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Camellias, Gorgeous Containers, Succulents, Australian Natives, South African Natives Turn Our Winter Into Something Beautiful

As the New Year approaches, we want to thank you for a wonderful 2015! Our staff of Garden Design Experts, our Operations Team members, everyone on our team thanks you for your continued patronage.

Stay tuned for details on our Annual Japanese Maple Festival!

(Below) Even though it may feel and look like winter (because it really is), there are several ways to add some color and fun to brighten your days. A great way to add indoor and outdoor color is by planting in containers like the stunning Asian ceramic containers below. Our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, and Steve can help you find containers (we have a huge selection of terra cotta, Talavera Pottery, contemporary and classic designs, and lightweight containers–great for areas where weight is a concern).


(Below) Camellias are a beautiful plant you can expect to bloom now and into spring. We have a generous selection of Sasanqua and Japonica Camellias.

Camellias can be planted in the ground, scattered or used as a hedge. They also make wonderful container plants. Ask Miguel, Steve, or CJ, our Garden Design Experts, which soils and amendments to use to ensure your Camellia thrives whether in the ground or a container. They can also help you choose the right size container.


(Above) The Hana Jiman Camellia is in bloom now.


(Below) The new Peek-A-Boo Camellia produces a beautiful flower.


Camellias have long been known for their countless flower types, many of which resemble roses.


(Below) Our container selection is the best and most extensive around. Stop in to check out all of the styles and sizes we have on our 2+ acres.


Color in the Winter Garden


Let one of our Garden Design Experts show you how you can have color in a winter garden in Southern California. All of the plants you see on this page are in bloom now and will turn your landscape into a winter wonderland of color.


(Above and below) Australian Tea Trees are budded up and in bloom now. These gorgeous plants can be grown in shrub and tree form.


Australian Tea Trees have intriguing foliage and a variety of flower colors you’ll enjoy in the garden.


(Below) Another Australian native in bloom now is Grevillea, which comes in many varieties, each with a unique flower and growing habit.


(Below) Another Grevillea


(Below) South African native plants do well in our climate, too, and will bring color to your winter garden. The Sweet Pea Shrub offers a showy, bright purple flower.


(Below) Leucadendron, another plant native to South Africa, brings a wealth of color choices to the garden via its remarkable foliage.


(Below) Yes, you can have color in a winter garden!


 Succulents, Containers–How Fun!


(Above and below) A wise owl knows how much fun it is to hang out with Succulents, one of today’s “hot” plants. We have an amazing selection of succulents, from small to large, and containers suitable for all sizes.








Stop in today to see all of the many ways you can spruce up your garden and home. We’re here to help you have the best garden and garden accents around.

Give the Gift of Life This Holiday Season: Citrus, Succulents, Indoor Plants, Gift Cards, Grevillea, Camellias, Leucadendron All Look Great In Containers

Gift someone with a living plant this holiday season. Indoor plants, citrus, Grevilleas, Leucadendrons, Camellias and Azaleas all look beautiful right now. And our Garden Design Experts, Miguel, Steve and CJ, can help you find just the right sized container for planting your special gift. What a joyous way to celebrate the holidays, AND give a gift that will put a smile on someone’s face all year long!

Screenshot 2015-12-20 09.03.46

(Above) Citrus in containers look lovely just about anywhere. Terra cotta is always a favorite pot for these but be sure to check out our large selection of Asian ceramic containers. Citrus also looks simply stunning in blue!


 (Below) We will plant any purchase for you in any container you select. That way you’re ready to go–No fuss, no muss!


Plants that are native to Australia and South Africa are looking great just now since December and January are their summer months!

Native to Australia, Grevilleas (below) come in a variety of shapes–low growing ground covers, small shrubs and hedges, and tall trees. Their typically red flower makes them wonderful to have in bloom for the holidays. Trimming them with lights can turn them into a gorgeous part of your holiday decor.

Grevilleas have a wintry  wind-swept graceful green foliage and unique flowers that attract native wildlife to feed on their sweet nectar. The beautiful ferny foliage of a Grevillea makes them an attractive and popular garden plant all year.

Screenshot 2015-12-21 07.07.27



(Below) Moonlight Grevillea is a rare find and a plant that’s hard to beat. Line a wall, fence, or pathway with them. Or, place them artfully in your landscape.






The showy South African native Leucadendron are also a drought-tolerant plant perfect for Southern California gardens. Ebony, Jester and Safari Sunset are just a few of the varieties available.


Leucadendron bring a world of color to the garden throughout the year. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel or Steve to help you determine which varieties will add intrigue and color to your landscape.



(Below) Create a dazzling garden with drought-tolerant, water-wise plants. YOU CAN have a garden that uses very little water and adds beauty and warmth to the environment. Remember, wildlife need trees, foliage, seeds and flowers to survive and thrive.


Indoor Plants Make Great Gifts


Soften your inside spaces with greenery for the holidays and beyond! Indoor plants will turn your home into a special place that feels even more like home!













Christmas Trees, Holiday Gifts, Poinsettias, Fresh-Cut Greens, Wreaths, Door Chimes and Swag, Gift Cards and More

(Below) This happy couple discovered our wonderful fresh-cut Christmas trees late last month and took home the first tree of the 2015 holiday season.  We were pleased to hear of their experience on our Facebook page: “Our tree is the most beautiful tree I’ve ever owned. John and Miguel were so wonderful helping us pick and pack the tree. It really felt like a family there.We will be coming to you as part of our family tradition for many years to come!” Thank you, Georgina! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

IMG_20151124_133300394_HDR (1)

(Above and below) Traditions begin and continue at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.  Stop in and discover the magic of the holiday season in our forest of wonderful smelling trees.


Bring out the spirit of the holiday season (and your artistic flair) in the Poinsettias you select! Have fun choosing the color, leaf color variation, and containers you put them in.


(Below) Part of our annual holiday tradition is to bring you the freshest cut greens: wreaths, door chimes and swag!

photo 1 (17)

(Below) Need a Christmas tree for a tabletop or small area? Our Living Christmas trees will give any space the real feel of Christmas.


Gifts For Nature Lovers

And for those of you who are looking for unusual and fun gifts for the nature lover in your life, we have cute Garden Gnomes, elegant and stylish bird feeders, meditating zen figures and animals, soothing indoor fountains, and much more.


(Below) Meditating critters



(Below) There’s nothing quite like taking a siesta in the garden!


IMG_0777photo 1 (12)photo 2 (11)When Pigs Fly
(& These Pigs Really Do!)

Stop in to see our new solar-powered mobiles! We have pigs, bees, hummingbirds, dragonflies and other selections.



(Below) Ever watched someone walk or run into a glass or screen door? Here’s a remedy that will keep the wee ones and adult from bumping into closed doors — the Screen Door Saver. These injury-saving visual markers are available in a variety of styles, including these colorful butterflies.


More Holiday Gift Ideas





We wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons and a Beautiful New Year!

Best Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees, Fresh-Cut Greens, Poinsettias and More in Los Angeles

Question: Where can you get the best fresh-cut Christmas trees around?!

Answer: Here, at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, where our trees come from a 100-year-old family-owned and operated Christmas tree farm in Oregon that lovingly grows and cares for them all year long.

So, spread the word! Our fresh-cut Christmas trees are remarkable specimens that have graciously adorned countless homes holiday season after holiday season after holiday season–and you’ll want to have one in your home or work space this holiday season!

Better still, you can’t go wrong with Facebook reviews like these: “Best place EVER to buy your XMAS tree! No lines, beautiful trees and excellent service. Never going anywhere else again!”


We have every imaginable size… so let our gorgeous fresh-cut Christmas trees add glory and magic to your holidays.



Our Operations Team members can wrap and load your tree so you can take it home with you. We also offer a convenient delivery service. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts-Miguel, Steve or CJ–for assistance.


Poinsettias for the Holidays!


Our gold foil-wrapped Poinsettias are unlike all the others out there! Leave them in their elegant gold wrap or jazz them up with a container of your own choosing! We have elegant red ceramic containers, green and red baskets, white baskets, off-white containers, white containers, and much more! Stop in to see our selection.



(Below) Santa’s Reindeer Live Here! P.S. These reindeer are for sale.


(Below) We have fun, super small, tiny Poinsettias and gift-boxed Amaryllis. Take either to a holiday party host!


Our larger Poinsettias are available in four-, six- and eight-inch container sizes. All come wrapped in luscious gold foil


(Below) There’s lots you can do to decorate for the holidays! How about some Reindeer?


(Below) We have great gifts for gardeners, bird lovers, nature enthusiasts, party hosts, and anyone desiring some fun flair in their home this holiday season–and all year long! Beautiful colored glass hummingbird feeders, glass bird feeders, Gnomes in action, glass orbs, pedestals, vases, Lucky Bamboo, fun holiday ornaments, solar mobile lights, small indoor fountains. And our Marina del Rey Gift Card makes a great gift and stocking stuffer: It never expires and has zero “extra” fees associated with it.



(Below) It’s always wondrous to see new life! Amaryllis are a wonderful way to watch life burst anew this holiday season and in the New Year! 


(Above and below) Green is a marvelous color in the home any time of year! Stop in today to select some green touches for your home!

(Below) Take some Lucky Bamboo to a holiday party host! We have a selection unlike others, and our design team can help you create a unique look that’s great as a gift or simply to be enjoyed in your own home!


Select the Lucky Bamboo pieces you want, and then let us help you fashion a designer look.


(Below) An indoor fountain will add a magical touch this holiday season.






Or, add an outdoor fountain! 



We are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. so stop in to see all of the ways you can make your holidays merry and bright! Thank you for your continued patronage.