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Pumpkins, Bounce House For the Kids, Fall Festival Fun, Fall Planting, Succulents

Bring the kids for some Pumpkin Patch and Halloween fun this week! Getting outdoors will help keep them cool and our Pumpkin Patch is the perfect place to find your perfect carving pumpkin. Our free Bounce House returns for a final weekend of fun on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 28 and 29. Halloween is Tuesday, Oct. 31, so get your pumpkins now!

(Below) Dad and son, in costume, look for their carving pumpkin.


(Below) Is this the perfect Pumpkin? Our Pumpkin Patch is fairly full but our pumpkins will go quickly this week so hurry in for the best selection. When these are gone, we are out of pumpkins.


(Below) Two costumed brothers meet up with friends at our Pumpkin Patch for a few hours of fun.


(Below) Kids love to climb through our Pumpkin Patch in search of just the right pumpkin.


(Below) Our Pumpkin Patch is the perfect spot for special photos.



(Below) Our Pumpkin Patch includes unusual pumpkin varieties — great for decorating and entertaining.


If you need water or some other cold beverage, visit our beverage vending machine right around the back corner of our store, near the Pumpkin Patch.



(Below) Our ever-changing Southern California climate calls for heat-tolerant and heat-loving plants. Succulents can be easy to maintain and do well even with heat. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel or Michael for assistance. They can point you in the right direction and give you excellent guidance and professional advice.


(Above and below) Succulents come in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures and can be planted in the ground and in containers. Beautify your landscape with some of these exotic plants.


(Below) Often called Lion’s Tail, this perennial sports stunning orange flowers and attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, birds and bees. If you’re looking to do some major planting and landscaping, now is the best time of year as the ground will stay warm from summer’s heat (not to mention fall’s), which then benefits the roots of any newly planted plants, resulting in better growth and stability for the upcoming spring and summer.


See you at the Garden Center!

Pumpkins, Halloween Goodies, Photo Opps, Jump House Bouncer for Kids: It’s All Here for Our Fall Festival

Bring the kids, including wee ones, for some fun in our Pumpkin Patch, open everyday during normal business hours from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pose for cute photos you can share with family and friends AND have a great time picking out pumpkins from our vast selection.

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Unlike other Pumpkin Patches, we stock a variety of pumpkins, each one different and some small enough for tiny hands. Mini Pumpkins, Wee Bee Little Pumpkins, Tiger Baby Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pie Pumpkins, White Casper Pumpkins, Orange Sparkler Pumpkins, Jackpot Pumpkins, White Pumpkins, Cinderella Pumpkins, Jarrahdale Pumpkins, Knucklehead Pumpkins, Fairy Tale Pumpkins, and Big Mac Pumpkins are all here for you to check out.


Of course, we have the traditional carving pumpkin so stop in so you can get your carving fun started!

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Kids of all ages wander into our Patch to find just the right pumpkin from among our top-quality selection.

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During the weekends of October 21 and 22 and 28 and 29, we will have a bounce house jumper here for the kids at no charge! Just c’mon on down and bounce around!


You’re sure to have a fun-filled family experience when you visit our Pumpkin Patch. With straw underfoot and straw bales to sit on, youngsters get a first-hand taste of country life.

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We’ve also set up spots for posting for photos. Fell free to use these vignette settings as well as to capture those spontaneous moments.


For Fall and Halloween decorators, we have straw bales, corn stalks, scarecrows, witches, skeletons and other ghost, goblins and ghouls for sale. 


Funky Pumpkins and gourds go quickly so hurry in for the best selection.



Inside our store is where you’ll find lots of ideas for Halloween and Fall decorating.



Stop in and experience our Fall Festival, Pumpkin Patch, Halloween and spirited finds!