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Camellias, Japanese Maples, Azaleas, Winter Vegetables, Indoor Plants, and New Fox Farm Fertilizers

Happy New Year to you and yours! 2017 is definitely off to a beautiful start with gorgeous clear blue skies after 2016 gave us a nice amount of rain in December.

Did you watch the Rose Parade? Camellias (below) could be called our winter rose and indeed, this highly prized plant has been likened to a rose thanks to several of its flower forms.


Camellia flowers come in single, semi-double, double, rose form, formal double, and other forms. Visit us today to see our great selection in a variety of sizes.


Camellias can be found in placed like Descanso Gardens and the Huntington Library and Gardens. In fact, Descanso Gardens is home to North America’s largest camellia collection and has been designated an International Camellia Garden of Excellence by the International Camellia Society. Camellias at Descanso bloom from early autumn to spring, with the most dazzling floral display in winter, from January through February.


Camellias make stunning hedges when in bloom and provide nice greenery when not.


Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ to help you with your Camellia selections and planting. Their expertise will help you have a beautiful landscape and garden.


Camellias can also be grown in containers. Ask Miguel, CJ, or Steve for planting advice. You’ll need the right soil and right-sized container.



Japanese Maples work well in the garden with Camellias. Both need similar growing conditions and look stunning together. Japanese Gardens frequently have both plants in them for a tranquil zen effect. Our annual shipment of Monrovia-grown Japanese Maples are due to arrive soon.


Create a woodsy feel this year. Visit us soon for ideas and talk to one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel, or Steve.


Japanese Maples are known for their graceful foliage which come in greens and browns and change color seasonally. Brighten your winter with Japanese Maples, Camellias, and Azaleas.


The bark of Japanese Maples also adds to their beauty and magic in the garden.


Look for us to stock Coral Bark (first photo below), Bloodgood, and many other varieties of this timeless treasure.


Japanese Maples can also be used in contemporary landscapes. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ how.


Japanese Maples add charm to the home garden. (Below) Japanese Maples set a graceful mood in a flower bed with blooming azaleas.


You’ve come to know and love Fox Farms and we’re adding many of their water-soluble fertilizers so your gardens can be super healthy. For anyone planting in containers, Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil delivers amazing results.


Winters are made brighter and healthier with fresh homegrown cool-season winter vegetables and indoor plants.



Happy New Year! May your 2017 be beautiful, fun, and everything you wish it to be. See you at the garden center!