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Vines, Succulents, Gorgeous Containers, Bougainvillea–It’s All Here For Summer!

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There’s nothing quite like a colorful vine to bring out the feel of summer. And while vines can be grown for privacy (on trellises, walls, arbors, fences), they’re also simply beautiful and many can be grown in containers and hanging baskets.

(Below) Mandevilla


(Below) Vines bring a treasure trove of color to the patio, garden, deck. Pair one with a stunning container and create just the look you want. We also have vines pre-planted in hanging baskets.


(Below) Potato vine


(Below) Black-eyed Susan Vine is a fast-growing vine that needs a vertical stand or trellis to support it. The vines twine around themselves and anchor the plant to vertical structures. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, CJ or Miguel for assistance. They can help you get the plant best suited for your needs.


(Below) We stock a variety of plants on trellises, including Bougainvillea, Potato Vine, Star Jasmine, Roses, and even Citrus and Avocado trees. A benefit with a trellised plant is the plant is already being trained to grow wide and will grow denser.


(Below) Bougainvillea can also be grown as a groundcover or small hedge. We stock unusual plants like the variegated Bougainvillea below.


(Below) Cape Honeysuckle is another gorgeous vine that can be grown as a shrub.



New Life


(Above) The garden center is full of new life springing forth! Stop in to escape the city madness and enjoy a tranquil stroll. You may see Monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, lizards, bunnies, cats, swallowtail butterflies, bees, and birds. If you listen closely, you’re bound to hear the soothing sound of flowing water, too.


Container Heaven

We are the place to find a beautiful or practical container for your plant.


(Below) Our containers come in a wide assortment of sizes, colors, and styles.



(Below) Kangaroo Paws is one plant that can be grown in a container. Ask Miguel, CJ or Steve¬†— our Garden Design Experts — for assistance when selecting plants for containers and containers. They can help you make sure you are getting the right-sized pot and filling it with the best soil.







(Above and below) We carry a large selection of succulents in all sizes imaginable.





Edibles: Herbs, Lettuce, Fruit, Tomatoes, Vegetables, Citrus, Avocado Trees, More

(Below) We are well-known for our great selection of edibles, including a wealth of herbs.


Stop in today to see how you can enhance your home and outdoor living areas for summer!