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Hardscape Materials: Boulders, Rocks, Stepping Stones, Pebbles, Decorative Rock, Pavers

Hardscape materials (above) enhance the beauty of a garden or landscape in a natural way. Stones, pavers, boulders, rocks, pebbles–each provide a natural continuity and can be used as an accent, pathway, border or container.

Our demonstration area (above and below) was created to show a few of the ways natural hardscape elements can be used in a garden landscape. Ask Steve, Roger or CJ for assistance. They can answer all of your questions and provide guidance and direction.


Our selection of hardscape products includes stepping stonesboulders, stone, pebbles and exotic materials.

Oro Verde rock boulders (above)

(Below) We carry and stock an assortment of decorative rock in a variety of color shades, shapes and sizes, sure to spark an imagination or two.

(Below) Inside our store you’ll find more garden accents. The polished rocks below can be used as accent pieces to add sparkle to fountains, bird baths and planters.

Have fun with how you use small rocks and pebbles.

(Below) The love birds on this fountain are enchanted by the addition of beautiful blue pebbles to their bathing area.

(Below) Use your imagination to let loose and do something creative in your home or garden with our stone/pebble collections.

(Below) We’ve created a dry river bed using Arizona rock. Ask Roger, Steve or CJ for assistance with our new hardscape materials.

(Below) Golden Onyx boulders have lots of striation in them. Stop in to see their distinguishing characteristics and learn more about how to use them in the landscape.