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Elegant, Classic Pots, Bird Baths and Fountains, Talavera Pottery, Lemon Trees and Other Citrus, Boungainvillea, Food for Wildlife and Edibles for People

Join us on Monday, July 4 between 11 a.m. and 2 p.m. when we host our Customer Appreciation Day. Free hot dogs, links and beverages.

We will be open July 4th from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m.

For gardeners and those of us who love being outdoors during summer, any amount of space in a yard, on a patio, in a windowsill, on a balcony or deck, or hanging from a rafter gives us the chance to place a plant, a fountain, a garden accent that will capture the eye.


And while finding some fun nooks and areas for crafting artsy visuals surrounded by nature is a fun activity, so is reinventing, replanting, repotting anything you want to make new again (Remember, “everything old is new again!”).

(Above) Bougainvillea is always majestic in summer, offering an array of scintillating and soft colors as well as a great way to create privacy.

(Below) Fountains add a tranquility to any outdoor area. We carry a huge assortment of fountains, containers, chimineas, and statuary including bird baths. And we take special orders.




Yes, We Have Citrus!

Citrus has been difficult to come by this season and thanks to our relationships with select growers we now have Eureka and Meyer Lemon trees. We also have limes, oranges, mandarins and other tasty citrus so stop in today.



More Edibles

Artichokes are growing now and this one we’ve planted is getting bigger and bigger. Visit our edible selection to grow the best tomatoes, peppers, citrus, avocados, lettuce, blueberries, grapes, and much more.


Our Garden Design Experts Steve, CJ and Miguel can help you plant your very own edible garden (even if it’s just an herb or two or some lettuce or tomatoes!). They’re here to help and answer any questions you have.

We have organic and nonGMO plants.

(Below) And because our grounds at the garden center are so natural, we consistently have many creatures that visit us. We even have caterpillars and chrysalis hanging around as they morph into butterflies.




Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel or Steve for help selecting butterfly-friendly, hummingbird-friendly, wildlife-friendly plants for your home and garden.



Classic Elegance in the Garden


(Above) While some folks will tell you that “matchy matchy” is out, it does create an air and visual that is at once soothing and mellifluous. Stop in to see how you can create inviting classic spaces at your home.

(Below) We also are known for our Talavera Pottery, artisan crafted with vibrant lively colors. Stop in to see what we have. Talavera is so unique that once a piece is gone, it’s gone. It literally is all handmade and can’t be precisely duplicated.



So stop in to see what’s going on at the garden center. There’s always something new and we’re ready to help you find just what you’re looking for on our 2+-acre paradise.


See you soon!


Fountains, Milkweed, Bromeliads, Bougainvillea, Boxwoods, Cypress, Gerberas, Summer Color and Much More

Make the most of your summer with a new fountain and enjoy the tranquility the sound of flowing water brings.

(Below) Our fountain selection is large–everything from small tabletop fountains to wall fountains to small and large fountains that will add the perfect touch.




Looking for just the right fountain? Our inventory ranges from contemporary to classic designs and includes many you won’t find anywhere else.

All of our fountains operate by using a small amount of water that is recirculated by a pump. Just plug your fountain into an electrical outlet and enjoy!


Fountains can be placed on patios, decks, balconies, porches, pathways, on walls, tables, and in the garden. Stop in today to see our selection and find the perfect one for your home and garden.

And remember, we offer a delivery service.



(Below) One of our Bamboo Fountain Kits can turn any pot or container into a flowing fountain so you can craft your own unique look or use that incredibly stunning container you’ve found.



Summertime and the livin’ is easy!


Summertime means relaxing — R&R with friends, family and basking in the sunshine. So why not turn your home and outdoor living areas into wonderful retreats, places where you can get away from the daily grind and into a restful spirit.

IMG_6020 (1)



(Below) We pride ourselves on having a steady inventory of Milkweed, the plant Monarch caterpillars and butterflies need to live, and we always bring in the best plants.



Inlaid Glass Containers

(Below) These gorgeous containers are part of a unique pottery line called Bubble Blast — and you can see why! Inlaid glass adds some scintillating sparkle when the sunlight hits.


IMG_6001 (1)


Garden Fun!

Now that summer is here and you’ll be spending lots of time outdoors, spruce up your garden and outdoor living areas.

(Below) Boxwoods and Cypress can add some dynamic color. And they don’t have to be planted in the ground — Put a few in containers and position them right where you want them.


(Below) Ask one of our Garden Design Experts about Bromeliads and how you can have them at your home. Miguel, Steve and CJ are always ready to answer any of your gardening questions.


(Below) Colorful bedding plants are the hallmark of summer and we’ve got tons! 



Don’t Be Blindsided

(Below) Now that you’ll be using screen doors for going inside and out to enjoy summer, prep so that disaster doesn’t strike. These attractive screen door savers are here to keep you, your family and guests from walking into screen doors.



Happy Summer everyone! Stop in today to see what’s new and all of the exciting ways you can have edibles and a gorgeous life-affirming home and garden!

Edibles, Lettuce, Strawberries, Glorious Vines, Fruiting Olive Trees, Milkweed, Butterfly-Friendly Plants,

Nothing tastes as good as homegrown fruits and vegetables so start growing your own produce, herbs, and wholesome fresh fruits. Our Garden Design Experts are happy to offer guidance. Ask Miguel, Steve or CJ for assistance anytime you have questions.


(Below) Our pre-planted strawberry plants yield delicious berries you can pop in your mouth right from the bush.





Vines offer a great way to create privacy and color. 



Vines can be grown to span trellises, fences, and other structures. They’re also wonderful planted together in a row.




Olive Trees

(Below) You asked for them, so we got ’em — Fruiting Olive Trees!




Colorful Plants

There are many ways to have a beautiful garden.





We specialize in keeping our butterfly, bird and hummingbird friends happy and healthy by offering a selection of plants they need and love. 

(Below) Milkweed is essential for the Monarch Butterfly and we carry it year-round.


(Below) Yarrow is another butterfly-friendly plant.




(Below) We have several sizes of Plumeria plants available, including this magnificent boxed specimen.






Purple Hopseed trees


(Above) Quick-growing Purple Hopseed trees make great privacy screens and hedges. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Steve or Miguel for assistance.

Milkweed for Monarchs, Buddleia for Butterflies, Bees, Birds, Plumeria, Edibles Such as Grapes, Blueberries, Raspberries, Lettuce, Basil, NonGMO Plants, Organic Plants, Palo Verde, Lily of the Nile, Fountains, Boxwoods,

The Marina del Rey Garden Center is an oasis in the midst of high-rise buildings, new residential developments, eclectic walkstreets, yacht dwellers, urban home stylists with an eye for all things natural and contemporary, old-style bungalows, and everything you’d expect to find in Los Angeles.

(Below) Buddleia, aka Butterfly Bush, is the plant to have if you want to attract butterflies and other pollinators to your garden. It is one of many colorful blooming plants the birds, bees, butterflies love. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for assistance. They can answer any questions you have about planting in ground or containers, container size, soils and soil amendments, sunlight conditions, and maintenance.


(Below) The hard-to-find and highly prized Asclepias fascicularis is in stock, but limited so hurry in! This is the California native plant Monarch butterflies need and thrive on for their survival. The caterpillars that become Monarchs also love this delicious green foliage!


(Below) Lily of the Nile gets a visit from a pollinator.




(Below) This elegant small fountain fits into nearly any place. Stop in to see our huge selection of in-stock fountains. The soothing sound of flowing water is always a pleasure worth enjoying, no matter how subtle.



Palo Verde and Other Plants


(Above and below) Boxed Palo Verde specimens capture attention in the landscape and bode well for our future with their super low water requirement.

Enjoy a more formal elegant yet tranquil look with Boxwoods and classic fountains and containers. We’ve just received a huge shipment of Boxwoods in a large variety of shapes and sizes.



 Turn Your Summer Exotic!


(Above and below) Plumeria, aka Frangipani, has arrived and is looking and smelling wonderful! This beautiful fragrant flower is the one used in Hawaiian leis and prized by gardeners.



More Unusual Plants

(Below) We take a huge amount of pride in finding unusual or hard-to-find plants and bringing them to you. Ever heard of Goji Berry? It’s a Super Food and said to be the “most nutritionally dense fruit on Earth.” Goji berry, aka Wolfberry, is native to the Himalayan Mountains of Tibet and Mongolia.



Power-Packed Healthy Edibles


(Above) Did you know we carry often carry as many as 1o Blueberry varieties? And our grapes are bursting with fruit right now, too. Ask our Garden Design Experts CJ, Steve, and Miguel how you can add an edible plant to your garden and grow your own delicious fruit!


(Below) Raspberries are in!



 Custom Planted Containers


(Above and below) We are known for our stunning pre-planted succulent arrangements. These ready-to-go containers make any garden, pathway, entrance, patio, deck, balcony, porch look great!


(Below) You’ll find bromeliads planted amongst a stunning array of succulents in our pre-planted containers. REMEMBER: You can always ask us to plant a custom arrangement for you!



Get ready for some summer lovin’ of fruit, edibles, culinary herbs, aromatic herbs and plants, butterfly and hummingbird friendly plants, trees for shade and long-lasting beauty and much more at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. See you soon!