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Thanksgiving, Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Fresh-Cut Greens, Fall and Winter Gardening for the Holidays

It might be hard to believe Thanksgiving is edging closer with more holidays to follow and indeed the time for fun with family and friends is upon us. Our much-loved fresh-cut Christmas trees arrive from Oregon Thanksgiving week. Fresh-cut greens and poinsettias shortly thereafter.

(Below) Stop in now to get your garden, outdoor living spaces, and home ready for entertaining and being comfy and cozy for all to enjoy!


(Above) The garden can be in bloom year-round when you select plants native to a variety of areas around the globe. Salvias and sages boast purples, yellows, reds, and blues. Ask one of our on-staff Garden Design experts for assistance. They can help you plant a garden that will look spectacular all year long!

(Below) Phormium and Cordyline offer brilliant long leaves in dramatic hues that capture the sun’s glow and look radiant.


(Below) Our Garden Design Expert CJ advises a gardener on vines and other plants available to meet his needs. In the foreground is Milkweed in bloom in yellow and orange. Monarch butterflies depend on Milkweed for life so plant some today.


(Below) Fountains always add an appealing sound and look to the home and garden. Our selection is quite large and includes sleek modern styles, classic looks, and small space fountains.



(Below) Bromeliads can turn any area into an inviting space. Hummingbirds enjoy their colorful exotic-looking blossoms.



(Below) Our custom succulent arrangements are a great way to spruce up your home and garden for holiday entertaining. Stop in to see our huge selection.


(Below) Sansevieria, aka Snake Plant, is popular with it dramatic spiky look. Plant in a container or in the ground. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ for assistance. They can point you toward the right soil, soil amendments, correct-sized container, and much more.


(Below) Aren’t these small plants gorgeous! Indeed, there are countless ways to add color to a garden. Stroll our 2+ acres for ideas.


(Below) Our selection of small containers can be found outside our physical store and inside it, as well. We take great pride in offering a selection in which you’re sure to find the container you want.


(Below) Stop in to see our cute 2-inch succulent containers.


(Below) More of our gorgeous custom succulent arrangements, this time in Terra Cotta containers.


(Below) This is only a small part of our container selection.


(Below) Containers are perfect for planting elegant Boxwoods, Cypress, and Junipers. Fill your entrances with greenery you can decorate and light up for the holidays!


(Below) Beyond all of our small succulents and plants, we also stock a huge selection of large specimens that make stunning statements in the garden.


(Below) This Bearss Lime is ready to supply all of your recipes!


(Below) Pick a lime from your tree and add fresh-squeezed lime juice or fresh zest or peel to your recipes and beverages for a tasty twist.


Step inside our store to see our tabletop and wall fountains. Perfect for sprucing up your home during the holidays.



See you at the garden center!