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Last-Minute Gifts for Party Hosts, Loved Ones, Friends… : Custom Succulent Containers, Orchids, Kids Gifts, Citrus, Garden Gloves, Gift Cards, Poinsettias, Outdoor Chimineas, Tabletop Fountains, Cute and Classic Statues

A huge shout out to everyone who has made us their place to find the best Christmas trees and fresh-cut greens! You’ve made our holiday season merry and bright… and our supply of fresh-cut trees from our longtime Family Farm Christmas tree grower in Oregon dwindle to zero.

So, as you look for last-minute gifts for your loved ones, party hosts, friends and business associates, stop in to see our great gift choices and stocking stuffers. Think potted plants, indoor plants, watering cans, gardening gloves, citrus, a potted herb garden, a container of strawberry plants (Yes, strawberries are growing now!), some nonGMO and organic vegetables, one of our attractive redwood raised planters for vegetables, a hummingbird feeder, seed packets, bags of soil, and our Gift Card that never expires and has zero fees associated with it. The dollar amount you gift someone with is the amount they get to spend, anytime, any season!

(Below) Citrus make a lasting gift and can be planted in ground or in attractive containers. We have an excellent selection of citrus that includes Meyer Lemon, Tangerines and much more. Nothing tastes better than homegrown!


(Below) Our foil-wrapped Poinsettias make great gifts for party hosts and business associates. They also warm your home so your family and friends will feel welcome and in the holiday spirit.


(Below) Looking for gifts that make a lasting statement? Our pre-planted, unique Succulent Color Bowls are a huge hit year-round and easy to care for. Group several together or stage them throughout pathways, patios, poolside and your garden. Place them on shelves and tabletops, windowsills and counters in your home.


(Below) Or create your own fun gift with one Succulent and one Container! We’re happy to plant your selections for you. Or, ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel or Michael what size container and what soil to use with the plant of your choice! We’re here to help!


(Below) Look at the diversity available in Succulents! These waterwise plants make great gifts (and you’ll have fun picking them out, too!).



(Below) Look for our specialty Succulent color bowls–pre-planted in fun containers (elephant, cowboy booths) as well as designer styles (zen, Greek).




(Below and above) There are lots of ways to turn your home alive with the Christmas spirit. Grab some lights and ornaments and decorate Citrus trees (three in containers in the foreground below), Junipers, Cypress, Topiary trees, Boxwoods, Citrus, Grevillea, statuary.


(Below) Wouldn’t this unique and stately statue look grand decorated? And what using the Junipers on either side of her to create a grand statement?



(Below and above) The Garden Center is festively decorated and glimmering with lots of wonderful plants! Get some color in your world with selections from our diverse inventory. 


(Below) Make your nights warmer with one of our Chimineas. These fireplaces come in a a variety of sizes and designs. Wrap up the perfect romantic evening with a Chiminea and some of our Firestarter, found on the counter in the store.



(Below) Edible gifts needn’t just be chocolate during the holidays. Why not plant a strawberry container full of Sequoia Strawberries, which are ripening now! Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel and Michael for any help you need. And remember, we can plant containers for you so they’re ready to be gifted! We’ll even add bows and wrap as available.




(Below) Edible gardening has become extremely popular. We have nonGMO and USDA-certified organic plants. Give one or two or three or more! You’ll have nearly as much fun selecting the plants as your gift recipient will!


(Below) We’re always on the lookout for exciting new products! Growoya is one of them. Stop in to see firsthand how this porous clay irrigation vessel works. There’s one planted below. Can you see its bright lime green cap amongst all the greenery growing around it?


(Below) Year-round we have a great selection of containers so you can spruce up your home and garden.


(Below) Shopping for immediate privacy? This beautiful trellised plant will get you in the holiday spirit with its red flowers AND keep prying eyes away!


(Below) Plant trellised plants, citrus, topiary, Junipers, Cypress, and other plants in some of our stunning containers.



(Below) Our Orchids are unlike any around! Not only are they absolutely beautiful, they are also loaded with buds for future blooms! Orchids are easy to care for… People just tend to overwater them! Ask us how simple it is to grow an Orchid.


(Below) Our Orchid selection is full of color!




See you at the Garden Center!