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Christmas Trees, Fresh-Cut Greens, Poinsettias, Holiday Gifts For Party Hosts and Family and Friends

Our wonderful fresh-cut Christmas trees from Oregon’s Windy Acres Farm have arrived and are going quickly! Customers familiar with our trees know they are absolutely the best high-quality, long-lasting, fresh trees around!

(Below) There’s nothing quite like strolling through our forest of Christmas trees to find the one you want! Our fresh-cut trees come in all sizes from small and mighty to tall and stunning! They have been lovingly grown and cared for along the way to ensure you get the most spectacular Christmas tree available!


(Below) We have fresh-cut trees to fill all of the rooms in your home, including super tall ones for those elegant spaces that need a tree that reaches for the sky!


(Below) When you’re ready to go, our friendly Operations Team members will load your tree onto or into your vehicle for you! We also offer a convenient delivery service; Just ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel or Steve for assistance.


(Below) Invest in a Living Christmas Tree this holiday season! Ours are beautiful and come in a variety of sizes perfect for all sorts of spaces.


(Below) Use Living Christmas Trees alongside Yuletide Camellias, Junipers, Cypress and Boxwoods to create a holiday forest feel. Decorate a walkway, path, porch, patio, deck, balcony or yard by placing plants in containers in strategic spots where they’ll greet the eye and create the wonderful feeling of the holiday spirit!







Fresh-Cut Greens


(Above and below) You’ll find gorgeous fresh-cut greens at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. Hurry in for the best selection. First-come, first-served; replenished weekly.




Holiday Gifts And More!

(Below) Stop in and see our Surfin’ Santa and check out all of the great holiday gifts we have for all ages.


(Below) Our Poinsettias come in gold foil-wrapped containers are are great as decorations around the home or office and as an elegant party host gift!




(Below) Give the gift of Lucky Bamboo! Who wouldn’t love the thought behind and beauty of this fresh dynamic gift!



(Below) We carry a great line of meditating animals and people that come in a variety of sizes.


(Below) Tis the season for Gnomes! These fun, mischievous fellas add a wonderful feel to the holiday season and are great year-round!



(Below) We have a wonderful selection of succulent arrangements, great for gift giving for the holidays and/or sprucing up your home!


(Below) Orchids made wonderful holiday gifts!


(Below) Succulent arrangements


Poinsettias make the season merry and bright!


(Below) We also have a great selection of hanging items: Chimes, Dream Catchers, and much more!


(Below) Stop in to see our new indoor and outdoor fountains.


We look forward to seeing you soon at the Marina del Rey Garden Center where the holidays are festive, merry, bright, and happening!

Tis the Season for All Things Christmas: Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees In This Week; Living Christmas Trees Here Now!

(Below) Need some last-minute pumpkins or corn for decorating?! We have a small inkling of fall goodies left so hurry in!

In observance of Thanksgiving, we are closed on Thursday, Nov. 27, however we are open all other days from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.


(Below) Christmas is the big season headed our way, and we are ready to help you join in the festive spirit! Our fresh-cut Christmas trees from Oregon arrive this week so come on in and let the festivities begin!

(Below) Cute succulent containers are already dressing for the holidays! Give one to a Thanksgiving host and snag some for your holiday decorating!


(Below) Our fresh-cut Noble and Grand fir Christmas trees make gorgeous holiday trees! Poinsettias arrive this week and fresh-cut greens will be here on Friday, Nov. 27.



(Above and below) Kids and adults of all ages love the fresh scent of our Christmas trees as they wander through to select just the right tree for their home! Once you’ve selected a tree, our operations team is ready to help you take it home! We also offer a delivery service. Ask one of our Garden Design Professionals Miguel, CJ, or Steve for assistance.



 Living Christmas Trees Are Here!

Living Christmas trees will add to your holiday season for years to come.
Living Christmas trees will add to your holiday season for years to come.
The Yuletide Camellia's red blossoms add to the festive holiday spirit.
The Yuletide Camellia’s red blossoms add to the festive holiday spirit.


Holiday Entertaining

Add a new bench to your patio, garden or indoor/outdoor living area for the holidays!

Or, give a bench as a gift!

With our large selection, you’re sure to find one for you or to give as a gift.




(Below) Serenity can be yours this holiday season, even with the accompanying hustle and bustle! Find a fountain that warms your heart; find a statue that brings a smile to your face. Create a unique place to relax that’s all your own.


(Below) Camellias are here, and now is the time to stop in to select the plants you want! Most Sasanqua Camellias are in bloom and the Japonicas will be soon.

We have the prized and much-talked-about Pink-A-Boo® Camellia, a sport from the extremely popular red Yuletide Camellia. Pink-A-Boo flowers are wonderfully fragrant, and deep pink centered with bright yellow stamens. These flowers are a beautiful addition to the cool season garden. Float blossoms in a bowl to enjoy the fragrance indoors. An excellent choice for a colorful hedge, espalier, or border shrub.

Screenshot 2015-11-22 20.35.30

Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, CJ, or Miguel for guidance. They can help you determine if your plant is suitable for planting in the ground or in a container, what soil to use, and what size container.





Poinsettias Arrive This Week!

We’re receiving weekly deliveries of Poinsettias in all of the dazzling varieties you know and love, including Country Quilt, classic red, and white. Our Poinsettias are ready for gift giving with shiny foil covering their containers (above). They’ll also look great in your home and office!





Pink Poinsettias add a touch of dazzling color to the holiday season!
Pink Poinsettias add a touch of dazzling color to the holiday season!

Pretty in Pink


(Above) Cyclamen add vibrant color to winter gardens as do Azaleas (below). Cyclamen are indeed the flower bed plant of choice for winter, and come in pink, red, and white. Azaleas are a beautiful shrub with gorgeous blooms in pink, red and white.


Here’s to the Holidays!

(Below) Find a way to jazz up your holidays with Garden Gnomes, fresh ways to display fruit (always a healthy eat to have on hand!), flashing lights, vases filled with glass pebbles, Orchids in containers, and succulents on wood or in a terrarium!


We have lots of gift items for party hosts, friends, co-workers, loved ones.


Give the Gift of Succulents!


(Above and below) Everybody is into succulents so why not give one or more as a gift? Or decorate your home with them?!


We always have an exceptional selection of succulents, succulent arrangements, and succulents in all sorts containers!

As we approach the holidays and Thanksgiving, the Marina del Rey Garden Center staff thanks you, our loyal customer, for making us the place you shop for your gardening, landscaping and outdoor living/home decor needs.

Prepare For The Holidays: Spruce Up Your Home With Fountains, Statuary, And Much More!

With the holidays approaching, lots of us are thinking about ways to enhance our indoor and outdoor living areas. Doing so can be particularly rewarding when we host parties or have visitors over.

(Below) Think about where you could place a fountain for guests to see and enjoy. Fountains in an entry way make a subtle statement and add a nice effect.


(Below) Other ways to enhance your home living environment is to add a bird bath or container you’ve planted up with a gorgeous specimen! Our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ and Steve are here and ready to help you spruce up your home for the holidays!


(Below) Need something smaller? We have small fountains that will add a dynamic element to your landscape or interior! Looking for something traditional? We have those, too, in a wide range of sizes and finishes.


(Below) We’re all about stocking a huge variety of the latest and greatest in fountain designs, statuary, bird baths, pedestals, and benches.


(Above and below) Putting a ribbon or a bow on any of these gorgeous pieces is sure to put a smile on the gift recipient’s face! Stop in and get going on finding just the right piece for those special someone’s in your life. We have lots of smaller statuary pieces, with religious figures, fun animals, and other themes.


(Above and below) If you need holiday seating that will be wonderful outdoors year-round, we’re the place to shop!


Holiday Schedule

Here’s a list of expected delivery dates for all the special shopping items you’ll want this holiday season!

Here now: Living Christmas Trees

Nov. 23: Poinsettias

Nov. 27: Fresh cut greens

Week of Nov. 23: Cut Christmas Trees

Be sure to get here early; All holiday merchandise goes quickl

Vertical Gardening, Living Christmas Trees, Party Host Gifts, Holiday Decorating, Edibles, Citrus, Privacy Hedge Plants,

(Below) Living Christmas trees are here so stop in to find yours! Don’t these look wonderful?! And, you can plant them after the holidays to earn your sustainable living kudos!




Vertical Gardening

photo 2 (14)

(Above and below) If space is a factor or you simply want to try your hand at the latest ragevertical gardening–we can show you ways to get that vertical garden growing!

Plug some color into it with Pansies or Violas, or grow some trailing Rosemary. Part of the fun of a vertical garden is watching how the plants grow! Even edibles like strawberries (below) as well as lettuce and herbs can be grown vertically!

photo 1 (15)

(Below) Succulents make dynamic wall gardens!

photo 3 (12)

Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance with planning, planting and growing your very own vertical garden! Miguel, CJ, and Steve can help you select the right plants, soils, and containers.

photo 4 (12)

Plants for Privacy


(Above and below) Plants grown on trellises are a great way to get instant privacy. Bottle Brush makes a beautiful privacy screen.


(Below) Planting trees and shrubs in ground or growing them in containers can give you an instant privacy hedge, too.


(Above and below) We have a large selection of trees.


(Below) Purple Hopseed ia quick growing.


(Below) Pittosporum make beautiful hedges.


(Below) We carry drought-tolerant water-wise plants.


(Above and below) Monrovia is one of our growers, constantly supplying us with a great assortment of plants. Look for their distinctive containers and plant tags.


(Above and below) Small hedges can add a nice border to any area.


(Below) Tequilla Sunrise Coprosma offers beautiful variegated foliage.


(Below) Grevillea



(Above and below) We stock a diversity of plants on our 2+ acres, including a deep selection of plants native to Australia and South Africa.


Citrus and Edibles


(Above and below) Now’s a great time to grow some citrus! We have oranges, tangerines, mandarins, lemons, limes, grapefruit and much more! 



(Below) Our raised redwood beds are perfect for planting an edible garden!


Holiday Decorating, Party Host Gifts

photo 4 (9)

(Above and below) Take your Thanksgiving host some Lucky Bamboo! We can help you create a stunning arrangement for it!

photo 5 (2)

(Below) Amaryllis bulbs are here!

photo 3 (9)


photo 4 (10)

photo 3 (11)

photo 4 (11)

photo 3 (10)

photo 2 (11)

As always, we wish you the happiest of times during this holiday season! 

photo 1 (12)

  See you soon at the garden center!

Monarch Butterflies, Milkweed, Camellias, Plumeria, Fountains, Holiday Gatherings: Gifts and Home Decor

(Below) Monarchs are flitting about the garden center thanks to all of the Milkweed we constantly have in stock. On a daily basis, we have Monarch butterflies hatching and can help you have the same experience at your home. One of our Monarch-loving gardeners only has a balcony to plant Milkweed on but she and her family and friends enjoy seeing the colorful flowers and butterflies. Find out how you can contribute to the Monarch’s life cycle. Stop in and ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for assistance.

photo 4 (8)

(Below) Variegated Jatropha is a great companion for shade plants with its unusual foliage and stunning red flowers. The tall ornamental Papyrus is also great in a shady area.

photo 2

photo 1

(Below) Now’s the time to plant Cyclamen, Violas, and Pansies.

photo 3

Cyclamen (above and below)

photo 4

(Below) Pansies

photo 5

Camellias Are Here!

photo (22)

Our first huge shipment of Camellias has arrived! Stop in now to see this beautiful shrub that is prized for its flowers and evergreen foliage. The Camellia has been a winner in gardens and landscapes for years!




If it still feels like summer (it may not for a few days this week), you may want to bask in the glorious Plumeria, (below) which can still be spotted in a full profusion of blooms throughout the area.

photo 2

Enjoy Your Garden!

(Below) Fountains are a great way to turn any area info a soothing, relaxing spot. We offer the largest on-site selection of fountains around so stop in to see how you can enhance your home and garden.


(Below) We’ve also recently received large deliveries of containers so stop in to find the perfect match of plant and container.


(Below) Our indoor plant selection is extensive as is our indoor fountain selection, too. There are countless ways to spruce up your home for the holidays and entertaining.


(Below) Succulents in gorgeous containers will stand out anywhere.


(Below) Vertical gardening with succulents


Gifts and Home Decor for Entertaining

photo 2

(Above and below) We have a nice assortment of fun little holiday and home decor items. Use them to add the feel of the holidays to your home or give them as gifts.

Lucky Bamboo (below) is the perfect gift for anyone. Who wouldn’t love it?! Ask us to help you pretty it up to give as a gift or place in your home!

photo 3

(Below) Orchids also make great gifts and look wonderful in any home or office! Now that our clocks have fallen back and it gets dark earlier, add some vibrant color to your home and office!

photo 4

Stop in to see what’s new in the world of gardening and home decor. We’re your one-stop resource for expert guidance and appreciate the chance to serve you.