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Winter, Spring Gardening in Southern California: Intriguing Foliage, South African and Australian Native Plants, Kangaroo Paws, Shade Plants, Camellias, Scented Plants, Mints, Herbs, Vegetables, Tomatoes, Mexican Papaya, Bell Peppers, NonGMO plants, USDA Certified Organic

The sun was finally out this past weekend and the garden center was full of folks taking advantage of the gorgeous weather to take a stroll and get digging.


With our recent deliveries, the garden center is awash in color–from Flax and Cordyline (above and below), Boxwoods, Topiary shapes, beautiful plants spread across large trellises to Salvias and South African and Australian native plants in stunning colors with distinctive looks.


(Below) Plant some distinctive color in your garden. We have all sorts of plants to create whatever look you desire. Plant a low hedge, plant trees or shrubs for privacy, dot your landscape with a dash of color here, a different color there to create your artistic vision.


(Below) Native to South Africa, leucadendron is a large group of plants related to protea and known for their distinctive seed heads, which are woody cone-like structures. These plants have become more popular in recent years here and you will find them all over in countless Southern California gardens.


(Above and below) We carry a large selection of these evergreen trees and shrubs that do well in our climate. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts, Steve, CJ or Miguel, for assistance. They can help you plant the best ones for your conditions.


Leucadendron blooms are often used in cut flower bouquets.


(Below) Australian Native Plants also do well in our climate, given that they, like South African natives, share a climate that closely resembles ours. We have a good selection of Kangaroo Paws, whose flowers resemble the paws they’re named after.


Kangaroo Paws aren’t just colorful, they’re also a great cut flower.



(Below) Operations Team Member Pablo helps a gardener with his selection of a shade plant. Our staff takes great pride in offering the best service around.


(Below) Camellias are lush and in bloom now. Nuccio’s Bella Rossa Camellia is one of the most beautiful flowers.


Camellias are flowering, shade-loving, small trees or shrubs that are available in a remarkable range of colors, forms, and sizes. Depending on the variety they may bloom in late fall, winter and early spring adding cheer to the garden when little else is in flower.



Their blooms, from white or pink to deep red, some with as simple a look as a wild rose, others that look as full blown as a peony, are set against glossy dark green leaves. Grow a camellia as a spectacular specimen, plant several to form a loose hedge, or train them as espalier to cover fences and low walls.



(Below) This couple enjoyed smelling some aromatic rosemary as they wandered through the garden center. Stop in and spend time exploring nature with the ones in your life.


(Below) Australian Native Plants are in bloom. Lavender Grevillea, with its fine-textured gray foliage and showy rose-red flowers on arching branches, contrasts nicely with another grevillea.


(Below) Winter and spring herbs and vegetables are in. Stop in to select Kale, Broccoli, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Mints, Sorrel, Thyme, Lettuce, Lemongrass, Lavender, Rosemary, and more.


(Below) Tomato lovers can begin planting now with Oregon Spring and Sub-Arctic Tomato plants.



(Below) Pineapple Mint is among the many mint varieties we have in stock.


(Below) You never know what you’ll find in our Herb and Vegetable section. Mexican Papaya anyone?!


(Below) Bell Peppers are arriving. Stop in now and ask Miguel, CJ or Steve–our Garden Design Experts–how to have a thriving edible garden in the ground or in a container.


We look forward to seeing you at the Marina del Rey Garden Center!

Trees, Shrubs, Vines

We carry a large assortment of trees, shrubs and vines year-round, in every size from small to specimen trees in boxes. Our trees and trellised trees and vines make excellent privacy hedges and screens.

Here’s just a few of the trees and vines we carry: Boxwoods, Pittosporums, Privets, Podocarpus, Bottle Brush, Pin Cushion, Palo Verde, Olive trees, Junipers, CypressBougainvillea, Jasmine, Potato Vine, Clematis, Passion Fruit, Purple Hopseed, Bamboo, Japanese Maples, Wax Myrtles, Tree Roses, and much more.

(Below) Podocarpus


(Below) Junipers and Cypress


(Below) Decorative small hedges can add a nice look to your landscape.


(Below) A gardener checks out some of our plants.


(Below) Bamboo is going home with a gardener.


(Below) Japanese Maple Tree



(Above and below) Our 2+ acres allows us to carry an expansive selection. See out Citrus and Fruit page for citrus trees and shrubs, blueberries, grapes and more.



(Below) Trellised plants make great privacy screens. Plant them in containers or in the ground.



(Below) Tree roses are beautiful and can be grown to span arbors and the like.


(Below) In season, we have Azalea trees and shrubs.


(Below) The Buddleia shrub attracts butterflies. Ask our Garden Design Experts for help with all your planting needs.




(Below) The Wisteria Vine is in season in late winter/early spring.



(Below) Cypress, Japanese Maple Trees, Junipers, Purple Hopseeds–These are a few of our favorite things.


(Below) Tea Trees


(Below) Leucadendron


(Below) Dwarf Bottlebrush


(Below) Trees and vines do produce stunning flowers. Ask our Garden Design Experts for help.


(Below) We carry a large selection of Camellias.


(Below) You can have dynamic foliage color in the garden.


(Below) Japanese Maple Tree

Screenshot 2016-01-03 17.12.05

 (Below) Grevillea



(Below) You can plant water-wise. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts about trees, shrubs and vines have low watering needs.


(Below) Purple Hopseed is a fast-growing tree and shrub.


(Below) Pittosporum


(Below) Pin Cushion


(Below) Podocarpus


(Below) Junipers and Cypress


(Below) Tree Roses


(Below) Pacific Wax Myrtle


(Below) Boxwoods


(Below) Moonlight Grevillea



(Below) Hopseed and Privets


Year-round our tree, vine, and shrub selection is impressive, so stop in. And, remember, our Garden Design Experts have the professional knowledge that can help you plant the right plants to meet your needs.

Christmas Trees, Holiday Gifts, Poinsettias, Fresh-Cut Greens, Wreaths, Door Chimes and Swag, Gift Cards and More

(Below) This happy couple discovered our wonderful fresh-cut Christmas trees late last month and took home the first tree of the 2015 holiday season.  We were pleased to hear of their experience on our Facebook page: “Our tree is the most beautiful tree I’ve ever owned. John and Miguel were so wonderful helping us pick and pack the tree. It really felt like a family there.We will be coming to you as part of our family tradition for many years to come!” Thank you, Georgina! We look forward to seeing you again soon!

IMG_20151124_133300394_HDR (1)

(Above and below) Traditions begin and continue at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.  Stop in and discover the magic of the holiday season in our forest of wonderful smelling trees.


Bring out the spirit of the holiday season (and your artistic flair) in the Poinsettias you select! Have fun choosing the color, leaf color variation, and containers you put them in.


(Below) Part of our annual holiday tradition is to bring you the freshest cut greens: wreaths, door chimes and swag!

photo 1 (17)

(Below) Need a Christmas tree for a tabletop or small area? Our Living Christmas trees will give any space the real feel of Christmas.


Gifts For Nature Lovers

And for those of you who are looking for unusual and fun gifts for the nature lover in your life, we have cute Garden Gnomes, elegant and stylish bird feeders, meditating zen figures and animals, soothing indoor fountains, and much more.


(Below) Meditating critters



(Below) There’s nothing quite like taking a siesta in the garden!


IMG_0777photo 1 (12)photo 2 (11)When Pigs Fly
(& These Pigs Really Do!)

Stop in to see our new solar-powered mobiles! We have pigs, bees, hummingbirds, dragonflies and other selections.



(Below) Ever watched someone walk or run into a glass or screen door? Here’s a remedy that will keep the wee ones and adult from bumping into closed doors — the Screen Door Saver. These injury-saving visual markers are available in a variety of styles, including these colorful butterflies.


More Holiday Gift Ideas





We wish all of you the happiest of holiday seasons and a Beautiful New Year!

Christmas Trees, Fresh-Cut Greens, Poinsettias, Holiday Gifts For Party Hosts and Family and Friends

Our wonderful fresh-cut Christmas trees from Oregon’s Windy Acres Farm have arrived and are going quickly! Customers familiar with our trees know they are absolutely the best high-quality, long-lasting, fresh trees around!

(Below) There’s nothing quite like strolling through our forest of Christmas trees to find the one you want! Our fresh-cut trees come in all sizes from small and mighty to tall and stunning! They have been lovingly grown and cared for along the way to ensure you get the most spectacular Christmas tree available!


(Below) We have fresh-cut trees to fill all of the rooms in your home, including super tall ones for those elegant spaces that need a tree that reaches for the sky!


(Below) When you’re ready to go, our friendly Operations Team members will load your tree onto or into your vehicle for you! We also offer a convenient delivery service; Just ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel or Steve for assistance.


(Below) Invest in a Living Christmas Tree this holiday season! Ours are beautiful and come in a variety of sizes perfect for all sorts of spaces.


(Below) Use Living Christmas Trees alongside Yuletide Camellias, Junipers, Cypress and Boxwoods to create a holiday forest feel. Decorate a walkway, path, porch, patio, deck, balcony or yard by placing plants in containers in strategic spots where they’ll greet the eye and create the wonderful feeling of the holiday spirit!







Fresh-Cut Greens


(Above and below) You’ll find gorgeous fresh-cut greens at the Marina del Rey Garden Center. Hurry in for the best selection. First-come, first-served; replenished weekly.




Holiday Gifts And More!

(Below) Stop in and see our Surfin’ Santa and check out all of the great holiday gifts we have for all ages.


(Below) Our Poinsettias come in gold foil-wrapped containers are are great as decorations around the home or office and as an elegant party host gift!




(Below) Give the gift of Lucky Bamboo! Who wouldn’t love the thought behind and beauty of this fresh dynamic gift!



(Below) We carry a great line of meditating animals and people that come in a variety of sizes.


(Below) Tis the season for Gnomes! These fun, mischievous fellas add a wonderful feel to the holiday season and are great year-round!



(Below) We have a wonderful selection of succulent arrangements, great for gift giving for the holidays and/or sprucing up your home!


(Below) Orchids made wonderful holiday gifts!


(Below) Succulent arrangements


Poinsettias make the season merry and bright!


(Below) We also have a great selection of hanging items: Chimes, Dream Catchers, and much more!


(Below) Stop in to see our new indoor and outdoor fountains.


We look forward to seeing you soon at the Marina del Rey Garden Center where the holidays are festive, merry, bright, and happening!

A Garden of Sweet Plumeria; Carnivorous Plants; Put Beneficial Insects on Your Team to Eliminate Garden Pests

What is it about Plumeria (below) that draws us to it? Perhaps its long association with Hawaii, the welcoming Hawaiian Lei and association with tropical paradises that call us to this stunning plant.


(Above and below) Our first Plumeria delivery of the season has just arrived, and we have a gorgeous selection of pink, white and yellow flowering plants. Sizes range from an 18-inch box tree 7- to 8-feet tall with multiple branches to specimens in 1-gallon containers.


(Above and below) Plumeria take full sun on the coast and need partial shade in inland areas. Ask one of our design experts Steve, Roger or CJ for details on how to plant in ground or containers.


Eliminate Bad Garden Bugs Naturally


Is your garden being eaten alive by “bad” bugs? Stop in to discover our refrigerator full of Natural Gardening remedies–basically, good bugs that will go to battle to stamp out the bad bugs.

(Below) A longtime customer exults at her “natural” finds! Not only did she find Milkweed, aka Asclepia, she found the variety that’s native to Los Angeles County as well as other Milkweed plants.

Then, on top of that good fortune, she got the added bonus of a young praying mantid (a good “beneficial” bug, mind you) on her Milkweed. (We won’t mention that she’s such an avid outdoors lover that she had a container for insects in her car, which is how she transported the praying mantid home with her.)

mdrgc6-6-14cathy 054

(Below) Our full line of beneficial insects includes Praying Mantids, Lady Bugs, Beneficial Nematodes, and Earthworms, all alive, of course!



In addition to gardeners, kids love our beneficial insects, which are a great way to introduce them to some of the fun of gardening.

(Below) Earthworms help enrich and aerate your garden soil.




Carnivorous Plants

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 048

 (Above) Carnivorous Plants are another fun way to involve kids and adults in the wonders of nature!


Summer Fun Is Here: Let the Garden Party Start Now With Bamboo Furniture and Get Your Outdoor Living On!

Let the summer fun begin with new outdoor living furniture! In addition to more traditional benches and tables, we’ve just received a selection of bamboo furniture you’re sure to love.

photo (21)

(Above and below) This curved bamboo bench accented with a blue bamboo stool and wire tables will turn your casual space into dazzling! Who wouldn’t want to sit here and just enjoy the view!

photo 1 (2)

(Below) If you’re looking for year-round outdoor garden benches, our inlaid tile and cement benches and table sets are your go to. We have curved and straight styles that sit on sturdy decorative legs.

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 191

(Below) Our new bamboo collection offers director’s chairs in different heights and styles with tables and footstools to match.

photo 1 (3)

Add decorative hanging pots and baskets, wall art, a tabletop fountain, ceramic stools/tables and let the fun begin! Get ready for the long Memorial Day weekend now.

(Below) Make a splash with this turtle bench, legs included!

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 199

4-9-14MDRGColdercam 078(Below) Commonly called a Dragon Tree, a Dracaena can be planted in the ground or in a container.

photo 4 (1)(Below) Indoor plants and accents such as toss pillows, small plants in containers that fit on tabletops, tabletop fountains, candles, indoor plants in decorative containers, hanging tillandsias and bromeliads, wall art, small statuary and other touches can turn a living space into a place for reflection, gathering and entertaining.

photo 2 (2)

photo 2 (3)

photo 3 (1)

photo 3 (2)(Below) A Dragon Tree cuts a striking figure against the blue sky. Place one poolside, on a patio, in an entryway, in the landscape.

photo 5(Below) Our lightweight red, white and black designer containers are perfect for areas where you don’t want a heavy pot, making them great for decks and balconies.

photo (22)(Below) We take great pride in offering the best products. Ask one of our design experts Steve, CJ and Roger for assistance. They can help with you with everything from plants to soils to fountains to containers to benches to statuary to home and garden accents. And, if you need help getting your goods home, our delivery service is available.

4-4-14MDRGC 033



Happy Memorial Day!

Stop in on Monday, May 26 from 11 2 p.m. for free hot dogs and beverages. It’s our way of thanking you, our loyal customers, for allowing us to be your garden center!


We extend a heartfelt “Thank You” to all the men and women who have served and continue to serve our country!

Shrubs, Trees, Vines for Southern California

Landscape designers, home gardeners, maintenance crews… All have discovered the bounty the Marina del Rey Garden Center is. Our 2+ acres are home to a wealth of plant material that is unrivaled in Greater Los Angeles.

Stop in anytime to see our enormous selection of  Perennials California,  Australian and South African Natives, Privacy Hedge Material,  Shade PlantsOrnamental GrassesRosesBougainvillea, and many other unique and unusual plants.

Scarlet Trumpet Vine

Sky Pencil Japanese Holly

perennialsUse your smartphone to learn more about our plants.


Bottle Brush

Geraldton Wax

Pink Breath of Heaven

Flax Phormium

Pom Pom Flame Tips Leucodendron



White Out Hardenbergia Lilac Vine

Fountain, Calla Lillies, Ferns

Grecian Pattern Plant





Japanese Maples, Lilacs, Succulents, Fountains, Aloe Vera, Orchids and More

Spring is in the air, and our Japanese Maples have arrived! Stop in today to find out more about this gorgeous landscape plant. And stay tuned for details on our Japanese Maple Festival.

Japanese Maple

Japanese Maples are briefly deciduous trees that will soon be showing the colorful leaves for which they’re known. (Above) The Coral Bark Japanese Maple offers a striking coral-colored bark whose color intensifies in winter. In the spring, as it leafs out, its deeply cut light green leaves display attractive red margins and then turn golden in fall.

(Below) The foliage on Japanese Maples is truly spectacular and comes in green, red and burgundy! Ask one of our design experts CJSteve and Roger for guidance.

Japanese Maples are revered for their graceful foliage.

Japanese Maples information

(Below) We have the very popular low-chill Lilacs in now! Lavender Lady and its white sister are available in limited supply, and, as you can see, these gems are budding up!

Lavender Lady Lilac

(Below) Our succulent selection is extensive. Stop in to shop everything from two-inch containers to much larger specimens.

Two-inch succulents

Succulents come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, with striking and unusual foliage.

You'll find unusual plants at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

Succulents are also great drought-tolerant plants, so visit us today to plan your water wise garden.

We have everything a gardener and landscaper needs at the Marina del Rey Garden Center.

(Below) Shop our pre-planted containers: We always have a ready-to-go selection and can also help you with your custom design that we’ll gladly plant up for you.

Let us plant a custom design for you.

(Below) We’ve added these wonderful small space fountains from Campania! They are perfect for indoor areas, small space gardens, patios, balconies and the like.

These three fountains from Campania are perfect for small spaces.

(Below) Aloe Vera is prized for its ability to heal.

Aloe Vera

(Below) We’ve discovered a new orchid grower whose plants are absolutely exquisite! Stop in to see these gorgeous high-quality, long-lasting orchids today.


(Below) Our gift shop is the place to find a nice assortment of interesting and unusual gift items. Be sure to browse the store for some unusual finds.

Step inside our store to see what's inside.

We have lots of fun gifts inside our store.

(Below) Our fountains are water wise, using only use re-circulating water. Stop in to shop our huge on-site selection.

Tuck an outdoor fountain into your landscape.

Let our design experts help you create an amazing garden!