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Custom Container Arrangements

Nothing looks as warm and inviting as beautiful plants spread around a patio, deck, home, pathway, yard, balcony, garden. Think about the last gathering you went to: Did you walk into a warm and inviting atmosphere? Was lively, vibrant, lush, tropical, elegant?

Our custom container arrangements are perfect for making social gatherings, indoors and out, warm and inviting. We also welcome you to work with one of our Garden Design Experts to create your own arrangements (Our Garden Design Experts can help you select plants with similar watering needs, the right sized container, and the best soil, key when it comes to container planting.). Or, wander the Garden Genter to see what amazing custom arrangements we’ve already made!


(Above) Without a doubt, blue containers make indoor and outdoor living look completely compelling and comfortable. We have deep connections with vendors who have access and oftentimes first dibs on containers made in limited quantities.

Because succulents all have basically the same watering needs they are great plants for grouping and planting in containers. Because they are so diverse in height, color, texture and shape, you can have lots of fun experimenting and getting creative with what you plant.

(Below) Containers can also spark the imagination, with their color, texture, and design.


(Below) Custom arrangements in containers can be positioned in the garden with some height. Place them on a pedestal to achieve a dramatic look. Having some elevated focal points adds interest for the eye and leads the eye to specific sights. Container arrangements can go on tabletops, shelves–use your creativity to find places you’d like place a container, then find the right-sized container and plants at the Marina del Rey garden center.


(Below) Our smaller “color bowls” add intrigue to small spaces, adding warmth and dimension to an indoor room or outdoor area.



(Below) Our staff is devoted to crafting container arrangements that look superb. And they’re more than happy to help you create your own. Just tell them what you’re looking for and they can help you locate it on our 2+ acres.


(Below) Feel comfortable and soothed in a space full of lush greenery planted in gorgeous containers.


(Below) The background shows just a small area of our container selection… Up front are two classical containers, great for positioning on the ground or pedestals. Imagine them with the red/brown Cordyline to their right swaying with the breeze, highlighted by the sunlight.


Our container selection includes timeless classics like the ones below.


At any time, our inventory can include unique, one-of-a-kind containers we won’t be able to get again so when you see something you like, be sure to buy it.

(Below) Add your creative touch to these big round white bowls.


A container is a container — something that holds something, in this case, a plant. We frequently have unusual containers so stop in and find some inspiration.



(Below) Bromeliads, grasses, and driftwood, a rather large piece here, create drama in this eye-catching container.


(Below) Containers with texture can add a dynamic look.




(Below) Trees such as the Desert Museum Palo Verde, center, and Japanese Maples flanking it, look great when planted in containers. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for guidance. They can help you find the right-sized container, give you watering, care and maintenance tips, and help you select the best potting soil.


(Below) Blue containers are always riveting, especially when planted artfully.


(Below) Boxwoods, cypress, and junipers make a classic statement in a garden. Plant them in elegant containers.


(Below) Talavera Pottery has a long history of appreciation. If you’re not familiar with this one-of-a-kind collectible pottery, stop in to see our selection.