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Happy New Year! Grow Citrus, Strawberries, Herbs Easily; Filter Indoor Air with House Plants; Plant Food for Swallowtail and Monarch Butterflies

Brighten the New Year by planting Citrus. We have a good selection of Lemons, Grapefruit, LimesTangerines, Oranges and more.



Citrus grows well in containers. Stop in and ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance.



Planting an herb and vegetable garden can be a fun family project and a great way to introduce kids to the benefits of natural, healthy, homegrown fresh foods.


We stock a great selection of organic, non-GMO plants. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Michael or Miguel for assistance.



Plants bring nature to life for young ones. Ask us what plants tend to provide food for Swallowtail and Monarch butterflies so your kids can watch caterpillars turn into butterflies.


(Above and below) A caterpillar munches on a plant, later to turn into a butterfly after its chrysalis stage.


(Below) Indoor plants can help freshen up an indoor environment and filter out pollutants. We’re known for having a great selection of indoor plants year-round.




(Below) Don’t forget to get the kids gardening and learning about nature. We stock a great gardening line of tolls and watering cans sized just right for small hands.


See you at the Garden Center!


Last-Minute Gifts for Party Hosts, Loved Ones, Friends… : Custom Succulent Containers, Orchids, Kids Gifts, Citrus, Garden Gloves, Gift Cards, Poinsettias, Outdoor Chimineas, Tabletop Fountains, Cute and Classic Statues

A huge shout out to everyone who has made us their place to find the best Christmas trees and fresh-cut greens! You’ve made our holiday season merry and bright… and our supply of fresh-cut trees from our longtime Family Farm Christmas tree grower in Oregon dwindle to zero.

So, as you look for last-minute gifts for your loved ones, party hosts, friends and business associates, stop in to see our great gift choices and stocking stuffers. Think potted plants, indoor plants, watering cans, gardening gloves, citrus, a potted herb garden, a container of strawberry plants (Yes, strawberries are growing now!), some nonGMO and organic vegetables, one of our attractive redwood raised planters for vegetables, a hummingbird feeder, seed packets, bags of soil, and our Gift Card that never expires and has zero fees associated with it. The dollar amount you gift someone with is the amount they get to spend, anytime, any season!

(Below) Citrus make a lasting gift and can be planted in ground or in attractive containers. We have an excellent selection of citrus that includes Meyer Lemon, Tangerines and much more. Nothing tastes better than homegrown!


(Below) Our foil-wrapped Poinsettias make great gifts for party hosts and business associates. They also warm your home so your family and friends will feel welcome and in the holiday spirit.


(Below) Looking for gifts that make a lasting statement? Our pre-planted, unique Succulent Color Bowls are a huge hit year-round and easy to care for. Group several together or stage them throughout pathways, patios, poolside and your garden. Place them on shelves and tabletops, windowsills and counters in your home.


(Below) Or create your own fun gift with one Succulent and one Container! We’re happy to plant your selections for you. Or, ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel or Michael what size container and what soil to use with the plant of your choice! We’re here to help!


(Below) Look at the diversity available in Succulents! These waterwise plants make great gifts (and you’ll have fun picking them out, too!).



(Below) Look for our specialty Succulent color bowls–pre-planted in fun containers (elephant, cowboy booths) as well as designer styles (zen, Greek).




(Below and above) There are lots of ways to turn your home alive with the Christmas spirit. Grab some lights and ornaments and decorate Citrus trees (three in containers in the foreground below), Junipers, Cypress, Topiary trees, Boxwoods, Citrus, Grevillea, statuary.


(Below) Wouldn’t this unique and stately statue look grand decorated? And what using the Junipers on either side of her to create a grand statement?



(Below and above) The Garden Center is festively decorated and glimmering with lots of wonderful plants! Get some color in your world with selections from our diverse inventory. 


(Below) Make your nights warmer with one of our Chimineas. These fireplaces come in a a variety of sizes and designs. Wrap up the perfect romantic evening with a Chiminea and some of our Firestarter, found on the counter in the store.



(Below) Edible gifts needn’t just be chocolate during the holidays. Why not plant a strawberry container full of Sequoia Strawberries, which are ripening now! Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel and Michael for any help you need. And remember, we can plant containers for you so they’re ready to be gifted! We’ll even add bows and wrap as available.




(Below) Edible gardening has become extremely popular. We have nonGMO and USDA-certified organic plants. Give one or two or three or more! You’ll have nearly as much fun selecting the plants as your gift recipient will!


(Below) We’re always on the lookout for exciting new products! Growoya is one of them. Stop in to see firsthand how this porous clay irrigation vessel works. There’s one planted below. Can you see its bright lime green cap amongst all the greenery growing around it?


(Below) Year-round we have a great selection of containers so you can spruce up your home and garden.


(Below) Shopping for immediate privacy? This beautiful trellised plant will get you in the holiday spirit with its red flowers AND keep prying eyes away!


(Below) Plant trellised plants, citrus, topiary, Junipers, Cypress, and other plants in some of our stunning containers.



(Below) Our Orchids are unlike any around! Not only are they absolutely beautiful, they are also loaded with buds for future blooms! Orchids are easy to care for… People just tend to overwater them! Ask us how simple it is to grow an Orchid.


(Below) Our Orchid selection is full of color!




See you at the Garden Center!


Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Gifts, Door Chimes, Wreaths, Fresh-Cut Greens

The holiday season is here and kids of all ages are coming in to select just the right Christmas tree from our large selection of fresh-cut Noble Firs from Oregon as well as our Living Christmas tree inventory.

(Below) Our fresh-cut Noble Fir Christmas trees are the best. Grown on a long-established family farm in southern Oregon, these beauties are fresh-cut and carefully placed in a refrigerated truck for their trip to Southern California. We give them a fresh cut and place them on stands in water to ensure their freshness. Walk through our Christmas tree forest to smell their fragrance. It will bring the holiday spirit alive and to the forefront.



(Below) Kids love winding their way through our fresh-cut Christmas trees to find the perfect tree.


(Below) Our Operations Team members are ready to wrap your tree and pack in or on your vehicle so you can take it home right away. We also offer a delivery service so ask about it.



The sooner you stop in, the sooner you will find the Christmas tree just for you! First-come, first served. When our inventory is gone, it’s gone.


(Below) Poinsettias bring the holiday spirit to life, inside your home and office. Our Poinsettias come in a variety of sizes, from small enough for a desktop to large enough for a nice container.



(Below) We’re also known for our gold-foil wrapped Poinsettias, which make a great gift (no wrapping required) and simply look festive.



(Below) Small Poinsettias make great little gifts. Or, find a cubby or nook or small space for one, or two, or three…


(Below) Step inside our store to find amazing gifts and spirited home decor for the holidays. Look at the Living Christmas trees in white pots. Beautiful!


(Below) Bring Christmas right to your desk, tabletop, or counter with a graceful Living Christmas Tree in a container to suit your mood and style.


(Below) Our Leprechauns will put a smile on your face this holiday season. And, remember, we have Marina del Rey Garden Center Gift Cards that never expire and have absolutely zero extra fees associated with them. What you spend/buy, is what your gift recipient gets.


(Below) Need a gift for your party hosts? Orchids, Poinsettias, House Plants like Bromeliads make extra special gifts this holiday season.


(Below) Start thinking “New Year” with an Amaryllis. Get one now and watch it unfurl and grow.

38102108674_73f226c466_z (1)

See you at the Garden Center!

Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Fresh-Cut Greens, Holiday Gifts, Gift Cards, and More

“Silver Bells! Silver Bells! It’s Christmas time in the city.”

The magic of the holiday season is upon us and we’ve got all the fresh-cut greens, poinsettias, home decor and gifts to make your home merry and bright.

(Below) Our fresh-cut Noble Fir Christmas trees are the best for displaying treasured holiday ornaments amid sparkling lights. Year after year, in a time-honored tradition of brining you top quality, we select our fresh-cut Christmas trees from a family-owned farm in nearby Oregon. And they come in all sizes from super small to super tall. We also stock a variety of Living Christmas Trees, which this gentleman is checking out. Our fresh-cut greens are behind him.


(Below) The majestic Noble Fir Christmas Tree is a head turner on its own and even more beautiful once inside your home. Our trees arrive in a refrigerated truck and are given a fresh cut and put in water. That’s part of why they last so long. We also have tree preserver to enhance your tree’s longevity, available at the counter when you check out.


If you need us to deliver your Christmas tree and other items, we are happy to do it. Our delivery service is available year-round and especially appreciated during the holiday season. We want to make your holiday season merry and bright, so ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve or Michael about our delivery service.screen-shot-2016-11-21-at-10-39-20-am(Below) Bring the Christmas spirit into your home, office or anywhere you spend time with some stunning Poinsettias, one of the cherished hallmarks of the season. Ours arrive every week and are superior quality.




(Below) Our festively gold and silver foil-wrapped poinsettias instantly bring the holiday season alive and make the perfect holiday hostess gift. And, if you’d like to select a pot or basket for your poinsettia, we have lots of pots, containers and baskets to choose from.



(Below) We display our trees so you can enjoy walking through our “forest” and seeing, smelling and touching our remarkable fresh-cut Christmas trees. We also provide red rubber tips for our stands so you can easily protect your floors.



(Below) Need a Christmas door swag? Fresh wreaths, garland? Hurry in to smell these wonderful fresh-cut greens and make your selections.




(Below) Our trees come with sturdy stands already attached. They can also be removed if you already have a tree stand.


(Below) Our Garden Design Experts and Operations Team members know how to prepare your Christmas tree (and other purchases) for the ride home. Again, if you need delivery, we offer that service, too.



(Below) Got kids?! Bring them in to enjoy the holiday spirit AND play with some of the latest additions to our kid-friendly garden center. We’ve expanded our popular line of gardening tools for small hands.





See you at the Garden Center!


Gardening Fun for Kids With Colorful Tools, Watering Cans, Thanksgiving Decor, Holiday Hostess Gifts, Indoor Plants, Fountains, Chimineas, Orchids, Baskets, Containers

Kids love to get outside and explore so why not turn them loose in the garden! We’ve just expanded our selection of gardening tools made specifically for small hands. You’ll find colorful rakes, shovels, brooms, watering cans… everything kids need to help out in the garden.


(Below) Our new tough Road Rugs will protect the floor and give kids hours of fun playing on them!


(Below) Can you tell our buyer has a thing for watering cans! And “cute” watering cans aren’t just reserved for the wee ones!


(Below) Nets are great for gently catching butterflies and other flying creatures. And check out our colorful fun buckets. 


(Below) Our Road Rugs will put a smile on your kids’ faces.


(Below) Wander the grounds of the Garden Center and keep your eyes open for Caterpillars. This one is on Fennel and will become a beautiful Swallowtail Butterfly. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts to help you find a Caterpillar. Michael, Steve and Miguel usually know where the Caterpillars are!


(Below) Add some humor and color to your Thanksgiving gathering with our home decor items.


(Below) Vases, candle holders, fall-colored ceramic containers for house plants… There are many simple ways to freshen up your home and outdoor entertaining areas.


(Above and below) We have a limited supply of pumpkins, dried corn with husks, and gourds for your decorating needs!


(Below) Use the sound of trickling water to rid your environment of intrusive sound from outside. Extra bonus: These small tabletop fountains create a soothing contemporary look you’re sure to love even when you’re not meditating!


Create the look you want with our small containers and indoor plants. 

38177354332_b55a4a5db1_z (1)

(Below) Baskets are an attractive way to display house plants. Hang them, place them on the floor, on a table. There are many ways to add some beautiful lush plants to your home.


(Below) Need an exquisite hostess gift this holiday season? Or, maybe you’d just like to put the exquisite beauty of an Orchid (or two or three) in your home.



(Below) Our indoor plant selection is one of the best around. 



(Below) Y-E-S, we have organic and nonGMO vegetables and herbs for your edible garden.


(Above) Ever heard of Cheddar Cauliflower? This cauliflower has high levels of vitamin B and is USDA Organic.

(Below) Snag some Bright Lights Swiss Chard to turn your garden into a beautiful rainbow of healthy colors.


(Below) Pair plants with any of these stylish containers and turn your indoor or outdoor areas into pure visual appeal. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve or Michael for assistance. They’re happy to help you find the right container soil, properly sized container and plant.


(Below) How about an early holiday gift? Why not enjoy a fountain now and throughout the holiday season. Early gifts are always appreciated!


(Below) Set yourself up to sit and stargaze by a warm fire with one of our Chimineas. We have screens, tops, and other tools for them. Just ask.


(Below) Seen the Moon lately? Put some of its special magic and whimsy in your world with this unique statue.


(Below) Our in-stock fountain selection is quite large and includes contemporary, classic and whimsical, fun styles. Stop in to scope out the fountain you’d like to have in your yard.



See you at the Garden Center!


Pumpkins, Bounce House For the Kids, Fall Festival Fun, Fall Planting, Succulents

Bring the kids for some Pumpkin Patch and Halloween fun this week! Getting outdoors will help keep them cool and our Pumpkin Patch is the perfect place to find your perfect carving pumpkin. Our free Bounce House returns for a final weekend of fun on Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 28 and 29. Halloween is Tuesday, Oct. 31, so get your pumpkins now!

(Below) Dad and son, in costume, look for their carving pumpkin.


(Below) Is this the perfect Pumpkin? Our Pumpkin Patch is fairly full but our pumpkins will go quickly this week so hurry in for the best selection. When these are gone, we are out of pumpkins.


(Below) Two costumed brothers meet up with friends at our Pumpkin Patch for a few hours of fun.


(Below) Kids love to climb through our Pumpkin Patch in search of just the right pumpkin.


(Below) Our Pumpkin Patch is the perfect spot for special photos.



(Below) Our Pumpkin Patch includes unusual pumpkin varieties — great for decorating and entertaining.


If you need water or some other cold beverage, visit our beverage vending machine right around the back corner of our store, near the Pumpkin Patch.



(Below) Our ever-changing Southern California climate calls for heat-tolerant and heat-loving plants. Succulents can be easy to maintain and do well even with heat. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel or Michael for assistance. They can point you in the right direction and give you excellent guidance and professional advice.


(Above and below) Succulents come in many shapes, sizes, colors and textures and can be planted in the ground and in containers. Beautify your landscape with some of these exotic plants.


(Below) Often called Lion’s Tail, this perennial sports stunning orange flowers and attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, birds and bees. If you’re looking to do some major planting and landscaping, now is the best time of year as the ground will stay warm from summer’s heat (not to mention fall’s), which then benefits the roots of any newly planted plants, resulting in better growth and stability for the upcoming spring and summer.


See you at the Garden Center!

Pumpkins, Halloween Goodies, Photo Opps, Jump House Bouncer for Kids: It’s All Here for Our Fall Festival

Bring the kids, including wee ones, for some fun in our Pumpkin Patch, open everyday during normal business hours from 8 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Pose for cute photos you can share with family and friends AND have a great time picking out pumpkins from our vast selection.

15393292148_55a6a78ab0_z (1)

Unlike other Pumpkin Patches, we stock a variety of pumpkins, each one different and some small enough for tiny hands. Mini Pumpkins, Wee Bee Little Pumpkins, Tiger Baby Pumpkins, Pumpkin Pie Pumpkins, White Casper Pumpkins, Orange Sparkler Pumpkins, Jackpot Pumpkins, White Pumpkins, Cinderella Pumpkins, Jarrahdale Pumpkins, Knucklehead Pumpkins, Fairy Tale Pumpkins, and Big Mac Pumpkins are all here for you to check out.


Of course, we have the traditional carving pumpkin so stop in so you can get your carving fun started!

15578647785_b1e9fd247b_z (1)

Kids of all ages wander into our Patch to find just the right pumpkin from among our top-quality selection.

15575994161_06bd76aa0b_z (1)




During the weekends of October 21 and 22 and 28 and 29, we will have a bounce house jumper here for the kids at no charge! Just c’mon on down and bounce around!


You’re sure to have a fun-filled family experience when you visit our Pumpkin Patch. With straw underfoot and straw bales to sit on, youngsters get a first-hand taste of country life.

15392550308_0d3df75a5e_z (1)

We’ve also set up spots for posting for photos. Fell free to use these vignette settings as well as to capture those spontaneous moments.


For Fall and Halloween decorators, we have straw bales, corn stalks, scarecrows, witches, skeletons and other ghost, goblins and ghouls for sale. 


Funky Pumpkins and gourds go quickly so hurry in for the best selection.



Inside our store is where you’ll find lots of ideas for Halloween and Fall decorating.



Stop in and experience our Fall Festival, Pumpkin Patch, Halloween and spirited finds!


Fall Festival, Pumpkin Patch, Halloween Items, Succulents, Cool-Season Vegetables, Herbs, Buddha, and Much More

Yes, it’s time for Pumpkins and our Pumpkin Patch is loaded with all sorts of pumpkins! Our varieties include the traditional carving pumpkin Jack O’ Lantern, Tiger Baby, Wee Bee Little, mini, Pumpkin Pie, White Casper, Orange Sparkler, White, Cinderella, Fairytale, Big Mac, Jarrahdale, and Knucklehead. We also have Gourds, Straw Bales, and Corn Stalks for sale.



All ages love our Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch. Hurry in for the best selection. And, remember to take those selfies and photos!



(Above) We have seating areas to pose for photos.

(Below) Our colorful gourds always go quickly. It’s easy to see why! Decorate your home and garden for fall and Halloween now. We have items for both.



(Below) We have carving kits for the kids.


(Below) Gnarly pumpkins are us!



(Below) Halloween, Fall, Thanksgiving! Check out our decorations for these occasions. And, remember we have straw bales and corn stalks available for sale, too.


(Below) If you are looking to spruce up your home or garden with a fountain, statuary or seating, we have lots of options to select from.


(Below) Looking for an artistic flair? Let us help you craft your own container plantings. Or, choose from our stylish collection.


(Below) Color is a great way to freshen up your decor.


(Below) Indoor plants will turn any indoor living area into a pleasant place to relax and hang out. 



(Below) No matter what you’re looking for, we have an extensive selection of antioxidant-rich fruit, organic and nonGMO vegetables, and fresh herbs. 


(Below) Cool-season vegetables are her and looking great! Get planting to harvest your own fresh eats for your home table!








(Below) Our Operations Team members are ready to help load up your car so you can take your fun new purchases home with you. We also offer a delivery service.


See you at the Garden Center!

Hard-To-Find Plants, California Natives, Succulents, Hangings Baskets, Herbs, Lush Foliage, Fountains, Boxwoods, Privacy Hedges

With September here and fall approaching, it’s time to make the most of what summer has brought — long, warm days that will leave the ground heated for months, giving roots the best environment for health and growth.

We specialize in searching out and stocking unusual and hard-to-find plants. (Below) Meerlo is an exclusive, new Lavender from the Sunset (think Sunset Magazine) Western Garden Collection. This Lavender is known as being one of the most heat, humidity, and water-wise Lavenders. It is a vigorous plant that features a beautifully variegated and highly fragrant foliage, with pale blue flowers in summer. Dry the leaves for use as sachets and moth repellent.


(Below) Gardeners in the Greater Los Angeles area have discovered our extensive succulent and cacti selection. We’re also known for our artistic pre-planted container arrangements, available from small to medium to large to super size! We have plants large enough to make statements on estates, large properties, big yards.


We will also help you select plants and containers and plant them up for you. Just ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Michael or Miguel for assistance.

36468014220_99794aaaa7_z (1)

(Below) From summer to fall, the garden can be a beautiful space. Visit our one-gallon selection of native plants from California, Australia and South Africa to find some wonderful plants. While there, be sure to check out our Ornamental Grasses and Butterfly-Friendly plants.


(Below) Fernleaf Dill adds wonderful flavor and fragrance to recipes and the garden. Turn your meals into fresh, fun affairs by growing your own herbs and vegetables.


(Below) You simply cannot go wrong with Mandevilla, which does well with sun and shade. We have staked vines in several sizes and gorgeous hanging baskets from a superior local grower. Hang colorful flowering baskets for instant color and beauty or plant staked ones in containers for patios, porches and decks.


(Below) Spearmint is easy to grow and perfect for adding to beverages, sauces or just its aroma.


(Below) Fall in Southern California is a beautiful time. Turn your home and garden into a relaxing oasis with a fountain, lush foliage and hanging baskets of plants.


(Below) For a number of years now, we’ve gained a reputation for being the “go to” place for Boxwoods and plants for privacy hedges. Boxwoods come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and add a elegant touch to the garden.


(Below) Fall foliage can turn heads and create intriguing, soothing spaces to relax in your home and garden.




(Below) Spruce up your home and garden for fall and entertaining. Our pre-planted succulent containers are a great way to do just that!


(Below) How about an indoor fountain?! 


(Below) Our hedge plant selection is one of the best around. Junipers, Cypress, Podocarpus, Privets, Pittosporums, Boxwoods, Purple Hopseed are among the list of plants, shrubs and trees we carry that are great for use as hedges.


(Below) Podocarpus on trellises combine to create a picturesque privacy screen. We have a good selection of plants on trellises.


See you at the Garden Center!

Fruiting Olive Trees, Boxwoods, Bougainvillea, Fountains, Plumeria, Hollywood Junipers, Salvias, and More

We will be open on Labor Day, Monday, Sept. 4 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. Stop in for free hot dogs, hot links and beverages from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. during our Customer Appreciation!

Labor Day is nearly here as summer winds down and traces of fall appear. The Garden Center, too, is changing daily, like we always do, with plenty of new plant arrivals to spruce up your garden.

(Below) An elegant fountain sets the stage for gracious entertaining and relaxation. New arrivals include Boxwoods and Fruiting Olive Trees and our Bougainvillea are looking spectacular, as well.


(Below) Our Garden Design Experts can help you implement existing landscape plans and help you enhance your garden.


(Below) Grow your own Edible Fruiting Olive Trees. Hurry in while supplies last.


(Above and below) Boxwoods, Bougainvillea, Vines, Podocarpus, Palo Verde Trees… Our selection is diverse and looking stunning. Pair a plant with a stylish container and create a beautiful environment you can enjoy and be proud of.


(Below) Bougainvillea is a must in Southern California gardens.


(Below) We have a diverse selection of Bougainvillea on small trellises, great for use to create privacy.



(Below) Visit our 2+ acres for an amazing selection of containers, including a wide variety of terra cotta pots.


(Above and below) Grab a garden seat and enjoy the view. Boxed Plumeria definitely turn heads and provide a fragrant and lovely flower.


(Below) The exotic Plumeria bloom comes in a variety of colors but it is always exquisite.

36465619350_c195ec01e1_z (1)

(Below) Our vines are looking incredible. Stop in to find the ones just right for your garden.



(Below) Experience the exotic Canna Lily. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Michael or Steve for assistance. They can tell you all about this scintillating plant.


(Below) Boxwoods add a fresh green look to the garden and can be planted in the ground or in containers.


(Below) Junipers, Cypress… You’ll find these plants and many more on our 2+ acres.


(Below) We have all the plants you need to design a large new garden or enhance an existing one. Add some character and color to your garden with Boxwoods, Hollywood Junipers, Topiary Boxwoods and Junipers, and Podocarpus and Bougainvillea on trellises.


(Below) Plants make excellent beautiful privacy hedges.


(Below) We stock containers in a variety of sizes and styles. Our Asian Ceramics collections are popular.


(Below) Explore the intriguing colorful world of Flax and Cordyline. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Michael or Miguel how you can plant these attractive plants in the ground or in containers.


(Below) Salvias are in and in full color! Step into this area in the Garden Center and look for hummingbirds at play and butterflies hanging out.


(Below) Come and stroll our grounds. You’ll see the dynamic ranges in color you can have simply with foliage as well as enjoy the sights and sounds of nature.


(Below) Get planting and enjoy the splendors of a garden!


See you at the Garden Center!