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Fountains, Organic Edibles, NonGMOs, Tomatoes, Peppers, Blueberries, Strawberries, Roses, Citrus, Mint, Herbs, Produce, Vegetables, and More!

A fountain in the garden brings a touch of class, elegance, and style to outdoor entertaining and relaxation. Our 2+ acres allows us to carry a large in-stock selection of the best quality fountains. Take one home today or let our delivery service bring it to you.

Screenshot 2016-04-24 18.44.14

Fountains offer us the opportunity to explore nature… Their flowing water recirculates and reminds us of the circle of life. The soothing sound of water can fill us with reflection and moments of introspection or joy.

Screenshot 2016-04-24 18.18.03

(Below) This “garden bubbler will bring the soothing sound of water to all who wander past it.

Screenshot 2016-04-24 18.43.17

Screenshot 2016-04-24 18.17.17

Organic and NonGMO Edibles

(Below) Our organic vegetable selection is amazing! We have peppers–hot (caliente!), mild, Golden Bell–and much more to amaze you!


(Below) We carry a large selection of organic vegetables.


(Below) Tomatoes anyone? We have an awesome selection so you can grow, eat, and enjoy vine-ripened homegrown tomatoes.



(Below) Go ahead and read our labels! We offer the finest selection of herbs, vegetables, fruit and citrus you will find in Los Angeles. Yes, you can read our labels, understand what you’re purchasing, and get the best in organics, nongmo, and plants from the best, boutique and heartfelt growers around!


(Below) Our citrus area is a great location for conversations.


(Below) A stroll through our Vegetable and Herb area is bound to load you up with goodies for planting!



(Below) Plant your strawberry pot now!


(Below) Corn


(Below) Mint Julep anyone? We have all sorts of mint, including Kentucky Colonel.


(Below) Our herb and vegetable selection is full of interesting finds.





Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Mother’s Day is on its way so why not get the lady in your life something she’ll treasure? A living plant is always a great gift.

(Below) Hydrangeas are a plant mom will love!


 (Below) Roses make great gifts.



(Below) Maybe your mom walks on the wild side and would like a Kangaroo Paw.



A Marina del Rey Garden Center gift card is another great way to put a smile on someone’s face, anytime! See you at the garden center!

Bougainvillea, Star Jasmine, Roses, Organic Vegetables and Herbs, NonGMO Plants, Fountains, and Lots More Happening at the Garden Center

Garden lovers are having a great time checking out all of the wonderful plant choices they have for their garden and outdoor living areas this spring and summer. We are fully loaded with roses, shrubs, vines, trees, perennials like Salvia and Sage, native plants, vegetables, herbs, fruit bushes and trees, citrus, succulents, cacti, bedding plants and lots more!


(Below) Bougainvillea and Star Jasmine vines are being carted through our rose and citrus, veggie/herb, and fruit section… on their way to a customer’s home.


(Below) Bougainvillea, Star Jasmine, and other vines and plants on trellises are a great way to quickly get an instant privacy hedge right where you need one.


(Below) Gardeners were busy loading up this cart with plants. 


(Below) Selecting plants for the garden is always fun, especially in spring when plants are looking so wonderful and vibrant! Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve or CJ for guidance. They’re happy to help!



(Below) There’s nothing more rewarding than when we see a budding young gardener discovering the joy of nature! This young lad loved taking this filled water can to gently tend to the lavender nearby.



(Below) Our blueberry bushes are bursting with berries so hurry in to select your plants and grow your own blueberries! The blueberry is a delicious healthy fruit high in healthy antioxidants.


(Below) We have yardsticks strategically placed near our containers so measuring them is easy! Blueberries can be grown in the ground or in containers.


(Below) We are your best source for edibles! We have organic and Non-GMO plants!


(Below) Kids are naturally drawn to good things!


(Below) Nothing tastes as good as homegrown tomatoes sun ripened and fresh picked from the vine.



Fountains for Your Home and Garden!








(Above) Buddha. We have a large selection of statuary, including mermaids, mushrooms, dogs, frogs, birds, Jesuits, and much more.


(Above) Now is the best time to spruce up your garden for spring and summer fun! Our team of professionals is here to help you! We look forward to seeing you at the garden center!

Spring Gardening, Mother’s Day Gifts, Monarch Butterflies, Hummingbirds, and Kittens

Monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, more butterflies, bees… These are just some of the beautiful creatures we attract to our garden center by virtue of who we are and what we do.

Gardens speak of life. They brim and overflow with it, especially during Spring.

(Below) Look what landed on our Garden Design Expert Miguel!


Monarch Butterflies, like the one on Miguel above, rely on Milkweed for their existence. That’s why we have encouraged our best growers to supply us year-round with this specialty plant.

And as a nationally Certified Wildlife Habitat®, we specialize in creating a haven for butterflies, birds, and bees, all of which are vital to our life cycle.

(Below) Our Buddleia plants are just coming into bloom and will keep the butterflies and bees in your neighborhood happy for many months.



Peony Passion!

(Below) Anyone from the Midwest knows all about Peonies–their beauty, wonderful fragrance, and long-lived blooms! Our once-a-year delivery of spectacular Peony plants is here and these gems are bursting into the blooms they’re known and loved for.

Stop in today to revisit or discover this feel-good flower that isn’t just about the Midwest anymore! Yes, you can grow them here in Southern California.



Everything’s Coming Up… Roses!


Rose lovers know the intense feelings rose blossoms can produce via their majestic and vibrant colors. Stop in now, if only to stroll our amazing Rose Garden!





Native Plants Are Drought-Tolerant

Springtime is always refreshing! We get to experience the eye-popping beauty of flowers and foliage.

(Below) Rock Rose, a drought-tolerant plant native to the Mediterranean, is one of the many native plants that performs well in our mild climate. Its stunning flowers will turn your garden into an even more beautiful place!


(Below) Who knew Ceanothus, aka California Lilac, came with variegated foliage?! Do check out our one-gallon native plant selection! We have California, Australian, and South African native plants.


 (Below) We specialize in stocking vines, shrubs and trees on trellises. Plants on trellises are great for gaining instant privacy by placing one or more in a spot where they can block any prying eyes. And many of these trellised plants can be grown in containers, giving them an immediate elevated height.


(Below) We are your salvia and sage headquarters! Come experience a hummingbirds’ paradise. Our perennials come in one-gallon, five-gallon and larger container sizes.



The Best Customer Service!

(Below) Our ace Operations Team Member John tends to a plant for a customer before loading it into her car. Our staff takes great pride in providing the best service possible.




Hang Out With Plants This Spring and Summer!

(Below) If you have a rafter, tree branch, pole, or any place to hang a plant, go for it! Hanging plants bring beauty to any setting. Poolside, on balconies, patios, decks, entrances, or wherever, they are truly gorgeous.


(Above) Fuchsias make a beautiful statement.

(Below) Our color baskets include a diversity of plants that will continue to bloom throughout the summer.



Garden Delights

Below are some photos of plants at the garden center we simply hope you enjoy!





Mother’s Day Gifts


(Above) Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 8. What are your plans?! Moms always love an Orchid. Who doesn’t! Ours are spectacular!

Happy Spring! See you at the Garden Center!

Peonies, Roses, Edibles, Succulents, Salvias, Sages, Plants for Butterflies and Hummingbirds, and More In Now

Peonies, roses, bright vibrant colors, and food aplenty, like strawberries, lima beans, apples, lemons, limes, plums, figs, blueberries, basil, lettuce–this is the beauty of spring and life!

(Below) Peonies are here and in limited supply! Ours are fully budded up and just now bursting forth with their blossoms!





Now is the best time to select the roses you want to grace your home and garden! With abundant blooms, our bushes, ground covers, David Austin roses, climbers and tree roses are prime.


(Below) Tree roses are stunning and can be grown on arbors, trellises, up walls, or in containers on a patio.


(Below) Stop in to see our selection of roses on trellises. 


(Below) Spread some love, joy, and happiness with the Disneyland Rose!



(Below) How big can roses be? Take a look at these beauts!



(Below) The Double Delight rose


We Are A Nationally Recognized Wildlife Habitat


(Above and below) A hummingbird feeds on one of our salvias, demonstrating just one of the reasons we’ve received the prestigious Certified Wildlife Habitat designation from the National Wildlife Federation.

IMG_5554 (1)



Our vegetable, herb, and fruit selection is brimming with plants just waiting to provide you with delicious healthy homegrown eats!




(Above) Can you spot some green tomatoes growing? Our plants are so ready to be planted! Stop in today and ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve or CJ where and how to plant.

(Below) We even have new raised vegetable beds in new sizes.



Bring spring into your world with plants! We have virtually every kind imaginable and shoppers have come to love our selection and expertise.