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Spring Planting: Hydrangea, Wisteria, Salvias, Leucadendron, Shamrocks, Succulents, Cacti, and Our Once-A-Year Bumper Crop Sale

The garden center is loaded with all of the plants you need for spring and summer. Start planting now to give your new plants a chance to take advantage of spring sun and rain and establish healthy root systems.

(Below) This customer found quite a few drought-tolerant natives for his garden. 


(Below) Now is the time to stock up on Master Nursery Bumper Crop, an all-natural organic soil builder you’ll use year-round. Buy 4 bags of Bumper Crop and get the 5th one free! It’s a once-a-year-deal you don’t want to miss!


(Below) Explore the world of Leucadendrons. Native to South Africa, where the climate is similar to ours, Leucadendrons come in an expansive selection of choices. We offer one of the largest selections around so you can see the unique characteristics of each variety.

The plant below, Leucadendron Discolor’s flowers arrive with spring. These attractive bright-red pollen “cones” are surrounded by white to pale-yellow, petal-like bracts. The plant’s foliage is blue-gray, oval-shaped leaves that will often take on purple tones during cool weather. It is widely used as a short screening plant and for flower arrangements due to its wonderful long lasting cut flower.


(Below) Salvias are yet another showy drought-tolerant plant that will enhance your home and garden. They can be planted in the ground or shown off in containers. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance. They can help you locate plants in the garden center that will meet your needs, advise you on soils and soil amendments, and make sure you plant with the right potting soil and container size.


(Below) Wisteria is here in purple and white.



Signs, Signs, Everywhere A Sign


The signs of spring are everywhere, with plants budding up and bursting into bloom. 

(Above and below) Stop in to see all of our incredible Hydrangeas for indoors and outside in the garden. We also have the most amazing Orchids. All of our indoor plants are great for gift giving. Easter anyone?!


(Below) Azaleas have burst into bloom making now the perfect time to stop in to see how gorgeous and stunning your plants will look in your landscape.


(Below) Need a little St. Paddy’s Day gift or just something new and fun for you? Visit our gift shop inside the store to see all of our wonderful new small little somethings to give as gifts or make your world brighter.


 (Above) Yes, we have Shamrocks and Leprechauns!



Strawberries and Other Edibles


(Above and below) Fresh homegrown strawberries taste the best so grow your own today! Strawberries can be planted in the ground or containers like the Strawberry Pot seen below.


(Below) Our herb, vegetable, fruit, citrus, and fruit tree selection is brimming with the zest and life you want to bring to your edible garden.



(Above) We carry NON-GMO and organic plants. Ask our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, or Steve how you can have an organic edible garden.

More Lightweight Containers

(Great For Balconies, Decks, and Places Where Weight Is A Consideration)


We know weight can be a factor when planting in a container and go out of our way to locate stylish lightweight containers in a variety of styles and colors.

(Above) These cylindrical containers are the latest addition to our lightweight containers. Stop in to see for yourself how great and realistic they look without sacrificing any quality in the process.

Cacti and Succulents


(Above and below) We feature one of the largest selections of Succulents and Cacti in the Southland so come on in to explore these intriguing drought-tolerant plants.




As always, thank you for shopping at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. We appreciate your patronage and the opportunity to serve you.