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Spring in the Garden: Azaleas, Camellias, Rock Rose, Roses, Indian Hawthorn, Cape Honeysuckle, Princess Flower, Hibiscus, Salvias, Buddleia, Edibles,

The garden is a place to see life in action. Spring brings with it the opportunity for rebirth and renewal and a richness grounded in living life to its fullest.

Gardening brings us closer to Mother Earth, nature, and our nurturing selves.

The garden center is loaded with all things gardening–from edibles like vegetables and fruit to herbs, onions, and chives; from the shrubs and perennials you love to see in spring (Hydrangea, Salvias, Tea Trees, Kangaroo Paws, Wisteria, Jerusalem Sage) to roses, roses and more stunning roses.

(Below) A Rock Rose in bloom.


(Below) We are proud to have been recognized as a Certified Wildlife Habitat by the National Wildlife Federation.

IMG_5554 (1)

(Below) When you buy a plant at the Marina del Rey Garden Center, you know you are getting the best quality plant possible. We buy only from top growers who produce wonderful plants for us year after year.


Now is the time to load up on the all-organic soil builder Bumper Crop during our once-a-year sale. Sale ends Thursday, March 31 so load up for your year-round gardening needs.


(Below) Gardeners wander our 2+ acres in search of just the right plant. Here, they’re enjoying the orange beauty of Cape Honeysuckle.


(Below) Azaleas are one of the best ways to add intriguing, bright color to the garden in winter and spring! This attractive plant can be used as a stand-alone focus, as a hedge, and as a tree hedge, bringing instant privacy once planted.

It’s a versatile plant that can be grown in containers. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ or Steve to help you select the right planting soil, whether in ground or in a pot, and the right-sized container.



(Below) The exquisite Purple (aka Lilac) Hibiscus is in bloom now. Our plants are budded up and ready to flourish in your garden!



(Below) If you’re passionate about purple, there are many ways to have this striking color in your home and garden. Glory Bush, with its large, royal purple flowers, attracts butterflies and can be grown in containers or in the ground. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, CJ, or Miguel for assistance with the proper planting soils and container size.


(Below) Sea Thrift is a wonderful dainty accent plant.


(Below) Our Buddleia plants, aka Butterfly Bush, are ready to burst into color! This plant brings butterflies to the garden!


(Below) The Double Delight rose is absolutely gorgeous! Stop in to see all of our roses in their first magnificent bloom of the season!


(Below) Statuary can turn a garden, balcony, patio or interior into a fun spot to hang out. Stop in to see our Mermaids, dogs, cats, frogs, religious statuary, Buddha, Kuan Yin, turtles and much more.


(Below) How about a Dorsett Apple Tree in your yard?





(Above and below) We are your succulent headquarters and have everything from super small succulents to jumbo boxed specimens. We’re also known for our custom pre-planted container arrangements so stop in to check us out.



Visit us soon to catch all the spring action!