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Gorgeous summer color in the garden; Edibles–Fruit, Hatch Chiles, Herbs, Vegetables, Lettuce; Hanging Color Baskets; Dazzling Lily of the Nile

As a mix of June overcast and gorgeous summer days descends upon us, there are many things to be done in the garden and around your home that can make your summer even more exciting.

(Below) The perennial Irish Eyes Black-Eyed Susan is one plant you will want in your garden this summer!


(Below) Green leaves, golden hues of color… dazzling whites. Turn your summer into an amazing array of vivid colors. Many of these plants will also do well planted in containers. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel or Steve for assistance.





(Below) Pick your own fresh blueberries to enjoy solo, in cereal, Overnight Oats, smoothies, a fruit bowl. This antioxidant rich fruit is a powerhouse.



(Above) Our Garden Design Expert Steve helps gardeners select some herbs and vegetables.

(Below) Look to us for a nice selection of the best fruits, vegetables, and herbs around. 


(Below) Bring those little helpers with you! They’ll enjoy selecting plants and seeing nature up close.


(Below) Hatch chiles are in!


(Below) Our hanging baskets look amazing this year and are a great way to add instant color and intrigue to outdoor entertaining areas.



(Below) Mandevilla look particularly beautiful in hanging baskets. And hanging baskets of fuchsias are always stunning.


(Below) Lily of the Nile is a summer stunner! Part of what is so much fun about it is watching it unfurl its flowers and turn into an amazing thing of beauty!






(Below) Vines and roses are looking great right now, coming into bloom for summer.

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(Below) Yves Piaget rose


(Below) Phormium and Cordyline look spectacular year-round with their striking foliage.

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(Below) Jerusalem Sage


(Below) Geraniums offer brilliant, vivid color and are just about one of the best perennials to have in the garden. They adjust well to heat and are fairly forgiving.


(Below) Succulents are always a great addition to your home and garden.


(Below) We offer a complete selection of succulents, large and small. And we have wonderful containers for all your plants.


(Below) Yes, succulents bloom!


See you at the Garden Center!



Summer Color in the Garden, Even in Shade, and Edibles: Lily of the Nile, Daylily, Canna Lily, Hydrangeas, Plumeria, Dahlias, and More Flowering Inspiration Now In

Many are the ways to add color to the garden for summer, even if you have shade. Hydrangeas, Daylilies, and Canna Lilies feature exquisite colors and will bloom in shade. Even the stunning Lily of the Nile will bloom with about four hours of sun.

(Below) Plumeria is a tropical plant that needs full sun and is a winner you’ll want to have in your garden. Also known as Frangipani, Plumeria is the flower used in Hawaiian leis. And Plumeria has a wonderful fragrance!


Our Plumeria are budding up and bursting into bloom.


(Above and below) Plumeria can be grown in the ground and in containers, making them versatile and great for patios and poolside. We have this tree in a variety of sizes from one gallon on up to a boxed specimen. Their leaves definitely look lush, and contrast nicely with the teal Asian ceramic pots they are shown with.


(Below) Dahlias are in and ours are budded up and blooming! This gorgeous plant needs full sun. Limited supply. Dahlias grow from a bulb and will come back every year.



(Below) Canna Lilies are in bloom and ready for your shady areas. Here, they are shown next to Papyrus and Hydrangea, both shade-loving plants.


(Below) This striking plant is low maintenance and easy to grow. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for help with your gardening needs. They’re more than happy to answer your questions and offer guidance.


(Below) Daylillies are in, too, and looking wonderful! They are known for being a “sure bet” perennial, tolerating a wide variety of soil conditions, are not troubled by diseases or pests, and bloom faithfully for years with virtually no attention.


(Below) Aren’t these terra cotta containers a great find? We feature a wide variety of containers in all styles and sizes on our 2+ acres.


(Below) Shooting Stars Hydrangea is unlike other Hydrangea and is a unique addition to the garden. Hydrangeas do well in containers, too, and they love shade. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve or Miguel for soil and watering advice.


(Below) We’ve received another delivery of gorgeous Hydrangeas so stop in and snag yours before they’re gone. We can’t predict how long our growers will have a supply.


(Below) Lily of the Nile is popping up in gardens all over, in scintillating white and blue. We have this even more unusual variety in addition to white and blue. The one below offers a white with a blue tinge that turns purple.


(Below) Plants on trellises make great instant privacy. Place them together to cover a broad area or use just one on a balcony or deck to gain privacy from neighbors. Vines and Podocarpus are shown below. Lily of the Nile plants can be seen in front of the trellises, along with just two benches from our collection.


(Below) We are the place to shop for custom pre-planted succulent containers. 


(Below) Grab your edibles and start planting. Tomatoes, zucchini, strawberries, watermelon, cantaloupe, Rainbow Chard, lettuces, beans, and much more awaits you.


(Below) Yes, it’s time to plant pumpkins for Halloween. Thrill the neighborhood and your kids with your very own homegrown pumpkins for carving this Halloween.


(Below) It’s also time to get watermelon in the ground for this summer sensation.


(Below) Looking for an urban fruit oasis? This gardener loaded up her cart with a thornless grape vine, cherry tree, and some other fun edibles. Ask one of our Garden Experts Steve or Miguel for assistance.


(Below) Our blueberry bushes are ripening fruit right now.


(Below) Ask us about Vegepods, the way to raise a planter bed above the ground to a convenient height, a self-watering aspect, and a cover to keep pests and UV away.


(Below) Rue


(Below) Stop in today to see all of the glorious color you can have in the garden with perennial plants. We have lots of natives from California, Australia and South Africa in addition to butterfly-friendly and hummingbird-friendly plants.


See you at the garden center!