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Style Your Garden With Flax, Cordyline, Foliage, Color, Containers, Icee Blue Podocarpus, Succulents, Bougainvillea, Fountains, and More

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Color isn’t the only thing a garden can highlight. Texture and shape are also intriguing ways to create an appealing garden.

(Below) Green variegated foliage contrasts nicely with Cordyline planted in white containers. A darker green foliage beneath the eye-level plants brings a completed look to this garden.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 14.33.40

(Below) Flax in vibrant greens, browns, and reds bring out the best in this soothing landscape.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 14.30.55

(Below) The garden center is full of Cordyline and Flax for your planting pleasure, in sizes ranging from one-gallon to larger, more mature plants.


(Below) Cordyline and Flax are dazzlers in the garden. When the sunlight hits them, they are even more stunning.



(Below) A succulent groundcover sits underneath these Cordyline, setting them off with a nice contrast. 

Screenshot 2016-08-28 14.32.38

Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ or Steve for guidance with creating the garden you want. They can help you select the right plants for your growing conditions; help you improve your soil so your plants thrive; help you determine what size container to pot a plant in, and much more.


Screenshot 2016-08-28 14.29.50

(Below) Operations Team Member Efron helps a gardener load her selected plants onto her cart.


(Below) Containers are yet another way to add texture, intrigue, color and style to your home and garden.


(Below) We keep a huge selection of containers in stock on our 2+ acres. In addition to what you see here, we have beautiful Asian ceramic containers and Talavera pottery, too.


(Below) Asian ceramic containers are beautifully glazed. The blue containers are extremely popular, as you can well imagine.


(Below) Our container selection includes Classical containers, Mediterranean containers, and a huge variety of shapes, styles, and textures. Won’t those two bright red and brown flax look stunning in those two pots?


(Below) We’re all about helping you have a beautiful home and garden. Stop in to see the many garden design ideas we have positioned throughout the nursery.


(Below) Spikey succulents also look great in the landscape and in containers.


(Below) Icee Blue Podocarpus is a remarkable specimen in the garden that is hard to find. We’ve just received a nice shipment of them.


(Below) Bring a beverage and stroll our grounds. We even allow well-behaved dogs on leashes. P.S. We have resident cats.


(Below) If attempting to select plants for a container assortment seems a bit challenging, let us do the work for you. We always have a good selection of pre-planted arrangements in containers and are more than happy to create custom ones just for you.


(Below) Extend your time outdoors this fall with a chiminea, aka fireplace. We have everything you need to sit outside and enjoy the warmth and glow of a fire.


(Below) Make your landscaping look custom and contemporary with paint, textures, plants of varying heights, colors, and textures, and focal points such as a fountain. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for free advice.

Screenshot 2016-08-28 14.33.09







(Below) Isn’t this succulent unusual? Think of how it would look in your garden or potted in a container.


(Below) Our fountain selection is always vast and large, year-round.


See you at the Garden Center!

Custom Container Arrangements

Nothing looks as warm and inviting as beautiful plants spread around a patio, deck, home, pathway, yard, balcony, garden. Think about the last gathering you went to: Did you walk into a warm and inviting atmosphere? Was lively, vibrant, lush, tropical, elegant?

Our custom container arrangements are perfect for making social gatherings, indoors and out, warm and inviting. We also welcome you to work with one of our Garden Design Experts to create your own arrangements (Our Garden Design Experts can help you select plants with similar watering needs, the right sized container, and the best soil, key when it comes to container planting.). Or, wander the Garden Genter to see what amazing custom arrangements we’ve already made!


(Above) Without a doubt, blue containers make indoor and outdoor living look completely compelling and comfortable. We have deep connections with vendors who have access and oftentimes first dibs on containers made in limited quantities.

Because succulents all have basically the same watering needs they are great plants for grouping and planting in containers. Because they are so diverse in height, color, texture and shape, you can have lots of fun experimenting and getting creative with what you plant.

(Below) Containers can also spark the imagination, with their color, texture, and design.


(Below) Custom arrangements in containers can be positioned in the garden with some height. Place them on a pedestal to achieve a dramatic look. Having some elevated focal points adds interest for the eye and leads the eye to specific sights. Container arrangements can go on tabletops, shelves–use your creativity to find places you’d like place a container, then find the right-sized container and plants at the Marina del Rey garden center.


(Below) Our smaller “color bowls” add intrigue to small spaces, adding warmth and dimension to an indoor room or outdoor area.



(Below) Our staff is devoted to crafting container arrangements that look superb. And they’re more than happy to help you create your own. Just tell them what you’re looking for and they can help you locate it on our 2+ acres.


(Below) Feel comfortable and soothed in a space full of lush greenery planted in gorgeous containers.


(Below) The background shows just a small area of our container selection… Up front are two classical containers, great for positioning on the ground or pedestals. Imagine them with the red/brown Cordyline to their right swaying with the breeze, highlighted by the sunlight.


Our container selection includes timeless classics like the ones below.


At any time, our inventory can include unique, one-of-a-kind containers we won’t be able to get again so when you see something you like, be sure to buy it.

(Below) Add your creative touch to these big round white bowls.


A container is a container — something that holds something, in this case, a plant. We frequently have unusual containers so stop in and find some inspiration.



(Below) Bromeliads, grasses, and driftwood, a rather large piece here, create drama in this eye-catching container.


(Below) Containers with texture can add a dynamic look.




(Below) Trees such as the Desert Museum Palo Verde, center, and Japanese Maples flanking it, look great when planted in containers. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for guidance. They can help you find the right-sized container, give you watering, care and maintenance tips, and help you select the best potting soil.


(Below) Blue containers are always riveting, especially when planted artfully.


(Below) Boxwoods, cypress, and junipers make a classic statement in a garden. Plant them in elegant containers.


(Below) Talavera Pottery has a long history of appreciation. If you’re not familiar with this one-of-a-kind collectible pottery, stop in to see our selection.







Hard-to-Find Palo Verde, Fruitless Olive Trees, Avocado Trees, Edible Fruit Olive Trees, Meyer Lemons, Bearss Limes, Vines and More

Even if you’re not planting this week, make plans now to get a head start on your fall garden. Fall is the best time to plant… with summer’s heat still in force, giving newly planted roots a better opportunity to establish themselves and grow before spring arrives.

We’ve just received delivery of two of our customers’ most requested plants–the Palo Verde and Olive tree. These beautiful trees add wispy, elegant looks to the garden with their finer foliage that in the case of the Palo Verde (below) is very see-through. Both of these trees make great focal points in a landscape.

(Below) Just one of our 24-inch boxed Desert Museum Palo Verde trees.


Here’s what Houzz says about the Desert Museum Palo Verde tree: “One can hardly find a more colorful tree than the ‘Desert Museum’ palo verde, with its distinctive green trunk and yellow flowers that appear in spring. Although there are several species of palo verde, ‘Desert Museum’ has the best attributes, including that it is thornless, has a lovely vase shape and flowers over a long period of time.”


(Below) A 24-inch boxed Olive Tree can be used as a focal point in the garden and serves well as a privacy barrier when grouped with other Olive Trees. This fruitless variety means you can simply sit back and enjoy the soft lilting look of the tree. The fruitless Olive Tree is very popular.



In addition to finding the plants you want in large and small sizes, we carry a good selection of plants growing on trellises, another great way to achieve instant privacy where you need it.

Our selection includes Jasmine, Privets, Podocarpus, Bougainvillea, Avocado trees, Meyer Lemon shrubs, Bearss Lime shrubs, and the Potato Vine (below). Position these trellised plants to block views and have your own great view of lush greenery.


(Below) The sweeter Meyer Lemon on a trellis has a dual use as a privacy hedge and to yield delicious Meyer Lemons, which recipes frequently call for. Grow you own so you don’t have to run to a store that carries them every time you need one. There’s nothing quite like fresh-squeezed Meyer Lemon juice over a bed of greens with seeds, avocado and whatever else you like.


 (Below) Plant a mature Bearss Lime tree and enjoy even more fresh limes.


(Below) The Holiday Avocado is one you need to know. Its pear-shaped avocados have an excellent flavor and its fruit ripens between Labor Day and New Year’s Day. Given all its healthy foliage that is a pleasure to look at, this variety is also great as a privacy hedge.

Need help wading through all of the plants to figure out which are best for your garden? Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel or CJ. They’re happy to show you where plants and other items are on our 2+ acres and can guide you to having the best, happiest, healthy plants in your garden.


(Below) A Holiday Semi-Dwarf Avocado tree stands next to a Fuerte Avocado tree. We also have Hass Avocado trees.


(Below) We’ve also just received several excellent Arbequina Hardy Olive trees filled with edible olives. Customers have been asking for olive trees that bear fruit so we snagged some wonderful-looking trees from one of the best growers around.


(Below) You can see how loaded with fruit our Arbequina Hardy Olive trees are.




(Below) Vines also look great in the garden and when combined can be used to create privacy. They can have delicate flowers, like the Potato Vine below, or large showy flowers. Pick whatever suits your fancy.


(Below) The large showy flowers of a Mandevilla vine grow profusely and love summer!


(Below) Isn’t the new Stars & Stripes Mandevilla stunning? Plant one and be patriotic all year!






(Below) In case you missed these new arrivals, here is just a bit of what arrived last week.





(Below) Stop in and ask Miguel, one of our Garden Design Experts, for help. He, CJ and Steve are ready to help you.







See you at the Garden Center!

Bougainvillea, Plumeria, Buddha Statues and Fountains, Succulents, New Containers, Mandevilla and Other Vines, Trees, Shrubs, Perennials

Our 2+ acres are loaded with the best trees, shrubs, perennials, succulents, and edibles so stop in today to put some fun into the rest of your summer as well as get landscaping for fall.

(Below) The Three Musketeers found just what they were looking for.


(Below) Bougainvillea on trellises makes a nice backdrop for some new arrivals to the garden center: A large Buddha, a custom succulent arrangement in a new container and a Buddha fountain in an earthy brown finish, to the far right.


(Below) One of our Garden Design Experts, Miguel, disappears into the greenery to help a customer with his plant selection–a beautiful Mandevilla vine.


(Below) The classic Plumeria flowerfragrant and simply stunning. We have Plumeria available in sizes as small as one gallon all the way to a 24-inch boxed specimen.


(Below) A lot of new succulents in large sizes have recently arrived at the garden center thanks to our buyer’s trip to hand-select the plants. We’ve also just received a large delivery of containers hand-picked by our buyer so stop in to have fun mixing and matching plants to containers and set your home and garden up with stylish focal points.


(Below) Our Garden Design Expert Steve helps a gardener with her Hibiscus purchase. Behind her is just part of our salvia collection, which is the best spot in the garden center for finding hummingbirds flitting about. In the foreground, is a Grape vine in our Edibles section.


(Below) Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for guidance when choosing a soil amendment for planting in the ground versus in containers. Once you’ve made your selection, one of our friendly Operations Team members will load your purchases into your vehicle so you can get home and dig in. We also we have a delivery service.


(Below) New containers give a riveting look to Cypress and Junipers. Come on in and use your creativity to match containers to plants for some stunning effects.


(Below) Now is a great time to load up on plants and create a garden that will look great now and even better in spring after plant roots have had a chance to use summer’s heat to get them established and growing in the fall.


(Below) Our Team is always ready to help. Victor is our Delivery guy.


(Below) A new Buddha fountain.


(Below) Our tree selection is vast and includes everything from small hedge type plants to trees with great height.


(Below) A gardener prepares to take his plants home and get gardening!


There’s no better time to plant than now–and we have everything you need, from Plumeria to Succulents to Bougainvillea to Mandevilla to Pittosporum to Podocarpus.

See you at the garden center!

Soothing Fountains, Colorful Hanging Baskets, Exotic Bromeliads and Succulent Arrangements, Drought-Tolerant Plants and Room to Roam

Spending time outdoors this time of year is a great way to relax and enjoy Mother Nature. Decorate your home and garden with hanging color baskets, bromeliads, succulents and exotic arrangements. How about a fountain to help calm the spirit and soothe the soul?


(Below) How amazing would you patio, balcony, garden, deck, pathways look with stunning containers? We are proud to craft a large number of arrangements in every size pot imaginable. And, we can help you make your own custom creations that reflect your style as well as plant them for you.


(Below) When you find something you like at the garden center, don’t hold back, grab it and snag it! The majority of our plants and merchandise cannot be precisely duplicated or ordered.


(Above) Chrysocephalum ‘Desert Flame’

(Below) Convolvulus ‘Prime White’ with Lantana beside it


(Below) Rieger Begonia


(Below) Leucadendron ‘Jester’ is a drought-tolerant plant native to South Africa.


(Below) Our Operations Team Members are ready to pack your car for you so you can get home and get planting. We have plastic liners we use to protect your vehicle. Our team members are ready to do the heavy lifting!


(Below) We stock a huge selection of the best plants from the top growers so you can have a gorgeous garden.


(Below) A pollinator lands on Lavender.


(Below) Stroll our 2+ acres to see the all of the amazing plants you can select from. We have a large number of plants on trellises, which can turn a troublesome spot into a private oasis free from prying eyes.


(Below) Sturdy wood half barrels make wonderful planters.


(Below) A gorgeous boxed Palo Verde Tree is surrounded by a graceful statue, colorful hanging baskets and tons of shade plants.


(Below) There are many ways to turn an area into a shady oasis with plants and fountains. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel or CJ for help.


(Below) Fuchsias love shade.


(Below) Be sure to peruse our succulent selection. These drought-tolerant plants have distinctive characteristics that make an impact.


Experience the pleasure of being outdoors and wandering through our 2+ acres. We look forward to seeing you!

Roses, Vines, Edibles, Succulents, Goji Berry, Colorful Bedding Plants

It’s vine time… right now as these glorious plants are looking simply stunning with lots of blossoms.

(Below) Mandevilla is a popular vine that can also be grown in a hanging basket.


(Below) Vines offer stunning flowers and attractive foliage.


(Below) Grab your favorite beverage and stroll our 2+ acres where you’ll be immersed in nature. We have Monarch butterflies, hummingbirds, rabbits, lizards, birds and many other signs of life.


(Below) Roses are still looking beautiful. We have tree roses, rose bushes, and roses perfect for use as hedges and groundcovers.


(Below) Double Delight


(Below) Aren’t these tree roses beautiful? Plant them in containers and put them wherever you like… poolside, patios, decks, balconies, pathways.


(Below) More and more gardeners continue to discover that we offer an enormous succulent, cacti and bromeliad selection.


(Below) Yes, succulents bloom. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for tips on how to select, plant and grow these water-wise plants. Miguel, Steve, and CJ are ready to answer your questions.


(Below) Our in-house design team crafts amazing succulent arrangements, the majority of which are in containers from our huge selection of Asian ceramics and contemporary designs. And when we find a special container, we’ll plant it, too!


(Below) Can you say artichokes?!


(Below) We feature a good selection of tomato plants because nothing tastes as good as homegrown. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for help planting your vegetable, herb, citrus, fruit, stone fruit plants.


(Below) The Goji Berry is a superfood. Grow this power-packed fruit in your own garden!


(Below) Kale


(Below) Don’t you just love the green vibrant look of this edible? Nutritionists recommend eating  healthy nutrient-rich foods from the  rainbow of colors in your diet and we have everything from healthy greens to blueberries, raspberries, grapes, wine grapes, and much more!



(Below) Our selection includes peppers so you can add some spicy heat to your dishes this summer.


(Below) Our Garden Design Expert Miguel can answer your gardening questions.


(Below) The pros know where to go for the best soils around!


(Below) Get some summer color in your garden.


(Below) Platycodon, Balloon Flower Blue… Isn’t she lovely?!


(Below) Platycodon, Balloon Flower White… Add these stunning plants to your garden!


Now is a great time to find the plants that will keep your summer fun and beautiful. So come on in and take a stroll. 

And look us up on Facebook to see what customers have been saying about us.

See you at the garden center!