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Winter Gardening in Southern California: Succulents, Camellias, Grevillea, Australian Native Plants, Coreopsis, and Other Colorful Garden Plants, Containers, and Decorative Garden Art

Winter has hit Southern California and our recent rain means our ground is softer and ready for planting. Stop in to see how you can have color in your garden now, even in winter, by planting in the ground and in containers.

(Below) Camellias come alive during winter, adding an elegant beauty to the garden.



(Above and below) Notice the different flowers. Camellias come in semi-double, cup, formal double, single, Peony-form, Anemone form, and rose form.



(Below) We also have a large selection of containers in stock on our 2+ acres. Camellias can be grown in the ground or in containers. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve, or CJ for assistance. They can make sure you plant with the right soil for in-ground or container planting.



(Below) Isn’t this calliandra haematocephala beautiful with its red pom pom shaped flower? The flower also comes in pink and this wonderful evergreen plant is sometimes referred to as a red or pink powderpuff or red or pink pom pom.


(Below) The colors you can get from succulents is amazing! Stop in today to see our huge selection!


(Below) Decorative art like this will bring sunshine to any and every day. Put some “happy” in your garden or home.


(Below) The exotic Moonlight Grevillea can be hard to find but we do stock it. Plant a row of this beautiful shrub/tree and marvel at its beauty.


(Below) Red is the color flower most commonly associated with Grevillea, which are native to Australia and do well hit since we share a similar climate. Ask our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel, or Steve for guidance.


(Below) Planting in containers can enable you to move plants to suit your design as well as to help them meet their sun requirements.



(Below) We have pre-planted succulent arrangements sure to delight you!



(Below) The light shines on and through a succulent. Nature’s art.



(Below) We always have a great selection of containers in a variety of styles, sizes, and colors.


(Below) Yes, you can plant in winter in Southern California! Get your plants in the ground so they soak up winter’s rain.


(Below) A newly planted garden demonstrates waterwise plants and a variety of colors and textures.



(Below) Even bedding plants are full of color in winter. Stop in to see our selection.


(Below) Cool-season vegetables and herbs are here so plant anew for 2017 to have fresh food on your table. Fennel, below, even attracts Swallowtail Butterflies.


(Below) From garden statuary to fountains to garden art, we have a great assortment of top-quality items to select from.



As 2016 winds down to a close, we want to thank all of you for making our year beautiful and fun! Thank you for your patronage! And remember: We’re here to serve you so put our Garden Design Experts, Operations Team members, and Delivery Specialists to work for you. Wishing you all a bountiful 2017!


Holiday Gift Giving: Fountains, Indoor Plants, Hummingbird Feeders, Succulent Arrangements, Wind Chimes, Rain Chains, Citrus, Blueberries, Herb Planters, and Our Gift Card

Spread some holiday cheer with fun and unusual gifts. Our gift shop is filled with all sorts of eclectic, bright, cute, and unique plants and gifts. Small indoor fountains made great holiday gifts. And we have fun signs, wind chimes, mirrors, decorative indoor and outdoor wall art, pillows, meditating animals, cute tea light candle holders, hummingbird feeders, statuary, and gardening gloves and tools for the little ones.


(Below) Just one of our small indoor fountains.


(Below) Our Amaryllis are unlike any you will find, with two spikes bursting forth into bloom! While inside our store, do look into the nooks and crannies to see what else you can discover, like gnomes and watering cans.



(Below) These decorative metal containers are a great way to liven up a home or outdoor living area. They come complete with one large saucer tray to put underneath them and aren’t their textures cool?!


(Below) We have all sorts of small little plants to put in tight spaces. There are countless ways to decorate this holiday season.


(Below) Get the young ones in your life gardening with our colorful yet durable fork, trowel, and rake kits. We also have larger tools for the youngsters in your life and small watering cans for small hands. And, of course, wee ones need gardening gloves to protect their little hands!


(Below) A Hummingbird Feeder makes a great addition to any household! Our are decorative and come in a variety of enticing colors and shapes. Ask one of our staff members for assistance. They’ll be glad to show you how easy it is to bring hummingbirds to the garden. We have food for hummers, too, of course!


(Below) Rain chains are a fun gift!


(Below) Discover the fun world of Meditating Animals. These durable cast stone creations from Designer Stone are sealed for outdoor use and make a wonderful gift! Each animal has a corresponding trait and a tag to tell its recipient all about it.



(Below) A shiny bright new watering can is a great way to ring in the New Year! Gift recipients are sure to think of you every time they use it.


All of us at the Marina del Rey Garden Center wish you the Happiest of Holidays! We are open daily from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and will close at 3 p.m. on Saturday, Dec. 24. We will also be closed on Dec. 25 and Jan. 1 and 2. See you at the garden center!

Christmas Trees, Fresh-Cut Wreaths, Door Charms, Poinsettias, Gift Cards, Citrus, Blueberries, Fountains, and Gift Galore for the Gardener

A festive air will greet you at the Marina del Rey Garden Center where the color, aroma, and spirit of the season is in full evidence. Shoppers will find all sorts of great gifts and home decor items not to mention the freshest cut Christmas Trees in town! Make someone’s holiday extra special with the gift of a Heron statue or elegant fountain. And grab a few poinsettias for your home and office, and then take one to a party host. We also have lots of other great gifts for party hosts, ranging from cute succulents arranged in small pots to centerpieces to tiny cyclamen to Christmas Cacti. Amaryllis make great gifts, too, and ours are looking absolutely amazing!


(Below) Our tabletop fountains bring the soothing sound of flowing water inside so you can enjoy it in the comfort of your home.


(Below) It is time to plant Camellias and we have a large number of vibrant healthy plants full of buds and blooms, like Nuccio’s Bella Rossa.


(Below) Looking for a Living Christmas Tree? We also have fresh-cut wreaths, greens, and garland. Supplies are limited.


(Below) Our fresh-cut Christmas trees from Oregon are going quickly. Stop in today to select yours.



(Above and below) Our Operations Team members are ready to help you take your tree home today so you can begin decorating.


(Below) Fountains come in all sorts of shape and sizes. How would this whimsical yet stately fountain look in your garden?


(Below) Friendship Balls make great gifts. These colorful glass globes come in a festive box and make great gifts. Hang them as an ornament or elsewhere year-round to remember the spirit of friendship.


(Below) Give the gift of citrus. We have lemons, limes, oranges, tangerines, and grapefruit–all ready to be used in recipes, squeezed into drinks, or eaten anytime for a healthy tasty snack!


(Below) Citrus can be planted in containers, making it a very versatile plant. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for planting help. They can show you the best soil and soil amendment for planting in the ground versus in a container. They can also give you other care tips on watering and sunlight.


(Below) Blueberry bushes make great holiday gifts, too.


(Below) There are many ways to create a space for reflection in your home or garden.


(Below) We have baskets to add festive touches to the holidays.


(Below) Aren’t these Amaryllis stunning? Give the gift of life with one of these beauties!


(Below) Warm your guests with flames nestled inside one of our chimineas. We have stands, grates, and lids and the best firestarter around!



(Above) Aren’t these reindeer cute? Better yet, they have a cut out area where you can position a plant.

(Below) Orchids are timeless and make an elegant long-lasting gift. Take one to a party host.


(Below) Meditating Animals make great gifts for anyone who loves animals and whimsy, and who doesn’t? These small ones make wonderful stocking stuffers, too.


(Below) How about a fresh vegetable and herb garden planted in a colorful Talavera pot? Cooks will love any sort of herb and veggie garden you put together for them in any type/size container so just ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ for assistance.


(Below) Azaleas are in bloom now and make spectacular gifts.


(Below) Cyclamen are in.


(Below) Ring in the holidays and New Year with Ornamental Cabbage and Kale. Craft your own spectacular display now while our selection is good.






(Below) Succulents also make great little gifts friends and family are sure to love.




We wish you a fun holiday season filled with laughter and love! See you at the garden Center!



Christmas Trees, Fresh-Cut Door Charms, Wreaths, Greens, Holiday Gifts, Reindeer, Gnomes and More


(Above) It is indeed that time of year when the holidays are nearly upon us! Step onto our grounds and you will find beautiful fresh-cut Noble Firs from Oregon–each one ready to make the season merry and bright in your home. Our trees come from a family-owner and -operated tree farm in southern Oregon and are grown with love.



(Above) Remember to buy your tree preservative so you have the most beautiful fresh tree you can!


(Above) The garden center comes alive this time of year with gorgeous fresh-cut Door Charms, Wreaths, and Greens.



(Below) Walk among our Christmas trees to smell their magnificent scent. Our staff is ready to help you load your tree inside or onto your vehicle so you can take it home right away! We also offer a delivery service.



(Below) Our poinsettias come elegantly foil-wrapped but can also be put in decorative containers, baskets, and more. The foil-wrapped poinsettias make great holiday gifts for party hosts and friends and family! Shop now for the best selection.



Every year, we have stunning poinsettias! But grab it when you see the one you want; no two are alike and when what we have is gone, they’re gone!


(Below) You never know what you’ll find at the garden center! Reindeer, hummingbird feeders, succulent wreaths and centerpieces, vases, gnomes, orchids, beautiful indoor plants, Talavera pottery, chimineas, Tillandsias (aka air plants), small Christmas cacti, small cyclamen, and lots of other wonderful gifts and home decor!






Remember, too, you can gift a gardener with a Marina del Rey Garden Center gift card–It never expires and has zero extra fees associated with it! In Southern California, gardening is a year-round pleasure!





(Above) Rosemary shaped as Christmas trees make a cute addition to the home or office.

(Below) New at MDRGC: These wonderful Firestarters are non-toxic and environmentally safe and “Made in the U.S.A.” One of these Lightning Nuggets is all you need to light your fireplace, fire pit, chiminea, barbecue, wood stove, or campfire.


(Below) We specialize in creating unique plantings, many on driftwood; others in containers. If you don’t see one you like, ask us what we can do for you. We’ll plant on the spot to your specifications.


See you at the garden center!

Best Fresh-Cut Christmas Trees in Los Angeles, Poinsettias, Fresh-Cut Greens and Garland, and Gifts Galore for the Holidays

Every year, our clients eagerly await the arrival of our Christmas trees, fresh-cut Noble Firs from a family-owned and -operated Oregon farm that takes as much pride in growing and delivering the best Christmas trees as we do in offering them to you.


In addition to our fresh-cut Christmas trees, we feature Living Christmas trees and fresh-cut greens and garland (below) so you can have the holiday home of your dreams. This time of year is also the perfect time to plant some Junipers, Cypress, Boxwoods (in the background below), and Camellias in containers and then decorate them, too.


All or our fresh-cut Christmas trees are given a fresh cut before being placed onto a stand with water and positioned in our forest of Christmas trees, grouped by height.

(Below) Efrain gives a tree a fresh cut.


Our Garden Design Expert Steve helps a client with her wreath as the get ready to prepare her Christmas tree for its journey home.

Our team is ready to pack your Christmas tree and load it onto or into your vehicle so you can take it home and begin decorating!



Fresh-cut greens are arriving weekly but they do go quickly so hurry in to get yours.



Poinsettias make the season merry and bright! And, you can choose a great container to put one in, too. (Below) A Talavera pottery container creates an extra artful holiday look!


Great news! Our poinsettias come wrapped in a luxurious gold or red foil, great for gift-giving!




(Below) We’re the place to shop for a good selection of exquisite poinsettias, including Winter Rose.


(Below) The Yuletide Camellia brings splendor to the holidays! Plant them in the ground or in containers and enjoy the holidays, naturally.



See you at the garden center!


This week the holidays begin in full force at the Marina del Rey Garden Center

Our Living Christmas trees are in and our fresh-cut Christmas trees from Oregon, fresh-cut greens and garland, and poinsettias all arrive this week.

We also have succulent wreaths for the Thanksgiving table and pumpkins for those of you looking for such items.


While you’re thinking about the holidays, why not add a chiminea or fountain to an outdoor area? 



Just in this year are Reindeer planters perfect for showcasing poinsettias this holiday season or cyclamen. Use your creativity!



For anyone who wants red, green, white, blue in their decor this holiday season, why not pair a container with a plant to achieve the look you want?




We also have stately Boxwoods, Junipers, Icee Blue Podocarpus, and Cypress–each would make a regal statement in the garden.

(Below) A Juniper frames a classic statue.


(Below) Our resident feline is basking in the holiday season! 



Visit us now to select a Christmas tree and get ready for the holiday season!

Living Christmas Trees, Camellias, Boxwoods, Edibles, Cool-Season Color

Turn your home into a festive gathering place or relaxing retreat from the world outside this holiday season with plants. From Camellias to Boxwoods to Living Christmas Trees to Pansies to Iceland Poppies to Grevillea to Roses to Edible Vegetables, there are countless ways to make your home just what you want it to be. 

If you’re ready for a Living Christmas Tree, ours arrive this week. Colorado Blue Spruce, Alberta Spruce, and Rosemary will be available for a limited time so hurry in for the best selection. 


And if you’re looking for something fun and different, how about decorating this stunning Bearss Lime that is loaded with limes for the holidays! It’s sure to be quite the conversation piece! Our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, and CJ will be happy to help you select the proper soil and container for planting this beautiful specimen. And just think, you’ll have limes for throughout the holiday season for squeezing into beverages and recipes.


We also have a great selection of trees, Boxwoods, Junipers, and Cypress that can be easily decorated for the holidays. Plant them in containers and spread them around your pathways, entrances, patios, and porches. Or use one as a focal point.



Anyone wishing to grow their own vegetables can do so now as cool-season veggies are here. Plant Broccoli, Cabbage, Cauliflower, Brussels Sprouts, Beets, Chard, Spinach, Peas, Lettuce, Onions, Kale, and Artichokes now.











We’ve just received a large delivery of robust Camellias loaded with blooms and buds! With a shiny waxy dark green foliage, these beautiful bloomers enhance any landscape.



(Above) The Yuletide Camellia adds an abundance of red to the holiday season. Plant one now.

(Below) Violas are just one of the bedding plants that will turn your garden into a sweet bed of color.


Other cool-season plants with vibrant color include Pansies, Stock, Snapdragons, Iceland Poppies, Primroses, and Sweet Peas.

(Below) We also have bulbs — Daffodils, Narcissus, Freesia, Ranunculus, Amaryllis, Tulips. Plant them now for a spring bloom.




See you at the Garden Center!


Thanksgiving, Christmas Trees, Poinsettias, Fresh-Cut Greens, Fall and Winter Gardening for the Holidays

It might be hard to believe Thanksgiving is edging closer with more holidays to follow and indeed the time for fun with family and friends is upon us. Our much-loved fresh-cut Christmas trees arrive from Oregon Thanksgiving week. Fresh-cut greens and poinsettias shortly thereafter.

(Below) Stop in now to get your garden, outdoor living spaces, and home ready for entertaining and being comfy and cozy for all to enjoy!


(Above) The garden can be in bloom year-round when you select plants native to a variety of areas around the globe. Salvias and sages boast purples, yellows, reds, and blues. Ask one of our on-staff Garden Design experts for assistance. They can help you plant a garden that will look spectacular all year long!

(Below) Phormium and Cordyline offer brilliant long leaves in dramatic hues that capture the sun’s glow and look radiant.


(Below) Our Garden Design Expert CJ advises a gardener on vines and other plants available to meet his needs. In the foreground is Milkweed in bloom in yellow and orange. Monarch butterflies depend on Milkweed for life so plant some today.


(Below) Fountains always add an appealing sound and look to the home and garden. Our selection is quite large and includes sleek modern styles, classic looks, and small space fountains.



(Below) Bromeliads can turn any area into an inviting space. Hummingbirds enjoy their colorful exotic-looking blossoms.



(Below) Our custom succulent arrangements are a great way to spruce up your home and garden for holiday entertaining. Stop in to see our huge selection.


(Below) Sansevieria, aka Snake Plant, is popular with it dramatic spiky look. Plant in a container or in the ground. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Steve, Miguel, or CJ for assistance. They can point you toward the right soil, soil amendments, correct-sized container, and much more.


(Below) Aren’t these small plants gorgeous! Indeed, there are countless ways to add color to a garden. Stroll our 2+ acres for ideas.


(Below) Our selection of small containers can be found outside our physical store and inside it, as well. We take great pride in offering a selection in which you’re sure to find the container you want.


(Below) Stop in to see our cute 2-inch succulent containers.


(Below) More of our gorgeous custom succulent arrangements, this time in Terra Cotta containers.


(Below) This is only a small part of our container selection.


(Below) Containers are perfect for planting elegant Boxwoods, Cypress, and Junipers. Fill your entrances with greenery you can decorate and light up for the holidays!


(Below) Beyond all of our small succulents and plants, we also stock a huge selection of large specimens that make stunning statements in the garden.


(Below) This Bearss Lime is ready to supply all of your recipes!


(Below) Pick a lime from your tree and add fresh-squeezed lime juice or fresh zest or peel to your recipes and beverages for a tasty twist.


Step inside our store to see our tabletop and wall fountains. Perfect for sprucing up your home during the holidays.



See you at the garden center!


Pumpkins, Fall Decorating, Talavera, Fall Planting, Grevillea, Purple Hopseed, Cape Honeysuckle, Milkweed, Containers, Fountains, Pots For All

Halloween is today so stop in to find the right pumpkins for fall decorating. Our Pumpkin Patch has brought lots of visitors to the garden center and we thank all of you for your patronage.



(Below) We’re all about unique… and Talavera pottery is certainly unique!



(Below) Our Pumpkin Patch is known for the fun variety of pumpkins we stock, including Fairytale, Cinderella, and White pumpkins. Jazz up your fall decorations with some pumpkin fun!



Fall Planting


(Above) Our Garden Design Expert CJ helps a customer with his plant selection. You can see the orange flowers of the Cape Honeysuckle in the background. Cape Honeysuckle, which comes as a vine or shrub, is exceedingly popular with hummingbirds.

(Below) Purple Hopseed is a fast-growing tree or shrub that will provide privacy rather quickly. We always have a good selection of trees and shrubs. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel, or Steve for guidance. They’ll be glad to help you select plants, provide planting guidance, recommend soils and soil amendments so your plants can thrive.


(Below) Long John Grevillea is an Australian native that adds a wispy artful grace to the garden. Plant this native in groups to achieve privacy. We have some great-looking specimens in stock now.



(Above and below) Long John Grevillea sports a stunning, dainty red flower that catches the eye with its natural beauty.


(Below) Milkweed is the food of the Monarch butterfly and we make it a priority to have some in stock all the time. Aren’t the orange and yellow flowers stunning? Plant some today and keep the Monarch population going strong!



More Grevillea


(Above and below) We stock a large assortment of Grevillea with a variety of different growing habits, including Scarlett Sprite Grevillea and Coastal Gem Grevillea. Most Grevilleas feature attractive bright red flowers. We also carry the prized Moonlight Grevillea and have a few in right now in limited supply. Coastal Gem Grevillea, below, is a low-spreading shrub. 



Spruce Up Your Home for the Holidays


It’s never too early to start sprucing up a home and garden for the holidays. Indoor and outdoor fountains, unusual planters, benches, statues and more can make a house a home.

Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, Steve, or CJ for assistance selecting fountains, containers, planters, and the like. Their expertise will help you have a winning experience!


(Above) Cooks and nature lovers will totally appreciate this huge fruit-bearing Bearss Lime bush that is absolutely loaded with limes right now. Find the right containers and plant this beauty within easy reach to add fresh lime juice or peel to anything.

(Below) With one of the largest container selections in Southern California, gardeners are sure to find just the right container for their plants. We have a good selection of hard-to-find white containers, perfect for the holidays!








See you at the Garden Center where all things fall and winter are happening now!

Pumpkins, Bouncer Fun, Happy Times, Beautiful Fall Plants, Camellias, Roses, Instant Privacy Plants

Our Pumpkin Patch continues to be the scene for happy pumpkin hunters. In addition to the traditional carving pumpkin Jackpot, we have other interesting pumpkin varieties to choose from.


This coming weekend, our free Kids Bounce House will be available from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday and Sunday (October 29 and 30) so bring the wee and older ones in for some fun times and precious photos.



(Below) Our Pumpkin Patch certainly has brought out the cuties. Be sure to stop in to capture those special moments.






The Beauty of Plants


With our weather going from hot to rainy, it might seem a little hard to pinpoint some planting ideas but rest assured, there are lots of things you can do in the garden right now, even if only some sprucing up for the upcoming holidays.

(Above and below) Did you know the striking Bird of Paradise is the floral emblem for the City of Los Angeles? Also known as Crane Flower, this South African native plant blooms year-round. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts for assistance.


(Below) Seriously fun, this plant is called “Cousin Itt.” Remember that guy?! This is actually Acacia cognata and sure to turn heads anywhere it’s placed. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts Miguel, CJ, or Steve for guidance on how to plant this wacky-looking, fun and wild plant.





(Above and below) We recently received a large delivery of Boxwoods. These top-quality specimens perform and look good all year, and especially in fall and winter when their dark green foliage can add just the right look.

Our selection includes a variety of shapes. Plant Boxwoods in the ground or in containers. Decorate them for the holidays, create an attractive hedge for privacy, or spread them around in containers on your grounds–pathways, porches, decks, balconies, patios.



More Plants for the Holidays


(Above and below) With its stunning red flower, Yuletide Camellia is a much-loved presence during the holiday season. Most Sasanqua Camellias, which tend to first bloom in the fall, are flowering now thanks to our recent hotter-than-normal temperatures. The good news is Camellias will continue to produce buds with the right care. Ask one of our Garden Design Experts CJ, Miguel, or Steve for assistance.



As you can see above, our Camellias are fully loaded with buds, making them the plants that will continue to flower into winter.


More Bloomers


(Above) Plumbago

Part of what’s so wonderful about living in Southern California is our ability to garden year round AND have color. Native plants from California, Australia, South Africa and other areas all have different bloom seasons so that a well-planned garden can flower year-round.

(Below) Roses are still looking stunning in Southern California and our garden center is proof.






Get Instant Privacy With Plants

If you don’t have time to wait for plants to grow taller or fill in, or you don’t want to plant in the ground, plants can still create privacy for you and yours.

(Below) We offer a good selection of large sprawling and tall plants already growing on trellises so you can position one or more together to create instant privacy. Ask our Garden Design Experts Steve, CJ, and Miguel for advice and planting guidance for your specific situation and needs.



We are wishing all of you a wonderful holiday season. See you at the garden center!