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Gardening Fun for Kids With Colorful Tools, Watering Cans, Thanksgiving Decor, Holiday Hostess Gifts, Indoor Plants, Fountains, Chimineas, Orchids, Baskets, Containers

Kids love to get outside and explore so why not turn them loose in the garden! We’ve just expanded our selection of gardening tools made specifically for small hands. You’ll find colorful rakes, shovels, brooms, watering cans… everything kids need to help out in the garden.


(Below) Our new tough Road Rugs will protect the floor and give kids hours of fun playing on them!


(Below) Can you tell our buyer has a thing for watering cans! And “cute” watering cans aren’t just reserved for the wee ones!


(Below) Nets are great for gently catching butterflies and other flying creatures. And check out our colorful fun buckets. 


(Below) Our Road Rugs will put a smile on your kids’ faces.


(Below) Wander the grounds of the Garden Center and keep your eyes open for Caterpillars. This one is on Fennel and will become a beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts to help you find a Caterpillar. Michael, Steve and Miguel usually know where the Caterpillars are!


(Below) Add some humor and color to your Thanksgiving gathering with our home decor items.


(Below) Vases, candle holders, fall-colored ceramic containers for house plants… There are many simple ways to freshen up your home and outdoor entertaining areas.


(Above and below) We have a limited supply of pumpkins, dried corn with husks, and gourds for your decorating needs!


(Below) Use the sound of trickling water to rid your environment of intrusive sound from outside. Extra bonus: These small tabletop fountains create a soothing contemporary look you’re sure to love even when you’re not meditating!


Create the look you want with our small containers and indoor plants. 

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(Below) Baskets are an attractive way to display house plants. Hang them, place them on the floor, on a table. There are many ways to add some beautiful lush plants to your home.


(Below) Need an exquisite hostess gift this holiday season? Or, maybe you’d just like to put the exquisite beauty of an Orchid (or two or three) in your home.



(Below) Our indoor plant selection is one of the best around. 



(Below) Y-E-S, we have organic and nonGMO vegetables and herbs for your edible garden.


(Above) Ever heard of Cheddar Cauliflower? This cauliflower has high levels of vitamin B and is USDA Organic.

(Below) Snag some Bright Lights Swiss Chard to turn your garden into a beautiful rainbow of healthy colors.


(Below) Pair plants with any of these stylish containers and turn your indoor or outdoor areas into pure visual appeal. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve or Michael for assistance. They’re happy to help you find the right container soil, properly sized container and plant.


(Below) How about an early holiday gift? Why not enjoy a fountain now and throughout the holiday season. Early gifts are always appreciated!


(Below) Set yourself up to sit and stargaze by a warm fire with one of our Chimineas. We have screens, tops, and other tools for them. Just ask.


(Below) Seen the Moon lately? Put some of its special magic and whimsy in your world with this unique statue.


(Below) Our in-stock fountain selection is quite large and includes contemporary, classic and whimsical, fun styles. Stop in to scope out the fountain you’d like to have in your yard.



See you at the Garden Center!