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Native Plants, Vegetables, Fruit, and More: Get Planting and Growing Now

The garden center has come alive with plants, plants, and more plants, not to mention everything you need that goes along with plantsorganic products, ladybugs, soil amendments, fountains, containers, vases, watering cans, and more.

(Below) Steve, one of our Garden Design Experts, talks kale with two customers.


Dig in the dirt, plant, nurture and watch something in your home or garden grow!

(Below) If you have a wee one in your world, why not let them join you with a wee watering can, kids gloves, and kids gardening tools. We have small fun gear for kids as well as the stuff for the rest of us!


(Below) Our custom pre-planted succulent arrangements are great for sprucing up the home, garden, or giving as a gift.


(Below) We carry organic vegetables and herbs. How about planting some peppershot or mild!


(Below) Blueberries and raspberries are in! Grow your very own special snacks rich in antioxidants.


(Below) Did you know hummingbirds love succulents? See the guy in the photo below. Here’s quite happy! Ask our Garden Design Experts what to plant to attract hummingbirds, butterflies, and birds.


(Below) Strawberries are here!



(Below) Leucadendron is an attractive South African native plant that works well here in Southern California. Better yet, it’s an unusual looking plant that comes in a lot of varieties, each with its own unique appeal.




(Below) Australian Tea Trees make a great focal point in the garden. They can be manicured as a hedge, topiary or globe shape or left to grow wild, solo or with more than one scattered throughout the garden.


(Below) Dwarf Bottlebrush is an Australian native plant used frequently in Southern California landscapes.


With spring approaching, we are receiving regular deliveries of all of the plants you’ll want in your garden!

(Below) Isn’t this Mesa Scarlet Sage stunning?




Colorful Bedding Plants


(Above) Ranunculus add beauty to bedding gardens and containers with their joy de vivre.

(Below) We have lots of colorful heat-loving hearty plants in stock.


(Below) Alstroemeria is not only gorgeous in the garden–it is one of the best cut flowers around! Plant some in your garden to enjoy outside and then bring some in to create a colorful cut flower arrangement.


The garden center is awash in color, vibrancy, hummingbirds, Monarch Butterflies, and much more so stop in now to get a head start on your garden and outdoor living areas.

Roses, California Native Plants, Australian Natives, Fountains, Tillandsias, Succulents, Camellias, and Much More

Our 2016 Roses have arrived! We have a huge selection of Roses, including the Driftwood Series (low-growing groundcover type roses), David Austin Roses, and all your favorites (below).


California and Australian Native Plants


(Above and below) California Sages add a stunning, vibrant look in the landscape and are drought-tolerant once established. We have just received an amazing selection of one-gallon California Natives, including Winifred Gillman, Allen Chickering, and a California Lilac. Hurry in for the best selection and be sure to consult with one of our Garden Design ExpertsSteve, Miguel, and CJ–for planting advice.



(Below) Plants that are native to Australia do well here in our mild Southern California climate. Part of the fun is pairing Aussie Natives with California and South African Natives so you can have year-round intrigue and color in your garden.


(Below) Bi-Color Geraldton wax flower is a beautiful plant whose flower changes color as it matures. Add this gem to your garden now.


(Below) Aussie native Kangaroo Paws as its flower is emerging. Gorgeous, right?!


(Below) Looking for beauty and fragrance in your garden? How about adding the beautiful Olivia Rose Austin rose to your garden!



New Fountains

(Below) We are always on the hunt for great new fountains and have added more than a few to our selection.







(Above and below) Find your Camellia now before they go out of bloom. This evergreen plant is prized for its foliage as well as its glorious flower.






Privacy Hedge Plants


Stroll the Garden Center



The Best Service

(Below) Our staff is committed to providing the best service possible.




(Below) Stop in to check out our custom designs. Then, make your own! Tillandsias are so much fun!



(Below) Select the glass terrarium shape you want then put your Tillandsias in it for a custom creative experience that is all yours! Your friends will marvel at it!


We are fully loaded for spring so stop in today to experience the best garden center around! We thank you for your continued patronage and loyalty.

The Tale of Milkweed, Monarchs, and Michael Plus Our Buyers Visit Growers to Hand Select Your Plants

We see life take root and open up and grow all around us at the garden center. And we hear stories of people and their plants, people and their vision, people and their likes and loves, people and growing their own healthy eats, people and what they do to protect the caterpillars (below) in their yards.

Screenshot 2016-02-15 07.51.18

So, when we have the opportunity to be even more involved in bringing joy and life to others, it’s always a huge pleasure.

Enter Michael, a 7th grader whose keen interest in life is bringing joy and life to others, including the hungry caterpillars he and his friends have found. Michael’s interest has been so keen in finding food for his starving caterpillars that he sought us out to see what plants we had that they would eat.

And so the story begins of Milkweed and Michael and Monarchs (below).


Michael has successfully birthed at least three Monarch Butterflies and he even knows how to tell if they are male or female. And if that wasn’t impressive enough, he knew finding the right food source for his cache of caterpillars was vital to their life cycle so when he came calling, we were all too happy to guide him to our year-round supply of Milkweed (Milkweed, below).

photo 1 (18)

There are a few things visitors to the garden center will likely always notice: Monarchs flitting about (feeding on a Milkweed plant below) and Hummingbirds at play.

photo 4 (8)

Our select growers grow Milkweed just for us so we can help you and all of us support life. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance. Miguel, Steve and CJ are ready to help you.


Hand Selected Succulents

Our plant buyers frequently visit growers at their growing grounds and operations facilities to personally examine and hand pick the plants we want to sell. Three of our buyers went on such a trip just last week and those plants are headed our way right now (and already here if it’s Tuesday, Feb. 16).

(Below) Two of our buyers are filling up a cart of plants for the garden center. Look at these beauties!


We take great pride in offering an enormous selection of succulents in all sizes from 1- and 2-inch containers to 4-inch to 1-gallon to much larger specimens.



We’re bringing in an amazing selection of the best succulents. They arrive Tuesday, Feb. 16.




(Above) Our plant buyers scrutinize the plants we will bring into the garden center. Our growers know the high-quality we expect.


(Below) The plants we selected were pulled and tagged for us.


(Below) We also hand-picked indoor plants.



(Below) All of these plants were hand selected by our expert buyers for their health, look and vibrancy. They all arrive Tuesday, Feb. 16 so hurry in.


In addition to succulents and indoor plants, our top growers are delivering the best edibles and plants on a daily basis as we gear up for spring. See you at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, where spring has sprung! 

Spring Gardening Now, Plants Arriving Daily, Edibles, Natives, and Much More

Spring can’t be far away when the weather is this gorgeous and truckloads (as in big rigs) of plants are arriving daily. Southern California’s mild climate makes gardening a nearly year-round pursuit here and we benefit from the beautiful trees, evergreen shrubs and hedges, California native plants, Camellias, Roses, colorful bedding plants and edibles we can grow and nurture.

(Below) Our growers supply us with the highest quality plants. Stop in to see what’s new. Our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, and Steve are ready to help you enjoy your spring and summer.


(Below) We were amused by this fun purchase! You never know what you’ll find at the garden center. Gardening gloves make a great gift… and Gargoyles, well, gargoyles are gargoyles (and great garden accents!).


Captivating New Fountain

(Below) Inlaid beach pebbles make for a riveting, shimmering gentle flow of water down the side of this fountain, just one of many in a new line we are no carrying. Customers have been quite intrigued by its simplicity, attractiveness, and spirited stream of water. Our fountains re-circulate the small amount of water they require, making them water efficient and low H20.


(Above and below) As you can see, Japanese Maple Trees from Monrovia are in, as well as Calla Lillies and Heavenly Bamboo.


Ay, Chihuahua!

(Below) How would this special Chihuahua look in your home or garden? Here, she’s nestled among African Violets and Hydrangeas. These folk art metal sculptures come in an assortment of fun colors and styles. We have hearts with wings, windmills, pink flamingoes, hydrants (to go with the dogs?!), frogs, guitars, and all sorts of fun creations.


(Below) We are fully loaded with unusual and fun garden elements so visit today to discover the new finds and pieces you’ll add to your garden and home.




It is time to get your hands dirty and plant herbs and vegetables! Our stock changes constantly but you’re sure to find what you are looking for.

(Below) Lavender is here in profusion. We have a wide selection, including Goodwin Creek, French, Spanish, and many others, in a variety of sizes.


(Below) How about planting some beautiful Red Romaine Lettuce? Our plants are healthy and robust. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Steve, or Miguel for help selecting a location for your plants, soils, container(s), and how to maintain and grow fabulous food for your table!


(Below) Artichokes anyone?


(Below) Season and spice up your dishes with homegrown produce.


(Below) Grow miniature clusters of wine grapes in as little as 12 weeks! These dwarf grape vines mature into compact, 18- to 24-inch tall plants with an 8- to 12-inch spread. Pixie® Grapes are natural dwarf grapesnot genetically modified or genetically engineered. Whether you choose to grow these dwarf grapes outdoors or in containers indoors, a simple trellis helps to keep them upright under the weight of fruit clusters. These grape varieties are ideal for juices and wines, but can be eaten fresh for a quick, convenient snack. They also make a great gift for do-it-yourself wine connoisseurs! And, if limited space has previously kept you from growing your own wine grapes, raise your glass to Pixie® Grape vines — perfect for patios, balconies, and other small spaces.


(Below) Cinnamon Basil


(Below) Of course, we have Italian Large Leaf Basil, perfect for Caprese and sauces. Eat it with your homegrown tomatoes!


(Below) Mint adds refreshing touches to sauces and beverages. Get ready to serve some in your Kentucky Derby Mint Juleps!


(Below) Swiss chard


(Below) Cheddar Cauliflower


Valentine’s Day Gifts

(Below) Warm your honey up with this cute outdoor firepit! Imagine the marvelous times you’ll have cuddling with that someone special in front of this magical firepit.


(Below) How about a heart-shaped glass bird feeder?


(Below) Indoor plants make charming gifts, given from the heart. Bromeliads are exotic and colorful! Your sweetheart is sure to think of you everytime she looks at it.


(Below) Small succulents make cute gifts, too. We have great small containers to choose from.




(Above and below) Or purchase one of our spectacular pre-planted custom succulent arrangements.







(Above) Orchids speak the language of love and make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts.

Thank you to all of our loyal clients. We value and appreciate your business. Here’s to your gorgeous home and garden!


Milkweed, Drought-Tolerant Native Plants, New Containers, Colorful Watering Cans, Planting Mixes and Soils, Magnolia and Acacia Trees

Rain has hit Southern California again, bringing much-needed water and snow. The ice pack in the mountains is said to be doing very well and we can all look forward to life that begins anew in Spring.

Here at the garden center, deliveries are arriving nearly every day and we have loads of new plants and products to show for it.

(Below) Monarch Butterfly lovers and nature enthusiasts will be glad to know we’ve just received a delivery of robust Milkweed. These plants are bushy, with an abundance of leaves for caterpillars to feed on as they prepare to transform into butterflies.

photo 1 (18)

(Below) Other prized new arrivals include gorgeous Geraldton wax in two varieties. This Australian native is a beautiful plant with an exquisite flower–the variety below is Matilda Bicolor, so named because its pure white flowers turn pink and white and then dark pink. This full-sun plant is drought-tolerant.


(Below) Another favorite from Oz is the Australian Fuchsia. It performs best in partial shade or sun and is drought tolerant. It can be grown as an attractive groundcover.


(Below) Another variety of Geraldton Wax, which is often used in commercial cut flower arrangements.


Native plants from Australia, South Africa, and California are the way to light up your garden with color year-round. Typically, when California natives aren’t blooming, most South African and Australian native plants are, providing an ongoing spectrum of color in the landscape.

(Below) Australian Tea Tree


(Below) Kangaroo Paws


(Below) In addition to the Australian native plants shown above, we continue to receive California native plants and lots of Salvias. When you visit the garden center, be sure to stroll through the Salvia/Lavender area to see the hummingbirds flitting about and feeding on the plants.


Visit Soon


Plant lovers and nature enthusiasts are stopping in to consult our Garden Design Experts. Above, Steve discusses a planting project with garden center customers. By the way, consulting our Garden Design Experts–Miguel, CJ, and Steve–is at no charge. We want you to have the best garden and gardening experience possible.

(Below) Plant an Acacia Tree now and enjoy its beautiful yellow blooms this spring and summer. Known as Wattle Trees in Australia, the flower on the Golden Wattle is Australia’s National Flower and Wattle Day is celebrated every September 1st. The tree is also prized for its small, finely divided leaflets, which give the leafstalk a feathery or fernlike appearance.




(Below) We’re loaded with the best organic soils and planting mixes around.


Planting in Containers


No matter what you are planting, from a small Tricolor Sage (above) to a large Magnolia Tree (below), we have containers to suit your every need.








And we have the watering can you’ll enjoy using to water your potted plants, indoors and out.



(Above) Just in for the little gardeners: Gardening tools, gloves, and small watering cans!


(Above) If you have potted plants, you’ll want one of these Lazy Susans to rotate your containers without having to lift them. These nifty Lazy Susans support up to 400 pounds and are a UV-resistant plastic that protects flooring from water damage.

(Below) We have plant caddies to help make life easier, too.


Hope to see you at the garden center soon!