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10% Off All In-Stock Fountains, Spring Color, Alstroemeria, Milkweed, Stunning Hanging Baskets, Hydrangea, Salvias, Sage, Edibles, Sea Lavender, Gazing Balls

For a limited time, we are offering all in-stock fountains at 10% off; limited to stock on hand. First-come, first-served.


Bedding plants, drought-tolerant perennials, gorgeous roses, and flowering hanging baskets are just a few of the new arrivals you’ll want to check out at the garden center. The hanging baskets, in particular, are the best we’ve seen in quite awhile and are locally grown.




(Below) Nemesia can be grown as bedding plants, edging plants, ground covers, in mixed borders, and planted in containers or hanging baskets.


(Below) Say “Hello” to the Colorita Alstroemeria! A welcome new addition to the garden center, this Alstroemeria is unlike any other. Just look at its bold, dynamic color. And, you can expect this winner to bloom all summer long. This is the perfect plant for full-sun balconies, decks, and spots in the garden. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ for assistance with any of your gardening needs.



(Below) Have you seen Tuberous Begonias like this in a hanging basket? Look at the ruffled flowers and their striking color! Even the foliage on a Tuberous Begonia is attractive. This plant needs a semi-shady spot so find one and bring this gem home!


(Below) Petunias, Cosmos, Alyssum, Lobelia, Nasturtium, Bacopa, Foxglove, Delphiniums, and more awaits you and your garden.



(Below) Milkweed is the lifeblood of the Monarch Butterfly and we carry this plant year-round to support the Monarch population. Wander in, and you’re likely to see Monarchs flitting about the garden center! Right now, we have one of the best selections of Milkweed and it’s all looking absolutely wonderful!


(Below) Sea Lavender, aka Purple Statice, loves full sun and blooms spring into summer. It’s a low-maintenance plant that does well in our coastal climate and points inland. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, or Steve for details.


(Below) Salvias are looking amazing right now and we have quite a selection.


(Below) Jerusalem Sage is one of Sunset Magazine’s Top 20 Favorite Perennials and you can see why.


(Below) The Pope John Paul II Rose is simply one of the most beautiful and exceptional roses you will ever grow. It has been awarded top honors for fragrance, vigorous growth, perfect bloom form, and superior disease resistance. It’s no wonder it remains a showpiece of the Vatican private garden to this day!


(Below) Wander our rose area and you’ll feel like you’re strolling through a rose garden. We have a good variety of roses, most in bloom.


(Below) How about a gazing ball or Talavera Pottery sun as a garden accent?


(Below) Think healthy, eat healthy. We have a great selection of blueberry bushes, grapes, herbs, strawberries, tomatoes, peppers, squash, eggplant, onions, and much more.


(Below) We are so jam packed with vegetables and herbs that we have to leave them on carts.


(Below) Flax and Cordyline give the garden a vast selection of colors and hues. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Steve, or Miguel for help finding just the right plants for your garden.



(Below) Striations on the foliage–Who knew greens, browns, and golds could be so beautiful? Oh, yes, you can get pink on the foliage, too.



See you at the garden center!


Spring Gardening: Roses, Hydrangea, Edibles, Salvia, Bottle Brush, Grevillea, Japanese Maple Trees, Podocarpus, Potato Vine, Kangaroo Paws, Succulents, and More

As winter rains give way to lush green hills and wildflowers, you, too, will want to turn your attention to putting color in your world in your garden. And now that California’s Governor Jerry Brown has declared our drought emergency over, we can all dig in to Mother Earth and grow our bounty, in a responsible way.

(Below) Hydrangea mark spring quite like no other plant! We have a limited supply of these beauties so hurry in to get yours now.


(Below) Who doesn’t love a fragrant rose? Visit now as our large selection of roses come into their first bloom, which always produces vivid colors you’ll want in your garden!



(Below) Henry Fonda Roses bloom profusely in their energetic yellow.


(Below) Falstaff Rose features large, shallowly cupped blooms with a powerful fragrance.


(Below) Turn your landscape into something that does the job and that the neighbors will admire. This border is punctuated by large crimson Kangaroo Paws with low plants of attractive green foliage for filler. The green Liquid Amber just over the picket fence in the front yard adds a nice contrast to the Kangaroo Paws. Let our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel and CJ help you have a beautiful garden.


(Below) Kangaroo Paws come in a variety of colors and produce a flower that looks like its namesake.


(Below) The highly prized Japanese Maple comes in a variety of foliages, each one delicately unique. We have a good selection of this beloved tree in many sizes so stop in now for the best selection.


(Below) Salvias are a hardy, waterwise plant that will add scintillating color to your landscape and use very little water once established.


(Below) Stop in today to see all of the wonderful colors you can get from salvias, including purple, pink, blue, lavender, white, and red.


(Below) We have small plants for small hands so bring the kids in and let their gardening adventures begin. We have gardening tools, gloves, and watering cans for little hands, too.


(Below) Our buyers are always on the lookout for unusual and hard-to-find plants so visit often to see what’s new.


(Below) Edible season is in full swing so get planting! We have strawberries, tomatoes, lettuce, kale, chard, squash, hot peppers, bell peppers, cucumbers, blueberry bushes, raspberry bushes, blackberry bushes, grapes, eggplant, dill, rosemary, lemon trees, grapefruit, orange trees, lime trees, chives, onions, garlic, shallots, basil, cilantro, thyme, sage and much more.


(Below) Moonglow Grevillea makes a beautiful border and privacy hedge. This Australian Native plant is hard-to-find and we have it!



(Below) Plants on trellises are an easy way to create an instant privacy hedge. We carry a variety of trellised plants year-round.


(Below) Bottle Brush is another Australian Native plant good for use as a hedge or stand-alone focal point.


(Below) We have some Purple Bottle Brush, which is hard to find.


(Below) Wax Flower is another great waterwise plant. It also makes a great cut flower in an arrangement.


(Below) If you’re looking for large plants and trees, we have boxed specimen sizes.


(Below) Dwarf Bottle Brush makes an attractive low hedge.



(Below) We carry a diverse selection of plants in one-gallon size containers.


(Below) Create a dynamic, colorful setting in your home and garden with hydrangeas and colorful bedding plants, including California Poppies.


(Below) Flax and Cordyline can add vibrant color to your landscape. Stop in to see all of the electric choices you have!


(Below) Diamond Heights Ceanothus offers interesting foliage for the garden.


(Below) There are countless ways to have a garden that conserves water AND adds beauty and enjoyment. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ and Steve for assistance. They’re happy to answer questions, point you in the right direction, and advise you on your projects.





See you at the garden center!

California Native Plants, Roses, Blue Hibiscus, California Poppies, Ceanothus, Milkweed for Monarch Butterflies, Buddleja, Strawberries, Tomatoes and More

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Saturday, April 1, 10-11 a.m.

Roses: Easy rose care.

You don’t have to travel far to find California Native Plants–Just stop in to see us! Our buyer has beefed up our selection of California Natives in one gallon and larger containers, from the best growers around.

You don’t have to travel far to find California Native Plants–Just stop in to see us! Our buyer has beefed up our selection of California Natives in one gallon and larger containers, from the best growers around.

You don’t have to travel far to find California Native Plants–Just stop in to see us! Our buyer has beefed up our selection of California Natives in one gallon and larger containers, from the best growers around.

(Below) Ceanothus, aka California Lilacs, are some of our most fragrant and colorful shrubs, found along the Big Sur coast in abundance. They are evergreen, very drought tolerant, and offer a variety of growing habits, from creeping, low ground covers to full-on trees.


Our Ceanothus selection includes Hearst’s Ceanothus (typically found at Hearst Ranch on California’s Central Coast), Maritime Ceanothus, Carmel Ceanothus, Concha Ceanothus, Centennial Ceanothus, Joyce Coulter Ceanothus, Ray Hartman Ceanothus, Wheeler Canyon, Yankee Point, Zanzibar, Diamond Heights, and others.


(Below) When you see California Poppies and Ceanothus together, you understand how beautiful a native plant garden can be. In addition to the more familiar natives like California Poppies and Ceanothus, our one-gallon selection includes oak trees, buckwheat, blue-eyed grass, Artemisia Powis Castle, Coastal Sagewort, Bee’s Bliss Sage, Cleveland Sage, Carmel Sur Manzanita, Seaside Daisy Sea Breeze, Matilija Poppy, Blue Madonna Vaccinium (commonly called Huckleberry), Louis Edmunds Manzanita, Salvia Apiana, aka White Sage, Mrs. Beard’s Sage, and San Miguel Island Buckwheat.


(Below) Bee’s Bliss Salvia is seen here growing over and out from Yankee Point Ceanothus at the Pt. Vicente Interpretive Center in Rancho Palos Verdes.


(Below) Louis Edmunds Manzanita adds an unrivaled beauty to the landscape. This California Native sports an attractive bark and its flowers attract pollinators.

Screenshot 2017-03-27 11.17.58

(Below) Ceanothus offer distinctive growing habits and variegated leaves. Zanzibar and Diamond Heights are shown below.



(Below) A newly hatched Monarch Butterfly enjoys some time on a California Poppy. Stop in to see all of the natural beauty you can have in your garden. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance.


(Below) Speaking of Monarchs, we have a huge selection of Asclepias, aka Milkweed, the plant they need for life. Stop in today and get your butterfly, life-sustaining garden on!


(Below) Buddleja, aka Butterfly Bush, will bring butterflies to your garden.


(Below) A busy bee is at work on this Indian Hawthorn. This plant makes a great hedge of blooms every spring.


(Below) Ceanothus in bloom.


(Below) Roses are in and we have a huge selection.


(Below) We’ve not seen a selection of Hydrangea this stunning in years so hurry in before they’re gone.


(Below) MDRGC is full of plants right now. The purple blooms of Sweet Pea Shrub are particularly beautiful.


(Below) Blue Hibiscus is in!


(Below) There are many beautiful plants to grow in your garden. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel or Steve for assistance.


(Below) It’s time to start growing edibles! Strawberries, Blueberry bushes, tomatoes, and much more are in.




See you at the garden center!


Spring Gardening: Bumper Crop Sale, Edibles, Wisteria, Lavender, Salvia, Ceanothus, Euphorbia, Pink Powder Puff, Tea Tree, Sweet Pea, Tomatoes, Strawberries, Blueberry Bushes, Citrus, Avocados, Boxwoods, Privacy Hedges

It’s the time of year gardeners have been waiting for: Spring! So, stop in soon to see all of the spectacular beauty you can have in your home and garden. And, remember to stock up on Bumper Crop during our once-a-year only sale: You can’t afford not to!


Spring is just a week away and the garden center is full of new arrivals — roses, ceanothus, lavender, salvias, rosemary, olive trees, mirror plants, boxwoods, pittosporum, euphorbia, golden euonymus, variegated mock orange, and lots of other plants.

We also have a good selection of avocado trees, citrus trees (lemons, limes, oranges, grapefruit), blueberry and raspberry bushes, tomatoes, lettuce, kale, cabbage, broccoli, mint, coriander, artichokes, and more.

(Below) Add the beauty and grace of the Wisteria vine to your landscape. We have a limited supply of this much-loved plant in purple and white.


(Below) Garden Design Expert Miguel answers a client’s gardening question. Our knowledgeable Garden Design Experts are happy to help assist you. They can show you where certain plants are, explain how to plant in the ground or containers, show you the best soil amendments to plant with, and make suggestions based on the specifics of your planting area (sun, soil, shade, etc.).


(Below) The Pink Powder Puff Tree is a large evergreen shrub known for its visually appealing flower puffs that add dynamic flair to the landscape. They make a colorful tall hedge that will keep prying eyes out. We have several pre-planted and staked on trellises, making them ready-to-go for use for privacy (second photo below, in the background).



(Above) Potato Vine and Pink Powder Puff Tree, in the background, demonstrate how plants on trellises can be used to create privacy on a balcony, outside a window, or along a fence line. In front of those plants are many in bloom, including Tea Tree, Lavender, Sages, and Salvias. Stop in now to design a beautiful lavender garden! We have many varieties of this fragrant plant.

(Below) A salvia in bloom.


(Below) Tea Trees are in bloom and looking stunning.


(Below) Garden Design Expert CJ helps clients select some plants. The Sweet Pea Tree in front of them will make a nice focal point in the garden or in a container.


(Below) California Native Plants are in! Concha Ceanothus is a great way to go water wise and add a beautiful blue to your landscape. A California Poppy and flats of ground cover can be seen in the background.


(Below) Ray Hartman Ceanothus in tree form climbs an arbor.


(Below) Euphorbia ‘Tiny Tim’ makes a great border plant and also looks great in a container of mixed plants. Its compact dome-shaped mound of light green foliage sports bright red nugget centered chartreuse flowers from spring to early summer.



(Below) Behind the Topiary Spiral Junipers is a row of tall Podocarpus. Both make great hedges and focal points, and can be used to create a privacy screen or row of attractive greenery.


(Below) As we move from a cold winter to spring and summer, edibles are filling up the garden center. Avocado and Citrus Trees are in limited supply and we have a good selection. Avocado Trees are in shorter supply right now so hurry in if you want one.


(Below) Grow your own antioxidant-rich fruit with our Blueberry Bushes. We also have Raspberry Bushes.


(Below) Bring the kids with you and make gardening a family experience! Edibles are a great way for kids to learn all about food and how it grows. This family snagged one of our citrus trees (look at all the flowers on it!) and veggies and herbs. In the background: We have a nice selection of strawberry pots and strawberries so let the fun begin!


(Below) Our Citrus Trees are full of flowers. Grow your own lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, tangelos, and grapefruit. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, CJ, or Miguel for assistance.


(Below) Assistant Manager Darlene answers a client’s questions about tomatoes. Yes, tomato season has begun and we have many varieties, so come in now.


(Below) We stock organic tomatoes. Can you say, “Yummy?”


(Below) How will you carry your Tomato Cage?


(Below) Gardeners peruse the tomatoes.


Looking for a new plant? We’re always on the lookout for new introductions. (Below) Isn’t Sunset’s new “Angyo Star’ beautiful? You’ll find it in our Shade Plant area.


(Below) Add some charm to your garden with a beautiful Azalea. We have several robust varieties in bloom now.




(Below) Azalea Trees make great container plants.


(Below) Our Succulent selection has never looked better–from large specimens to all of those unusual little succulents you’d like to plant in containers! Stop in to see what’s new.



(Below) Orange is just one of the vivid colors you can get from succulents!


(Below) You’ll enjoy wandering our aisles and aisles of Succulents.


See you at the garden center!

Milkweed for Monarchs, Color in the Garden, Succulents, Container Planting, Hedges and More

With sunshine predicted for this week, now’s a great time to bring your garden to life. Roses are in, salvias and sages are in, Japanese Maples are in, along with all the other plants that will bring color and life to your garden this spring and summer.

(Below) A caterpillar gets his meal on this Milkweed plant. A garden sustains and attracts life. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel or CJ how you can bring pollinators (butterflies, birds, bees) to your garden.


(Below) A young lad searches for eggs, caterpillars, and chrysalis among our Milkweed, aka Asclepias, selection. There’s nothing better than a hands-on real-life experience to tech kids about life and its cycles.


(Below) Tired of the drab overcast and rainy weather we’ve had of late? Colorful bedding plants are a great way to perk up the landscape!



(Below) As we load up for spring at the garden center, our container selection continues to grow. And our latest finds include some beautiful blue pots.


(Below) This gardener is selecting plants and pots that will freshen her home and garden.


(Below) Foliage can be as dynamic and diverse as flowers.


(Below) Plants of varying heights and colors can create visual appeal.


(Below) We offer a large selection of pre-planted succulent containers. We’ll also help you craft your own and plant them for you, if you’d like. Ask Miguel, CJ or Steve, our Garden Design Experts, for any assistance you need.


We are always on the lookout for the best plants and our select group of growers always delivers.



(Below) Stop in and stroll our 2+ acres. Surround yourself in nature without leaving the city.



When you want the best in gardening, visit us. Our experienced staff is happy to help you have the best garden possible, no matter what it’s size is.

Plants Arriving Daily; Get Your Winter and Spring Vegetables, Herbs, Native Plants, and Much More

The hallmark of spring, Hydrangea, are here and looking lovely. With all the rain we’ve had and the brief respite we’re enjoying, now is a great time to get digging and planting.


And, while the garden center may have looked fairly sparse earlier this year as winter hit, we now are loaded with gorgeous new plants. One of our best growers has delivered a large order of beautiful, vibrant plants, including Native Plants.


(Below) Sweet Pea Shrub is a stunner in the garden.


Put some purple in your life, and while you’re at it, check out our privacy hedge plants on trellises. They can give you instant privacy, as in right now! Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ for assistance.


Oh, the wonder and beauty of plants!


(Below) We are loaded with Salvias… Plant one or more to bring hummingbirds, butterflies, and other pollinators to your garden.


Check out the amazing beauty of a tree or shrub growing on a trellis. Put one or more of these trellised plants in front of a window or line them up for privacy to keep unwanted eyes from looking in.


Fill your home and garden with plants and statuary that reflect your lifestyle.



(Below) Always a favorite, Iceland Poppies are in! Plant some now to add color to your garden.


There are so many ways to have the garden you desire. And all of the new plants we’ve just received, along with input from one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, or Steve, will set you on the right path to having a healthy, delightful garden now and into spring and summer.




Indoor Plants and Healthy Air, Camellias, Unique Pottery, Fountains, Firepits, Winter Vegetables Including Brussels Sprouts, and Color in the Winter Garden

Houseplants have long been known to be an effective way to reduce indoor air pollution and toxins in your home and office. According to a 1989 study by NASA, indoor plants can remove benzene, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, xylene, and ammonia (chemicals that have been linked to health effects like headaches and eye irritation) from the air we breathe.

With winter upon us and lots of time spent indoors, now is a great time to create a healthier home and office by greening up your indoor space with indoor plants. So, how many plants do you need? Well, NASA research suggests having at least one plant per 100 square feet of home or office space to filter out common volatile organic compounds (VOCs).


(Above and below) We have a large selection of indoor plants in a variety of sizes perfect for small and larger spaces. Be sure to ask our expert staff which plants will do the best in your indoor space.



Spider Plant, Snake Plant, Golden Pothos, Red-edged Dracaena, Weeping Fig, Azalea, English Ivy, Warneck Dracaena, Chinese Evergreen, Bamboo Palm, Heart Leaf Philodendron, Boston Fern, Lady Palm, Dwarf Date Palm, Kimberley Queen Fern, and Peace Lily are among the best plants for filtering harmful compounds out of the air we breathe.



We also stock a huge assortment of containers, great for indoor and outdoor plants.

In particular, we are very proud to have unique, one-of-a-kind hand-thrown pottery by local artist Ken Morris. We think you’ll agree that Ken’s work is absolutely beautiful and perfect for your home.



Let your creativity flow. Stop in to see which indoor plants move you and then match them to containers that also speak to you. Our Indoor Plant Expert Jim can answer any questions you have as well as offer guidance. Also feel free to ask our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, and Steve for assistance.


(Below) One of local artist Ken Morris’ fine works.



(Above and below) You can have color and texture in your home and indoor plants offer an amazing array of ways to keep the air you breathe healthy while adding pizazz.



(Below) Hanging plants is another great way to add greenery and rid your indoor area of VOCs. We have everything you need to hang plants, including decorative holders.


(Below) Plants on tabletops, windowsills, and other small areas can add a vibrant fresh look.


(Below) Inside our store, you’ll find indoor plants, containers, kids gardening tools, gloves, and accessories, Talavera Pottery, watering cans, and other gardening accessories.


(Below) We’ve added more Fox Farm organic products to our line. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel, or Steve how these products can help you have a thriving robust garden.

32331657875_3613ac921b_z(Below) Camellias are in bloom now so come on in to see which varieties you’d like to take home. Camellias can be planted in containers or in the ground. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, CJ, or Miguel for assistance.


(Below) Azaleas are also in bloom and go well with Camellias.



(Below) Junipers and Podocarpus are among the excellent choices to plant in the ground or in containers to create privacy hedges or stately elegant looks.


(Below) We also have a large selection of in-stock fountains in a range of sizes and styles.


(Below) We’ve just received a delivery of cute chimineas and have all the accessories you need, including screens and firestarter.




Winter Color in the Garden


Primroses (above and below), Snapdragons (second photo below), Kalanchoe, Geraniums (third photo below), and other plants are available to add bursts of color to your winter garden.




(Below) Winter vegetables are here! Look at these little Brussels Sprouts! Grow a garden at home this winter and eat homegrown vegetables right at your own dinner table. If you have kids, this is a great way to teach them all about healthy living!


Things are going swimmingly at the garden center so stop in to see what’s new!


Camellias, Japanese Maples, Azaleas, Winter Vegetables, Indoor Plants, and New Fox Farm Fertilizers

Happy New Year to you and yours! 2017 is definitely off to a beautiful start with gorgeous clear blue skies after 2016 gave us a nice amount of rain in December.

Did you watch the Rose Parade? Camellias (below) could be called our winter rose and indeed, this highly prized plant has been likened to a rose thanks to several of its flower forms.


Camellia flowers come in single, semi-double, double, rose form, formal double, and other forms. Visit us today to see our great selection in a variety of sizes.


Camellias can be found in placed like Descanso Gardens and the Huntington Library and Gardens. In fact, Descanso Gardens is home to North America’s largest camellia collection and has been designated an International Camellia Garden of Excellence by the International Camellia Society. Camellias at Descanso bloom from early autumn to spring, with the most dazzling floral display in winter, from January through February.


Camellias make stunning hedges when in bloom and provide nice greenery when not.


Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ to help you with your Camellia selections and planting. Their expertise will help you have a beautiful landscape and garden.


Camellias can also be grown in containers. Ask Miguel, CJ, or Steve for planting advice. You’ll need the right soil and right-sized container.



Japanese Maples work well in the garden with Camellias. Both need similar growing conditions and look stunning together. Japanese Gardens frequently have both plants in them for a tranquil zen effect. Our annual shipment of Monrovia-grown Japanese Maples are due to arrive soon.


Create a woodsy feel this year. Visit us soon for ideas and talk to one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel, or Steve.


Japanese Maples are known for their graceful foliage which come in greens and browns and change color seasonally. Brighten your winter with Japanese Maples, Camellias, and Azaleas.


The bark of Japanese Maples also adds to their beauty and magic in the garden.


Look for us to stock Coral Bark (first photo below), Bloodgood, and many other varieties of this timeless treasure.


Japanese Maples can also be used in contemporary landscapes. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ how.


Japanese Maples add charm to the home garden. (Below) Japanese Maples set a graceful mood in a flower bed with blooming azaleas.


You’ve come to know and love Fox Farms and we’re adding many of their water-soluble fertilizers so your gardens can be super healthy. For anyone planting in containers, Fox Farm Ocean Forest Potting Soil delivers amazing results.


Winters are made brighter and healthier with fresh homegrown cool-season winter vegetables and indoor plants.



Happy New Year! May your 2017 be beautiful, fun, and everything you wish it to be. See you at the garden center!



Winter Gardening in Southern California: Succulents, Camellias, Grevillea, Australian Native Plants, Coreopsis, and Other Colorful Garden Plants, Containers, and Decorative Garden Art

Winter has hit Southern California and our recent rain means our ground is softer and ready for planting. Stop in to see how you can have color in your garden now, even in winter, by planting in the ground and in containers.

(Below) Camellias come alive during winter, adding an elegant beauty to the garden.



(Above and below) Notice the different flowers. Camellias come in semi-double, cup, formal double, single, Peony-form, Anemone form, and rose form.



(Below) We also have a large selection of containers in stock on our 2+ acres. Camellias can be grown in the ground or in containers. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve, or CJ for assistance. They can make sure you plant with the right soil for in-ground or container planting.



(Below) Isn’t this calliandra haematocephala beautiful with its red pom pom shaped flower? The flower also comes in pink and this wonderful evergreen plant is sometimes referred to as a red or pink powderpuff or red or pink pom pom.


(Below) The colors you can get from succulents is amazing! Stop in today to see our huge selection!


(Below) Decorative art like this will bring sunshine to any and every day. Put some “happy” in your garden or home.


(Below) The exotic Moonlight Grevillea can be hard to find but we do stock it. Plant a row of this beautiful shrub/tree and marvel at its beauty.


(Below) Red is the color flower most commonly associated with Grevillea, which are native to Australia and do well hit since we share a similar climate. Ask our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel, or Steve for guidance.


(Below) Planting in containers can enable you to move plants to suit your design as well as to help them meet their sun requirements.



(Below) We have pre-planted succulent arrangements sure to delight you!



(Below) The light shines on and through a succulent. Nature’s art.



(Below) We always have a great selection of containers in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.


(Below) Yes, you can plant in winter in Southern California! Get your plants in the ground so they soak up winter’s rain.


(Below) A newly planted garden demonstrates waterwise plants and a variety of colors and textures.



(Below) Even bedding plants are full of color in winter. Stop in to see our selection.


(Below) Cool-season vegetables and herbs are here so plant anew for 2017 to have fresh food on your table. Fennel, below, even attracts Swallowtail Butterflies.


(Below) From garden statuary to fountains to garden art, we have a great assortment of top-quality items to select from.



As 2016 winds down to a close, we want to thank all of you for making our year beautiful and fun! Thank you for your patronage! And remember: We’re here to serve you so put our Garden Design Experts, Operations Team members, and Delivery Specialists to work for you. Wishing you all a bountiful 2017!


Holiday Gift Giving: Fountains, Indoor Plants, Hummingbird Feeders, Succulent Arrangements, Wind Chimes, Rain Chains, Citrus, Blueberries, Herb Planters, and Our Gift Card

Spread some holiday cheer with fun and unusual gifts. Our gift shop is filled with all sorts of eclectic, bright, cute, and unique plants and gifts. Small indoor fountains made great holiday gifts. And we have fun signs, wind chimes, mirrors, decorative indoor and outdoor wall art, pillows, meditating animals, cute tea light candle holders, hummingbird feeders, statuary, and gardening gloves and tools for the little ones.


(Below) Just one of our small indoor fountains.


(Below) Our Amaryllis are unlike any you will find, with two spikes bursting forth into bloom! While inside our store, do look into the nooks and crannies to see what else you can discover, like gnomes and watering cans.



(Below) These decorative metal containers are a great way to liven up a home or outdoor living area. They come complete with one large saucer tray to put underneath them and aren’t their textures cool?!


(Below) We have all sorts of small little plants to put in tight spaces. There are countless ways to decorate this holiday season.


(Below) Get the young ones in your life gardening with our colorful yet durable fork, trowel, and rake kits. We also have larger tools for the youngsters in your life and small watering cans for small hands. And, of course, wee ones need gardening gloves to protect their little hands!


(Below) A Hummingbird Feeder makes a great addition to any household! Our are decorative and come in a variety of enticing colors and shapes. Ask one of our staff members for assistance. They’ll be glad to show you how easy it is to bring hummingbirds to the garden. We have food for hummers, too, of course!


(Below) Rain chains are a fun gift!


(Below) Discover the fun world of Meditating Animals. These durable cast stone creations from Designer Stone are sealed for outdoor use and make a wonderful gift! Each animal has a corresponding trait and a tag to tell its recipient all about it.



(Below) A shiny bright new watering can is a great way to ring in the New Year! Gift recipients are sure to think of you every time they use it.


All of us at the Marina del Rey Garden Center wish you the Happiest of Holidays! We are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will close at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 24. We will also be closed on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 and 2. See you at the garden center!