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Plants Arriving Daily; Get Your Winter and Spring Vegetables, Herbs, Native Plants, and Much More

The hallmark of spring, Hydrangea, are here and looking lovely. With all the rain we’ve had and the brief respite we’re enjoying, now is a great time to get digging and planting.


And, while the garden center may have looked fairly sparse earlier this year as winter hit, we now are loaded with gorgeous new plants. One of our best growers has delivered a large order of beautiful, vibrant plants, including Native Plants.


(Below) Sweet Pea Shrub is a stunner in the garden.


Put some purple in your life, and while you’re at it, check out our privacy hedge plants on trellises. They can give you instant privacy, as in right now! Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ for assistance.


Oh, the wonder and beauty of plants!


(Below) We are loaded with Salvias… Plant one or more to bring hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden.


Check out the amazing beauty of a tree or shrub growing on a trellis. Put one or more of these trellised plants in front of a window or line them up for privacy to keep unwanted eyes from looking in.


Fill your home and garden with plants and statuary that reflect your lifestyle.



(Below) Always a favorite, IcelandĀ Poppies are in! Plant some now to add color to your garden.


There are so many ways to have the garden you desire. And all of the new plants we’ve just received, along with input from one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, or Steve, will set you on the right path to having a healthy, delightful garden now and into spring and summer.