–the traditional colors of fall. The Garden Center is loaded now with gorgeous indoor plants in brilliant greens, yellows, and oranges, and our outdoor inventory is fully stocked with drought-tolerant and other must-have plants, including Salvias, Pittosporums, Boxwoods, Citrus, Vines, Duranta, Azaleas, Camellias, Leucadendrons, and Succulents.

(Below) Pink Ice Protea features rose pink bracts with a silvery sheen that open to an amazing flower.


(Below) Jester Leucadendron aka Sunshine Conebush sports bright pink, cream, and green, and is a showy drought-tolerant evergreen shrub. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, or Steve to tell you all about the Leaucadendron family, which is drought-tolerant, native to South Africa (which is a climate similar to ours, meaning these plants do well here), and offers a diverse range of foliage that looks magnificent in different seasons. Branches and foliage from Leucadendrons can be used in cut flower arrangements so plant some of these beauties in your garden.


(Below) We stock a huge inventory of containers in a variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and colors, and have some real stunners in right now.


Fall Festival!

Every year, our Fall Festival gets bigger and better, and we already have some super Halloween decorations and Pumpkin Carving Kits in! We also have foggers for cauldrons so hurry in for the best selection!

(Below) The luscious colors of fall are here!


Ghosts, goblins, skeletons, pumpkins, bats, and other ghoulish things have invaded the store! Step inside and take your chances. First-come, first-eaten, er, served!


Tune into us on this website, Facebook, and Twitter!

We’ll announce when our Pumpkin Patch is here!



Wander Our 2+ Acres

(Below) We take great pride in offering you a world of plants and welcome you to stroll our 2+ acres anytime we’re open! Our hours right now are 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. daily.


(Below) We have a great selection of Salvias, so plant these drought-tolerant beauties that attract hummingbirds and other beneficial wildlife to your garden!


(Below) Our Garden Design Experts are ready to help you select plants. Here, Miguel pulls plants from our wonderful herb selection as he works with a customer.


(Below) Plant some Citrus now and enjoy homegrown grapefruit, lemons, limes, minneola tangelos, oranges, tangerines, and much more. Garden Design Expert Steve, below, can help you find the right plants, soils, and containers. Citrus does well in containers so grow some on your patio.


(Below) After the customer selected a container for their new Citrus Tree, we planted it up using the best soil.


(Below) Not only do we plant containers for you, if you wish, we also are adept at loading your new purchases into your vehicle so you can take them home with you. We also offer a delivery service.


(Below) Container gardening at its finest! This creation includes miniature dinosaurs and a palm tree, along with driftwood. Stop in today to see all of the fun and amazing ways you can plant in containers!









Summer To Fall: Great Time For Planting!

Join us on Labor Day (Monday, Sept. 6) when we celebrate you, our loyal clients, with Customer Appreciation from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. Free hot dogs and beverages. We will close at 3 p.m. on Labor Day.  

The end of summer and start of fall bring to mind the dazzling oranges, yellows, and browns we so associate with both seasons. Indeed, part of what is so great about living in Southern California is that we can garden year-round and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

(Below) The striking Bird of Paradise in bloom.


(Below) Lion’s Tail is a gem in the garden.


(Below) Spruce up a patio, deck or balcony with hanging baskets of gorgeous flowers! As you can see, they also make a great table decoration.



(Below) We offer a large selection of the containers, in all sorts of styles and sizes.


(Below) Icee Blue Podocarpus (just behind the Dolphin bench) is a hard-to-find plant that can be planted as a focal point, in a grouping, or as a privacy hedge. Its new growth is lime-gray-blue that then matures to a cool gray-blue-green this is quite distinctive. This showstopper is definitely one of the most beautiful and decorative pyramidal conifers you can find!


(Below) Set the stage for outdoor living any way you want. We have tons of plants, pots, benches, fountains, statuary, bird baths, tables/bench sets, and more to select from.


(Below) There’s still time to get your own pre-plumbed surfboard shower! Wouldn’t one of these recycled and refurbished surfboards look great in your yard?


(Below) You’ll find a wealth of containers to choose from at the Marina del Rey Garden Center! Let one of our Garden Design Experts help you. Just ask for assistance.


(Below) Stop in to smell and see our Roses! Aren’t these tree roses beautiful?!


(Below) Our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve, and CJ can help you determine what plants will do well in containers and advise you on container size, best soils, and proper planting so you can have a thriving plant.






(Below) Icee Blue Podocarpus and a Dolphin bench.


(Below) Jacarandas offer a delicate finely cut fern-like dark green foliage and unparalleled blue trumpet flowers that bloom profusely in clusters.


(Below) Have fun with our new metal Folk Art! These colorful creatures are handcrafted and sure to make your garden a festive affair!


(Below) Vines can make a beautiful statement in the landscape.


(Below) Bird of Paradise


(Below) There’s always something new at the garden center so stop in to stroll our 2+ acres.


(Below) Pelican Vine is aptly named for the look of its flower.


Enjoy what’s left of summer and stop in to see what’s new and available for your beautiful garden!


 As always, we thank you for your continued patronage.